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Dear Lightworkers,


The vast majority of people on Earth evolved to fully conscious humanoid status, off world...on planets within the Lyran system...Yet evolution does follow a set series of form expressions called "kingdoms," through which a soul and it's group will evolve through..... the process taking aeons of time....When a soul first attempts to experience the material plane, it will take it's first tentative steps through mineral forms, the highest ones being crystals....The next steps will be via the limited forms of the plant kingdom, yet these steps are taken, as the soul builds upon it's experience of materiality...

Thus, the occult truism that all is living, all is in possession of a soul, even the crudist of forms...

After the fall in consciousness, humanity had to become a 4th kingdom, but with ascension full consciousness is restored to us and we re-enter the 5th kingdom...sometimes called the "Souls," as lightbody integration is completed.

So, we are entering the Kingdom of Souls….when we become transformed into the 6th sub-race of Aryans, known as Novaman…and thus, leave the Earth-bound human kingdom, in accord with the natural process of esoteric evolution…


Technically, we travel beyond “human,” yet retain the useful humanoid forms of expression, but with a greater choice over that expression.


In summary, Spirit (Monad) uses “kingdoms” through which to express itself on Earth and other planets, too....


1st Mineral Kingdom

2nd Plant Kingdom

3rd Animal Kingdom

4th Human Kingdom

5th Soul Kingdom (ascended masters)

6th Monadic Kingdom

7th Logoic Kingdom (planets and suns)


Under the law of correspondence, the 5th root race of the Aryan, resonates with the 5th kingdom of souls, preparing for union between the two, or merging of Humanity with the Spiritual Hierarchy.

At the completion of the 5th sub-race cycle, it enters the higher kingdom at the phase we describe as Novaman, becoming the 6th sub-race of Aryans….manifesting as integrated souls, reflected more fully upon the material plane, with complete freedom from planetary karma, henceforth….

This begins the evolution into the Aquarian root race, the first proper step on the proverbial ladder to cosmic initiations.


In Light, Drekx Omega  

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  • Friend hedoknight...what a moving story you share with us here...thanks...Drekx
  • i remember on the begining of my journey wanting to help my mom who has health problems correction had health problems i was told to find a ruby and the answer would come i had to manifest one in the spirit realm and i did this and i had to imagine a big oak tree that i sat under in the lotus position or indian postion(crossed legs) then i was to visualize a door at the base of the oak i did this then i was to enter the doorway were my fairy double would greet me and show me around a fairy realm at the center of the realm is a ruby chamber circular in shape like a grain silo with a open roof there was a red beam going from the center of the chamber up into infinity the wall was embedded with rubys i was told to place my ruby in the light and absorb the healing rays and this ruby could then be placed astrally on my moms chest where as it would dissolve into her heart chakra and heal her which i did thanks for reminding me
  • Glad you liked it kel.....Yes the Alice Bailey books are brilliant....
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