The JEWS Declared War  -  AGAINST

NOT the Other Way Around!

Lorraine Day,

In World
War II, the JEWS Declared War AGAINST Germany – NOT the other way around, as we
have been propagandized to believe!  The three main leaders of the
allies, U.S. President Franklin Delano
British Prime Minister Winston Churchill,
and the leader of the U.S.S.R., Joseph Stalin, WERE

THEY, the
JEWS, declared WAR AGAINST Germany!

WAR AGAINST Germany and started a boycott of German goods
– sabotaging

Germany in the war effort.  The Jews in Germany became enemies of the state and
were placed in concentration camps to work in the factories to build war

England bombed
Germany SIX times BEFORE Germany retaliated.

went into Russia for ONE Reason – to try to save the millions of Germans who had
been living in the Ukraine for several hundreds of years, having been invited
there by the Czar to farm the land.  When the Communist, Jewish Bolshevists took
over, they started killing and starving these Germans in the Ukraine.  Germany
went into Russia as a Rescue Mission.

The same
thing happened in Poland
The Leaders of the Allies (all Jews) reached an “agreement” to hand over part
of Germany to Poland.  Then the Jews running Poland, started killing the Germans
who were now under their control.  The
Danzig corridor
, the life-line between Germany and Poland, was closed off,
prohibiting Germans from getting back to Germany.  So the German Nation went on
ANOTHER Rescue Mission into Poland in an attempt to SAVE the Germans living

After U.S.
President Roosevelt died while in office, he was succeeded by President Harry S. (for Solomon) Truman, ALSO a
.  He was responsible for bombing

Nagasaki and Hiroshima with the Atomic Bomb AFTER Japan had tried several times
to surrender, but their attempts were not accepted by the Allies. Why? The U.S.
obviously wanted to try out their new DEADLY toy - the Atomic

President Truman was followed by U.S. President Dwight
Eisenhower, ALSO a Jew,
who was responsible for ordering the torture

and starvation - to death – of hundreds of thousands of innocent German citizens
AFTER the war – AFTER Germany had surrendered unconditionally!




did the Jews start a war against Germany?

Germany was the ONLY remaining country in Western Europe that had not been
conquered by the Jews!  Germans were industrious, clean, organized, intelligent,
and a strong Christian nation.
For all those
reasons – the Jews HATED the Germans!

had been taken over by the Jews 400 years BEFORE World War II, when the Jew,
John Dee (the original 007), was the head of Security for Queen Elizabeth I and
convinced her to form a partnership with the Jews (Non-Jewish Monarchs of Europe
combined with International Jewry) for the conquering of the WORLD!

And the
Jews STILL run England, under the dictatorship (from behind the scenes) of the
Rothschilds.  This Banking family is Jewish (Their real name was Meyer) who
control ALL the Central Banks (money supplies) of virtually ALL the countries in
the world.

had taken over France BEFORE the French Revolution in 1789 and BRAG about it to
this day, in their own literature.

The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was Jewish!  Lenin was
a Jew.  Stalin was a Jew.  Karl Marx (author of the Communist Manifesto) was a
Jew.  Leon Trotsky (real name - Bronstein) the head of the Red Army was a Jew,
as were close to 80% of ALL the Bolshevists who murdered the Czar and his family
and took over Russia by force.

Italy was
controlled by the Vatican. The Vatican, and the entire Catholic Church have been
controlled by the Jews (from behind the scenes) for several hundred years.  The
head of the Jesuits, known as the Black Pope, is Jewish – and controls the
Visible Pope (the one seen by society) who does the Black Pope’s

John Paul II
The present Pope, Joseph
Ratzinger, is Jewish
.  The Jews invaded, and took over, the Catholic

Church over time since the Inquisition, when the Catholic Church threatened
death to Jews, and others, who would not convert to Catholicism.

International Jewry
told the rank and file Jews to pretend to convert, then get inside the Catholic
church and eventually take it over.  This they did!


ENTIRE WORLD has been propagandized to believe that the Germans declared war
against the Jews and that the Jews were “victims.”  But that is a

It was the
JEWS who wanted to destroy Germany AND ALL Germans so they could control ALL of
Europe – and DESTROY another Christian nation, something they
unfortunately (for humanity) were able to accomplish AFTER World War

The Jews NOW control the government of Germany

Jewish Presidents and Vice

[Colour fonts and bolding added.].



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AbundantHope - All rights reserved


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  • Sorry to hear that Karen.

    Thank you for taking the time and explain this



  • Thanks Karen , btw tell me how it is in Christchurch after the quake.

    It has been rumbling a lot there.

