Worry not...


"Do not worry, you are at the right place to be now for you and for the Universe,
Stop judging yourself, Life is about Buoyancy and buoyancy is about letting things happen naturally, without resistance...

Things may look difficult around. Thinking about the future may worry you...You already know that what we call "future" does not exist...Time is an illusion and what we consider as"now" is the only reality...It can be only experienced through BEING FULLY in whatevever situation we are in and keeping FAITH in the perfect wisdom of the FLOW.

The period we are in now on this planet  is about letting go of all, what is expressed as "I die daily"...
the busses of the Universe are waiting for entire nations to find the way back home...Beyond tsunamis, tornadoes, worries and economic concerns...
Don't loose time worrying more,
step in the bus of the NOW, the driver is waiting...

We can take this "dying" as a painful process if we keep holding to our attachments
or we can experience it as a liberation if we accept the freedom of total detachment...

Our everyday life with the apparent challenges appearing on our way constitute the only place where we are supposed to be,...There is no escape and no use to look for shortcuts.
Challenges are the gift of our true presence.As a loving Teacher, Life sends us exactly the situations we need, the people we need,...when we exactly need it...
It is called "Timing"...
We should stay open to it and receptive even if it looks like obstacles, enemies or frustrations...

When we stay open, we see through appearances,
we directly reach the beauty and the truth of the permanence of the deep ocean
under the waves of our journey...

We are not supposed to fight, resist or worry
saying "yes" and "Thank you" to all that is
will help us keep in mind
that anyway,
making it difficult or not,
we are safe.
Because there is no "outside" the ONE...

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  • Thank you Dear Norma for you comment,

    anyway no worry, those ready will move on, others will go their pace and all is fine...As it was said "In my Father's house are many mansions...Nobody will be left outside because there is no outside... If you feel so I suggest you to follow the other posts called transmissions from Aor...Aor is my inspiration source...What logical persons would call another aspect of myself...as whe all have one...Anyway Aor is giving me the information first for myself but I share it because it seems that it can be of interest for others...

    To be back to your remark, I would say just relax...don't think about abstract things like "collective solutions",

    each one of us is in charge of a territory : our SELF...THat's the place where all happens...EFFORTLESSLY...

    LOve for you and all that is Dear Norma...Namaste and thank you for playing with me the Cosmic game...

  • Hi! Dear Patrice, reading your posting again-I love to analyze- you said: " The busses of the Universe are waiting for entire nations to find the way back home." Yes, the busses are waiting, but many people are reluctant to embark in the precious trip that will take us to freedom from this illusory three-dimensional life. After a whole life living in a material world it is not easy to understand the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. We have been living in a planetary cocoon, now it is the time to grow wings and fly high, the Awakening takes some time for many people...Fear is trying to interfere and many people will not dare to come not even near the busses that you mentioned, at least for now, lets see what happens later. Light and Love for you Patrice. Namaste

  • Thank you Marininia for your question...

    What I would say is that it is better not to go "in the head"...I could answer by talking about the structure of reality and the nature of consciousness but that would be of no use for anyone...The bus does goes wherever you want it to go...because there is no bus...you are the bus...and the purpose of the ride is to keep you on your best level of excitement... you never step in he same river twice means the same thing as the same ice creams is never eaten twice...It's all about keeping experiences fresh, new and exciting or trying to find meaning which is an illusion and a way to put things in boxes...That is the image of the divine "mana" that cannot be stored...we get only our experiences for today and answers for today...This state of fluidity allows things to flow, it is called "ease". Judging and trying to figure out directions tends to create conflict and anxiety and it is the source of all dis-eases...Keep looking through the blog if you like, more practical answers will be posted...A process is on its way...I will post things step by step...It all answers to your question on a practical way...


  • I am glad you are in the bus Norma...Let discover the exciting scenarios our driver have in mind...I presume it's all about transmutation...The real view point is in the back of the eye...

    Have fun and stay in touch...Namaste!

  • Hi! Patrice, you really know how to go with the flow of this transition. I love everything you just said. This is not time to worry, it is time to look ahead and synchronize our energy-spirit with the changes of the time. In this Maya (Illusory) World that we live it is of not use to worry and die every day a little bit. Thank you very much for such a wonderful posting. Namaste


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