Why people belittle spirit world

I'm starting to realise that when we wish to degrade spirit it's because we either doubt our own power, or, we are aware of it and are simply too scared of our own power. Perhaps with power comes responsibility, and we are not ready to take it.

Being told by Archangels that we are no better or worse than them, that we are all brothers and sisters, that we are all God/Goddesses on the other side, seems unacceptable, and unbelievable at times.

I'm finishing writing a book about our negative emotions. It applies to every single person. We are all in the same boat, having chosen to challenge ourselves.

I find that when we scorn others we are simply feeding our own fear-based emotions with the same. We are scorning and polluting our own soul. It's toxic and it's fear-based, not coming from a position of strength or confidence. It comes across as rather more like jealousy and vengeance. Why come to a spiritual website to be jealous of spiritual peoples' lives? Because our egos are sickeningly attracted to it - like we need a fix- yet it is what our egos need.We need to visit that place that bothers us until we work it out, that it's US, it's OUR EGOS, that bother us, not THEM.

Confident people do not put others down. Confident people build others up. 

Why disempower ourselves by feeding fear/anger/guilt to our scared/angry/guilty egos? Perhaps we know no better. Perhaps that's what our parents did, and we simply inherited their way of dealing, or not dealing, with life. Perhaps we are just taking our revenge or regrets from our past out on those who are around us now. Instead of feeling inspired to follow suit, perhaps it's the jealousy that wants us to seek and destroy those who make us feel lesser...even though it's purely our own guilt that does that..

Anyone who cares about the planet and complains about war and tyranny in the world must consider that war and tyranny are anger based, and wonder about the effect that our own anger must have on it too... 

Eventually, at some point of realisation, we will each choose to stop feeding our own (fear-based) anger to the fear and anger that is already in existence. The planet needs love, not fear, or other fear-based emotions.

Instead of berating others, it is wise to ask why we are doing this, and fix ourselves. ... 

Why not give in to anger constantly? It's fun! The answer is because anger is based on fear, and fear is a liar. Like fear, anger lies to us, distortng the truth and making fools out of us.  

Others are on a personal spiritual path and after years of inner work, do not think anymore about what fear, anger or guilt says.

Ascension has been proven to have begun on 21st Dec.

Life's too short. Make peace with our past. Heal our hearts. And enjoy life! Now! 


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  • @ Peter when I think about whatever I agreed to handle I must have been feeling invincible - sometimes I have been pissed off with my Higher Self, lol, thinking SHE doesn't have to go through this, SHE signed the contract, but I have to live it!!! I am still working through this.. how mad is life

  • Thank you Sky, and Kat - that is perfectly true - when we face our deep dark emotions we suffer for a little bit with doom and gloom and then we realise that it is not all bad, that it is actually good and the truth is that we are also the opposite: brave, confident, strong, wise, joyful, compassionate, loving.. Facing and releasing our negative emotions is a very quick way to find these wonderful attributes within our soul! It's a win-win. That's pretty cool, if you ask me! By losing the ego (and the pain that's associated with it) we immediately find our soul. Namaste!    

  • The universe only throws up that which we can handle.

    Clearly, we have the ability to handle an awful lot.

  • This is the essence of karma.

    all those life experiences are stored vibrationally in the akashic record.

    And every time we come back we seek out the vibrations to overcome the fear of the experience.

    However, we need to generate more energy than the fear represents.

    Thst is the gift of the ascension energies. they provide the extra energy required to overcome these fears.

    thats why so many light workers have been having melt downs.

    An existence worth of persecution is being activated now.

    so that we may overcome it.

    It is paradoxical. It is designed that way.

    it is the test of free choice.

    To do that which we have feared the most. 

    to be free.

    That is why so few people take that path.

    They achieve a certain level of excitation,and lack the understanding and/or resolve to continue.

    everyone however, sooner or later, be it this incarnation or the next, will overcome their fears.

    It is fortunate that only a handful of souls needed to awaken to this for Gaia's ascension to manifest.

    From here on end,it will get easier.


  • Thank you Feather, and Peter - I thought about what you said and I realised that I hadn't responded to that theory. I agree that it is quite probable that at some stage in past lives people have been burnt at the stake. That would probably sit in our subconscious, however to turn it around and attack others doesn't make sense, unless we were worried for them? And I'm not getting that...I'm talking about contempt. Unless perhaps the damage was so great that some of us can never recover and are permanently stuck in fear and anger and loathing of the whole story.... yet paradoxically attracted to it.