    Are the infrastructure working again


  • To you with an OPEN MIND google :

    Elie Wiesel fraud

  • And don't say it doesn't matter! We are talking about millions of lives here. We are talking about the guilt of an entire nation, charged with a crime of genocide, a crime they did not commit! We are talking of TRILLIONS of dollars extorted from an already defeated and devastated nation, by the dark side. We are talking about one of the biggest lies ever perpetrated against the human race! The criminals who perpetrated this lie, as well as the actual atrocities that did happen on all sides during the war, and continue to commit atrocities against scores of Arabs from the land of Israel which never would have existed if not for the lie.......STILL have not been brought to justice.


    This is serious business. So don't say that we shouldn't focus on it, and should only focus on sitting on our butts and waiting for the Federation to come clean up our mess, deliver truth and justice, hand us ascension via light chambers and hand us a Golden Age! The ridiculousness of it, beggars belief.

  • And don't take my word for it, here is a quote from someone with more experience and research of these things than you or I.


    "I was in Dachau, for 17 months after the war, as a U.S. War Department Attorney, and can state that there was no gas chambers at Dachau. What was shown to visitors and sightseers there, and erroneously described as a gas chamber, was a crematory. Nor were there gas chambers in any of the other concentration camps in Germany. We were told there was a gas chamber at Auschwitz, but since that was in the Russian zone of occupation, we were not permitted to investigate, since the Russians wouldn't allow it. From what I was able to determine during 6 postwar years in Germany and Austria, there were a number of Jews killed, but the figure of a million was certainly never reached. I interviewed thousands of Jews, former inmates of concentration camps in Germany and Austria, and consider myself as well qualified as any man on this subject.''

                                                                                                - Stephen F. Pinter, June 14th, 1959


    I also suggest to go read the work of Paul Rassinier, a strident Anti-Nazi, former member of the French underground and himself a concentration camp victim turned university professor, who spent the remainder of his life after the war investigating Nazi atrocities, and wrote books and went on lecture tours all around Europe, saying how the idea of gas chambers and mass extermination is a cruel hoax, used to extort money and achieve political objectives by Zionists in Russia, America, and the UN.


    You speak of things you know nothing about, save what fraudulent high school history books taught you. I now leave you with a fitting quote from one of my heroes, Mahatma Gandhi ''Error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, and truth does not become error because no one can see it!" Have a good day.

  • The magical six million is humanly impossible, for a number of reasons. I explained already just a few points of why 6 million is impossible. And since you guys are hard of reading, I will repeat myself loud and clear....IT DOESN'T MATTER IF IT WAS ONE DEATH OR 6 MILLION, IT WAS STILL WRONG. BUT TWO WRONGS DON'T MAKE A RIGHT, AND THE INFLATION OF THE NUMBERS AND LIES OF GAS CHAMBERS AND MASS EXTERMINATIONS FOR POLITICAL AND MONETARY PURPOSES BY THE ZIONISTS, IS WRONG TOO. You have fallen for the lie!


    And since you guys are hard of reading, I will repeat again loud and clear. NO ONE IS DENYING THAT HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE LOST THEIR LIVES, NO ONE IS MAKING LIGHT OF IT, NONE OF US IS PRO-NAZI, BUT WE ARE PRO-TRUTH! The fact of the matter is, there is no proof for the existence of any gas chambers, no proof for a high level plot by the Nazi leaders for a mass extermination of anybody, there has not been one witness, ever, who has come forward to testify that they have seen a gas chamber, and scores of witnesses, who were not allowed to testify at Nuremberg, who said there weren't any.


    You guys need your learn your history. And HOW DARE YOU tell me that these deaths mean nothing to me, my grandfather fought against Hitler and lost an arm; Jancar is a Slavic name, and I have scores of relatives who all lived through this time period, and suffered under the Nazis. HOW DARE YOU...when John Jancar might not even exist because his grandfather might have died....HOW DARE YOU say these deaths mean nothing to him. You're caught in illusions. Keep believing the lies the dark ones have fed you, it's your awareness, not us who have done the research and know the truth.

  • I recommend to anyone with an OPEN HEART, who have friends or family who were in the war, who love humankind and abhor suffering and death to IGNORE THIS THREAD.  We have better things to do than revel in the suffering of others by debating logistics of the death machine. 

    I don't have to have a movie tell me what to think Andronover.  I KNOW those people died and yet some of you seem to think that is alright as long as you get some ego points in.  How sad... very very sad. 

    You fail to honor your ancestors and you do disservice to ALL people who have lost their lives to the war machine. 

  • Holocaust truth:

  • I recommend ONLY those with a open mind to watch this video.

    I´m quite sure that a lot of you who have followed this thread , starts to listen to your higher self - your intuition , and want more information.

    There is plenty of facts out in cyberspace , but NOT in MSM (mainstreammedia) from where many youtubevideos are created.

    This man is not corrupt  , enjoy



  • And this is the gas they used, Mr Jancar.....Here is some PROOF for you...


This reply was deleted.

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