Why do I experience suffering?

Can we be honest now?

Yes we experience some happiness , but its a mixed bag.

There is happiness but its flickering and comes and goes.Even when there is good things going on and some pleasure,

where does it come from?

well the senses can derive some pleasure from touch and eating and when we sleep at night and go into oblivion maybe the pain wil lcease for a while in ignorance..,

but there are certain miseries we all experience by living that are unavoidable.

No matter how wealthy or secure or stable we are in the moment, there are stumbling blocks thrust on us repeatedly.

They come in four categories and they affect all life even animals.

It is so basic everyone already know this and this is only the reminder.

Birth - so painful for the mother she can barely take it but she does.The baby is squeezed out the head is squished

and ejected into an "unknown" world and the first reaction is basic- crying..

At the end the finals suffering the moment of death, when everything you worked for

all the hopes and dreams your body and your friends --all finished your mind goes then you must leave..

while you're alive you grow old and get ill.

Gosh at the best what is going on?

Why is life like that?

You must wonder- it happens to everyone all beings.

Nature has a cruel streak.

While we are here there are problems and existence itself is a problem.

Don't you want answers ?

You think now .

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  • What can we do at the moment of death for anyone?

    Watch helplessly and see this is my destiny...it is us who must also die..

    yet the most amazing thing  is people don't realize that from day to day...

    They think,on the other hand well its not going to happen to me..

    everyone is dying we are in the line we are waiting for our turn..

  • Hi eddie, thanks for sharing.

    We come in as babies, so it is more realistic.

    If we came in as full grown 30 year olds, like what this mandela effect seems to do, it might be more difficult to get people to believe they were born.

    By making us believe we were born and having to relearn things, it really gives it that authentic feel, whereas, coming in already grown, with faculties intact, it would not have the realism and people would more easily catch on that we just entered here, like a stage and so the whole death routine, would not create the same dynamics within the beings on the stage.

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