This is part of a series I have been "channeling", about a particular issue I'm dealing with. I think it might be interesting to some of you here, though without the context some of it won't make sense. When I finish the project I'll share it in full, for now here is this piece. Bless~


"How do I say anything to you about this, because you already know. But there are greater aspects to this that you don't completely see yet. It is bigger than you are, bigger than her, bigger than what you are seeing now. Your world is owned by what you call the devil, the world you live in, so seductive, beautiful and terrible. Your love of this world is rejected and spat on, because of its total entrancement by this energy of death. The small parts of you become hurt, angry, and feel alone, as your love is continually rejected in favor of insanity and pain. This situation reflects a larger issue in the universe, not just among lovers but greater parts of creation itself. The division is deep, in the illusion, in this living space that vibrates in one way or another. And as it should be, there is no point in anything's returning to oneness without understanding itself. No person, not one, is prepared to leave that cycle, no matter how much their egos may claim that they are. It is indeed the height of idiocy and arrogance, to claim as a being such as they are, that they have transcended this level of vibration. Yet you see them do it, and particularly you see her do it. She believes she is above it all, and you do not believe you could ever be anything else than what you are. Of the two perspectives yours is in less denial but equally wrong. She believes that denying the existence of polarity will somehow bring her beyond it, when in fact the opposite is true. Your world believes this too, in its ignorance of the reality of nature and creation, in its stoic acceptance of the energy of death and control. All you can do is leave them be, to evolve as they will. Rage, cry, go crazy if you need to, but nothing you do will shift them until they are ready to shift. All you can do is feel, and feel you must. This must be a very painful thing for you to do or you would have done it already, but you simply will have to accept the loss that you feel and move forward. As right or wrong as what you are seeing may be, they will never hear you. And you know why this must be so, who would want their evolution dictated to them by anyone? Even the spirit of creation does not do this by any means of will. It Is, and so what will be Will Be. This does not mean to stop or give up, as you are simply acting out your nature and your emotions. But with a sense of understanding that this is actually what you are doing, not being caught up in the surface illusion of what you appear to be doing. Find love where it really is, appreciate that which truly does love you, and you know what and where this is. Your heart can be large, do not let her pull it apart, or this world you live in. Let it go just a little bit, accept that things are as they are now, knowing, as you do, that they will not always be so. La Ai~"

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  • I have  close to the  same  thing  , and my  Mother  had also,  knowing as I do  that things are as they are NOW , they  will not always be  so.   What will BE will Be  BLESSED BE!
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