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Dr. Angela Barnett
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During this coming year I will be meeting with millions of those who are landing on Earth who came directly from the Cosmic God Realm who are passing through Earth as their final Ascension. These are beings who are Angels, Creators and High Dimensional Beings from many Star Systems. These are the CREATORS. These are the Entities who are doing God's work at this time on Earth. They will be the ones negotiating first contact with our government.

They must come to Earth in fourth dimensional form. That does not mean that they are fourth dimensional. It just means that they needed to collapse or fold themselves into the dimensional form that would allow their presence on the Earth. They could not come until Earth had moved into harmonic universe two and the Ascension Portals were opened.

I am the only one they have communicated with so far. They will begin communicating with our governments after they have all arrived.

So far the ones who have landed are Elyeiya, Elieyashendezendy and several other El groups. El means Angelic Race. These were the Perfect Angelic Racelines who were created at the same time as the Elohim Angels. Unfortunately, the Elohim Race was destroyed as a result of Angels who decided to have s** with humans. These were called Fallen Angelics because they broke the rule that God gave them. He told them to never have s** with a human.

So, now millions of years later, Gaia- the Soul of Earth, has designed this plan where all of the racelines who were mutated as a result of this original sin that some Angels committed against God's will. When they had s** with humans it distorted the perfect Original Race line.

Now the Original Ones, the Angels who were not mutated as a result of sleeping with humans are coming to Earth to bring their Frequencies of Consciousness on to the Earth. Their Consciousness will bring Joy and Bliss and a Higher Desire for something more to arrive on Earth.

I have recorded the frequencies of consciousness of those who are landing in the album collection titled THE LANDING. It is now available at CD BABY.

The Original Ones carry the Frequencies or Codes within them that will turn Earth back on. Earth has been living in amnesia. She has been deteriorating because there was none of her original being left within her. The fallen angelics and invader races that were being born on Earth were distorting the BLOODLINE OF GAIA HERSELF.

Earth's bloodline is within her Grids. She originally had Christic Grids. That means grids or a blood line of consciousness within her that was created by the Elohim, which is what this Christ Consciousness is.

And this is where the story gets unrecognizable. Jesus and May came from the God Realm, as Creators. The new Original Ones are also coming from the God Realm as Creators. So, even though we are actually Cosmic, and the Angels from the God Realm are Cosmic, we have created Versions and Aspects of ourselves as our image and likeness to have children that would be identical to the God Image.

The stories got re arranged some how, because Elohim Angels are not from the God Realm. They are from the Universal Realm. So, there are Angels from the God Realm and then there are the children of the Angels from the God Realm. For instance Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Ariel and Gabriel are Angels from the God Realm. However, the Elohim are from the Universal Realm.

However, when it is said that Jesus is the one who brought Christ Consciousness there is this confusion that makes people think that Jesus was Universal rather than Cosmic. Jesus will always be Cosmic, not Christic. He has sent his Cosmic Consciousness into the Earth, and he is here on Earth in his Spirit, in his Cosmic Spirit, and he is here on Earth as his Soul. Just as I am here on Earth as the Soul of Mary Magdalene. That one one Earth who is the Soul of Jesus, who is here as Jesus of Nazareth, the one who came as a Complete Creator Being will be gathering into himself, into his human form the complete Jesus Spirit this year, and that is when he will begin appearing on Earth as this complete self.

The mission of Jesus being on Earth as his Complete Self is necessary during this time when the Fourth Dimension will be arriving as all of the original families who were mutated and seeking brotherhood and love and oneness. Jesus will be here in human form and yet completely connected to his God Self. This will allow him to be in the Third Dimension and the Fourth dimension at the same time.

This will allow him to help the shift of consciousness of those in the third dimension to be able to understand those that they cannot see until those become ready to see that which is not seen yet.


That is what I am here for. That is what all of my music and teachings are here for. I am showing you how to be ready to see the Landing and the begin living in the fourth dimension little by little until you are ready to BLIP INTO LIGHT by 2039 if not before. When you turn into light is when you will be living in the fourth dimension. Until that time, you will just be seeing little bits and pieces of those who are in the fourth dimension.

