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  • True,

    what we perceive as chaos, is an absolute order. That's what happening to our beautiful world.

  • glad you are doing good so far and  true we dont' have any control, except one 'this way or that way' ...

    and Lalit you are not alone,

    Big HuG

  • Hi Ara,

    You got the essence of my query.
    When I said calculations, I meant human calculations.
    Divine needs no calculations, as it is capable of getting the desired outcome.
    We human don't need much intellect to understand the real happening, rather need to shed much of intellect to understand what is simple but has been complicated by us.
    Experiences are to be carried for worldly outwardly things only, else we would be remembering our experience from womb or precedent to that.

    Life is nothing but a journey to an unknown destination which shall be exposed to only the ones who decode their experiences and are able to see the divine design.
  • Well it took me 40 min to find your blog  ...

  • But what if unexpected factors just another "calculation" of Divine plan to see the reactions and presents as lessons. Calculation could be 'if you step over the cliff'?

    Our perception is limited, well everything is limited in us (personal experience) except Spirit-  it would be impossible for mortals to calculate life by seeing the end results that would require reservoir of experiences and wisdom.

  • So far, so good Ara.
    Trying to learn acceptance.. again easier said than done.
    One thing is getting clear to me, that humans have control over NOTHING.. everything really works in preset manner, but to many it creates the illusion of being a doer.

    It is pleasure to hear from friends in times of distress... The world is going through.
    This domain may be for sale!
  • Lalit, its been long,

    i like it THIS TOO SHALL PASS, helps to get rid off some 'illusionary burden'

    I do appropriate life more, been lost in transition for a while.

    Hope you are in good spirit as always!!!

  • Hi Ara,
    Pleasure hearing from you after long.
    Hope you are treating life well.
    Stay blessed, stay safe.
  • Calculations for life work superficially, because life doesn't follow maths where 2+2 always got to be 4.

    One may plan well, consider all possibilities but then unexpected factors come in action disrupting the plan / calculations.

    The only mantra or formula is THIS TOO SHALL PASS.... easier said than imbibed.
    If we could imbibe the mantra, we wouldn't be here on this blog or any other platform to discuss.
  • Hi Lalit,

    good question, i think it does to some degree - its certainly have cause and effect, so i think some calculations are involved, and formulas (as a model for something).

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