world day of interconnectedness 10-10-10


Invitatation for everyone to join the 2 hour longcermony in the Medicinecircle, medicijncirkelritueel, with Mariza10-10-10 day of interconnectedness.

look for info about an event in your location at


10-10 Ceremony Medicine circle with Mariza,
On 10-10-10 I will join the world interconnectedness All are invited to join! Much love to ALL!
By: mariza
Date: Sunday, October 10, 2010
Time: 10AM until 12PM EST
Last Activity: 5 Days Ago
Location: location is in Friesland, The Netherlands
Address: you can contact me for more info and details, let us know if you join!


On10-10-10 I will join the world interconnectedness and will do a 2 hourwonderfull medicine circle ceremony in Holland,Friesland.Starting at10.00 in the morning.. Hope to meet a lot of people here! All areinvited to join! Much love to ALL! Let us join into One conciousness ofPeace and Beauty ,With Joy,Grace and Love

Hello Everyone!

Ijoin the world interconnectedness day with a ceremony of onness in thenature. we will also have a fire ritual and alive happy healthy water.there is a place for letting go, and recieving. and for a deepexperience of connection.
You can also organise your own ritual oractivity you are making it a wonderfull experience for all when youconnect with an open hart and mind with all of US on this day

aLLARE INVITED. THE ONES WHO CAN COME, YOU Can contact me for the locationand details, it is free , you can donate if you feel to, and it takesabout two hours, but you can also stay shorter.
It is wonderfull fwe can all unite that day more conciously, and also from distance wecan all unite and be toghether in cermony.
The ceremony will be outside.
You can all ask everyone to join, please do so and lets make a hudge cirlce of onness and peace!
Inthis circle i will also guide you and give space to your Souls tospeak. We will experience deep connection if all just open for theunited energy's and give and share.
It will be inspirational and warm your Heart.
Please warm Us with Your presence and let us celebrate our next steps into the light, back to the source!'

All of you a wonderfull yourney and so much love and courage to win every obstacle that makes you stronger and fly!

Weare angels and protectors of the Earth, Gaia and together with her andall lightbrings from heaven and earth we will celebrate!
We are family!

all welcome and have a good flight!
lots of love and comfort
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  • we had wonderfull ceremonY and experienced a worldwide connection and what a blessed 24 hours with such clear blue sky's sun to warm us and healthy fresh air! i do feel so much peace and i can see my son is feeling is too for he is happy and starts to say many positive things, and ...joined our ceremony! believe me THAT is a miracle for my 15 year old puber! I am so happy to see thAT WHEN THE ENERGY'S get stronger he and i bet many others can't hide their true nature anymore..he is shining from hs solu and heart ,and i am so happy to see his sun true the clouds!

    love to all and a blessed yourney!
    today i met new people i only know from internet, what a blessing and wonderfull lightbeings!
    i look forward to meet lot of you in coming time!

    love Mariiza
  • One of the major phenomena that have been occurring for a while now is the collective attention to and activation of numbers that occur in everyday life. With the advent of the digital age, people are able to routinely see 11:11, 4:44, and other such power numbers appearing on the clock as part of daily observation. This serves much the same purpose as does the attention that comes to power dates that appear on the calendar.

    One could argue that since the present-day Western calendar has little astrological basis, it is therefore arbitrary and the numbers and dates contained within it all have a consequently arbitrary meaning, but there is energy to numbers. In cultures where counting is performed as “one” and “many,” the energy of numbers still exists even without the a symbolic numeral that represents the energy of the number itself. It is important or useful to remember that the numeral is not the energy of the number but instead serves as a symbol of that energy — the power — contained within it. Numerologists are on the right track when they attempt to attribute meaning to the number energies contained within names and dates.

    Having then arrived at the conclusion that the upcoming date 10-10-10 (October 10, 2010, which is written the same way in both the American calendar and the European calendar) has significant meaning. Many people have been planning events and connecting rituals for that day. But what does it mean? How does 10-10-10 play out in the dance now being woven through human history?

    Notice first the exquisite symmetry in the number, and the similarity to digital binary code. This is no accident. There is, encoded, within the number 10-10-10, a message that is available to all who attend to it. There is nothing special that you need to do other than notice that 10-10-10 seems to have some meaning. You may, of course, wish to strengthen this meaning and its reverberations within yourself by observing a private or community ritual or other observation, but this isn’t strictly necessary. The message is available to all, whether or not it is understood, interpreted, or even noticed in any way. Simply being alive and on the planet on this day avails you of the encoding within.

    The message of 10-10-10 is this:

    You have come to a time in your life, both as an individual and collectively as the mass of humanity, whereupon change is no longer avoidable. All who attend to the encoding contained within the symbolic numerals 10-10-10 will be attuned to an energy frequency change. This attunement is available to all, whether or not there is awareness of it on a conscious level. The attunement helps gather resources necessary to support further and more noticeable change later on. It helps you regain lost knowledge about your life path. It helps you remember your connection to All That Is.

    What can you do with this information? Simply by opening your awareness to the changes that are taking place within you and around you, you assist with the flow of energy necessary to help support this level and degree of change. Start with what is different about yourself. Begin with the most fundamental part of you: your breath. Attend to your breath, noticing the rise and fall of your chest, the contraction of muscles, the inflow and outgo of the life force within you. Move next to your heartbeat, and feel within you the beating of seven billion hearts, all connected in some small way to the bird-flutter inside your own chest.

    Breath and heart; heart and breath.

    For the next sixty days, attend to yourself with a simple meditation on your breath and heartbeat. Know that you will notice changes and slight fluctuations as the days progress, and as you do so pay particular attention as well to all the mundane things you do in the course of the day that now begin to seem brighter and with added purpose. AS you do so, realize that the message of 10-10-10 is one that connects you more firmly to your soul’s purpose, and rest in the knowledge that you are being supported by seven billion other heartbeats around you.
  • much love back to you and happy all fo you join!
    we will create such strong field of connection and awareness! Ora great to hear from you! albertha see you tomorrow!

    Love and joy!
  • I will be there in full Spirit!!! Hi Mariza .. been a long time ... much LOVE to you
  • I too, will be meditating on this day at 10am, but I'm in New York though.
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