What is truly exciting about this time in the Universe is the fact that the Universal prophecy of Gaia becoming the Savior of the Universe has begun because the Ascension Portals are open, and the Original Ones from the God World are landing on Earth now. They will be meeting with the governments of the world and arranging the agreement for First Contact to begin next year.

First Contact means that the Star Gates of Earth will be allowed to be open for the starships from twelve star systems to land on Earth.

This REALITY will only be a REALITY for those who have raised their frequencies into fourth dimensional perception and fourth dimensional hearing, knowing and understanding. This will just be another UNREALITY for those with ears who do not hear and eyes who do not see.

While Shamanism is crucial for holding the reality and vision that there is something much deeper and spiritual within the Earth itself, it is time to UNDERSTAND the big picture of what is going on in the Universe. That is why I am here on Earth at this time. I will only be here until after the landing is complete. That is when Jesus will make himself known as one who introduces the new humanity of all of those in the Universe reconnecting with those on Earth. These who are coming are all related to the human race on Earth and we are here as Gaia to be their healing station.

I will tell you the EXACT truth about everything when you are ready. Let me know when you have listened to what I have already given to you.

I don't know what you expect to find at the end of the year that is different than now. Those who I have prepared to see and communicate with the Fourth Dimension will be able to see a little bit of the landing next year, and some will be able to see some of our new family coming from the twelve star systems.

The Shamanism that you speak of actually came from very slight memories of what was left on Earth of the original teachings that I created with St. Germain. The Spiritual Essence within all that is in the Atmosphere and within nature all around, and what you call the medicine wheel is all what is left in the memory that actually came from the Sphere within spheres of the music of the spheres which blends all into the harmony of all dimensions within dimensions.

These layers that you are feeling and becoming receptive to are opening on Earth now because the Earth just moved into harmonic universe two i February. This new place that we are in contains a new atmosphere created from a new physics of light and sound. The light of the sun is coming from a completely different angle now. The Earth is in alignment with the Sun now and it will grow to be more and more in alignment up until 2039 when everyone on Earth TURNS INTO LIGHT.


email [email protected] if you want to get started.

I offer private one on one training sessions.

The Shamanism is exactly correct when it is translated into quantum physics. When it is understood as it was originally meant.

More information about the Ascension and how to Turn your Body into Light at

send questions to [email protected]


These YouTubes contain the most important information about the future of mankind that has ever been recorded. These dialogs are between Mary Magdalene and Elaika, who are both Creator Beings who are on Earth at this time staging the entire Ascension Plan of the Earth and the Universe that Earth is located in. Elaika is a Creator Being in the Fifth Dimension who is orchestrating the Universal Frequency alignments through billions of beings in the Fourth Dimensional Universe and through those on Earth working on Stargates, Vortexes and Ascension Portals. Mary Magdalene are also together working on this project at this time. The Christ Consciousness Light was needed first to come through Mary as she opened the twelve ascension portals and created the Central Portal for the Original Angelic Beings to come to Earth to begin negotiation for first contact. Mary has been inviting and greeting the Original Ones to use her portals since January. In one year they will finish their negotiations and fly through the portals. When their consciousness moves through the Earth, the Consciousness of all on Earth will be transformed and the Stargates will open because there will be a Circle in Heaven of the thirteen owners of the Crystal Skulls which are the remote control devices that will activate the wheels within the stargates.

This will prepare Earth for first contact of the Fourth Dimension. Those with third dimensional eyes will not see this landing next year,but those with fourth dimensional eyes will. Jesus will begin his ministry on Earth at the same time as First Contact.

We shifted into Harmonic Universe two on February 7. Now we are preparing for First Contact to begin. By 2039 everyone on Earth will Turn into Light and Blip into the Fourth Dimension, which is actually a Universe more than a Planet. It is a place that allows Freedom of Travel throughout the Universe. There will be thousands of spaceships using Earth as the HUB of the Universe. This will all begin in ONE YEAR.

All of the details of this Ascension Project that I, Mary Magdalene have been made known through my dialogs with Elaika and Jesus may be found on these YouTubes.




Dr. Angela Barnett
[email protected]

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