    Anyway the truth about spirit world is mixed, with all sorts of crazy stuff, but the good bits are beyond good, and Love is All Powerful, and no matter how many times spirit world is attacked, the truth will not go away.


  • Under the circumstances, I can offer little empirical evidence for my comments.

    This conclusion comes from having done extensive work in unlocking my higher self. And consequently gaining access to my Akashic record. 

    I have also helped friends gain similar access to their higher selves. And I have noticed similar patterns.

    If you consider man kinds history of witch hunts, crucifixions and other, similar crimes against free spiritual expression, my limited experience has shown that the same souls appear to be subject to treatment from the religious authorities of the times.

     when you do work of this natue for a while you begin to recognize patterns in others. In this case the patterns are consistent with what I would describe as akashic remembrance of persecution.

    That pattern being souls that are on an inner spiritual path, yet stop short of committing to the full potential of that path.

    There are any number of reasons that are presented.

    However, the pattern suggests there is fear of a deep seated unconscious nature.

    A fear that will create any excuse it can to avoid accepting the truth of I AM that I AM.

  • @ Star, yes, our emotions have to be revisited, to be released. It is not a sign of weakness to give into our negative emotions and allow them to be released. That in itself is a sign of strength. Often we suppress them because we are scared of them. It takes guts to face our fears, our anger, and our guilt. 

    However, our negative emotions are not strong enough to allow them to solely guide us, because they are defensive, deaf and blind to the truth, therefore deceptive and childish. They only show one side of the story, and even that side is exaggerated. 

    "He who angers you, conquers you" or "controls" you. By letting all of the anger out we can detach from the person or situation and can think more constructively, see the bigger picture more clearly. If it is hard to release all of the anger, instead of focussing it onto other people when our anger decides that they irritate us, it can be used more constructively, by channelling it into something that is really worthwhile, such being an activist for human rights, or for the environment. But still, on an energy level it is better for the planet to do it with passion from the soul, and with gratitude, rather than from a place of anger.  

    Yes you are right Star, that when we feel insecure is when our negative emotions creep up on us. It means it is time to do some inner work and get strong again!


    Thanks for your input Star :-)

    @ Peter, yes, what we resist, persists, so by not facing our emotions they will sneak up and get us from any which way, whenever we feel threatened, and when we least expect it.  Fear is very clever at tripping us up, prompting an angry response at those whom we cannot control, and then probably a guilty one.  

    Re. persecutions for holding onto our beliefs in the past...: did you hear this? I'm not sure how it all works, but I showed it to my barrister friend and he said it looked legitimate...That we belong to, and hold our allegiance to God, our Creator, nobody else, has just now been used effectively legally against the system of slavery, to reclaim our human rights! How cool is that! There is no argument! If it's true, what a wonderful moment in the Earth's history.. wow...  Thanks Peter xxx


    Anger wants to control others, and it wants to hurt others, but our anger cannot control or hurt another, unless the other person allows it to. Most people do not allow our anger to affect them. Anger loses... and unless we release the anger, we are stuck with it. People tend to avoid angry people and we are left alone in our venom.

    We can only control ourselves.

    It is up to us to control our anger. I find anger hard to control so when it crops up I just release it altogether. It's not worth listening to!

  • So true

    We only reject that which we fear.

    We only don't trust that which we don't trust in ourselves.

    Our external behaviours are a mirror of beliefs and values.

    And there are valid reasons for this.

    As an old soul, (and if you are spending time n this site, you are an old soul), there is an innate knowing that God, for want of a better term, exists within.

    And this belief goes against the mandate of the powers that be. 

    Because if God exists inside, then those in power have no power.

    Because whoever has the keys to heaven has the power.

    And thus, lifetime after lifetime, old souls have been persecuted for going aginst the status quo.

    Every moment of that persecution exists as Akashic remembrance.

    And so now we come to an incarnation where it we are free to openly express our belief that God exists within in safety. (see things are getting better).

    Yet we lack the conviction to take full advantage of out truth.

    Because they have been beat up and down trodden so often in the past.

    And it creates a unique scenario.

    Light workers who lack the self esteem to stand up and proclaim I AM that I AM.

    When deep in their hearts, we know this to be true.

    I AM apart from the whole.

    I AM a part of the whole.

    I AM the hole.

    I AM that I AM.

  • The wise say when we see *bad* in another person, we first see it in ourself, (the other is simply a mirror).... i guess self love and acceptance of other people is a great key in stopping all the crap going on , (on this planet.... )

    until then people need to control and learn management of emotions;

    and being angry or crying does not imply someone is *weak* actually its the opposite,

    that they are easily affected and need to love themselves better (unconditionally)!


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