Dr. Angela Barnett
channeled from the Crystalai Council
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Once upon a time, long, long ago, there were Normal Human Beings on a Planet that was similar to Earth. However, this Planet was actually a Star. A Planet cannot breathe, but a Star can.

Planet Earth has been on a respirator system for a very long time, because whe has had no normal access to normal oxygen.

You see, in a normal system, the Planet is a Star, and the Star has an Eternal Energy Source. The Suns and Stars exhale all of their living energy up their portals or staffs out into the atmosphere where their oxygen flows into all of the other Suns and Stars. This continuous Source of Energy is normal in a normal system.

In our Normal Reality, the Human Angelic also had this continuous energy supply flowing into them from the Rod and Staff of the Planet that they lived upon.

Planet Earth has always had a respiration system because she was guided into the Starry Firmament of a place called Urtha. Earth has been like a little baby nesting within Urtha until she could enter the time of her final transformation.

That time has come. The Earth and the Human Angelic Beings who inhabit Earth are becoming Normal. This evolutionary event began in 2013.

Now, Earth does have a Source of Eternal Energy flowing into her from the Stellar Wave Infusions. These infusions are the crystal light, crystal dust and crystal gel that all Eternal substance is created from. This is the stardust, the liquid light energy and the gelaisic radiation called hydrolaise that transforms the planet and those upon her.

Once we learn to inhale this divine substance from the crystal spheres of crystal light, gel and dust into our atomic structure, our bodies will transform into a new biological structure that allows us to perform events such as orbing, teleporting, riding on space ships, turning into light and moving into multiple dimensional realities. This Divine Substance is called Hydrolaise. It is the Spiritual Form of water energy in the form of gelaisic radiation.

When this crystal gel substance is combined with the crystal stardust and crystal liquid light substance to create the prana of continuous energy, the planet and the body begin to live on the hydrolaise in a symbiotic relationship. This is what is happening to our bodies and to the planet over the next decade.

This magical substance is like water with helium in it. The chemical formation would be H2O2HE3 on the Spiritual Side of reality.

The way that the duality or polarity is being removed between the physical and spiritual is through this hydrolaise. In the Normal Reality, a child absorbs more and more of the spiritual substance of hydrolaise into their cells until they fill out the complete Divine Blue Print at age 33.

The stories of Jesus Christ walking on water were an example of this. The Christ body that is being returned to the Human Angelic Raceline will be going through this transition in the same manner that humanoids always did in the Normal Reality.

The reason this is not a Normal Reality, is because a Planet is actually a Star that has had its oxygen removed as a result of distorting the flow of energy between the Stars and Suns in its system. The entire Milky Way Galaxy is a Fallen or Distorted System.

Earth was placed inside of a Cosmaya Blanket of Cosmic Dust that lifted her body into alignment with the original 12 Universes that were created from the template of the original Sun Alcyone, before the Star called Tara was blown up and relocated into the Milky Way Galaxy.

We don't die in Normal Reality. The old reality we knew was not normal at all. It was an Illusion that was placed in our cellular memory. We were placed inside of someone elses consciousness who was playing a disfunctional movie through our cellular memory.

We can create our own movies now. We don't have to be in any one elses movie.

We have had our Universal Freedom Restored. We are now a part of the original alignment of the Perfect Order of the 12 Stargates leading into the Omniversal Creation of the Cosmaya. We have aligned with the 12th Star Aramatena. We are no longer in alignment with Nibiru. Those who think they are seeing Nibiru are only seeing the memories that were planted in the cellular memory by Invader Races to instill fear.

We are temporarily being held within a Plasma Blanket of crystal light, crystal dust and crystal gel, which is the make up of the plasma radiation that is like a nuclear transformer which creates an Eternal Supply of energy. We are living within the Stardust of Urtha and we are living within the Cosmic Etheric Consciousness of the Cosmaya Starship.

In 2047, Urtha will complete her mission of giving birth to Earth. Earth will continue to be held within the Cosmaya Ship to provide the harmony and balance while we absorbe the Divine Energy that the Cosmaya provides. We can inhale the Crystal Star Dust and Liquid Light Energies directly from the Cosmaya surrounding us now.

These divine frequencies will raise our accretion level to 4. That level of accretion is the same as the Inner Earth and the Cloud Cities. As we raise our consciousness into this accretion or frequency, we will be able to see the New Reality which is actually the Normal Reality that was always here. We are just being rebalanced into a higher frequency of Conscious Reality.

As these realities take place, there will be those who can perceive of them and those who cannot. As we are gaining our new freedom that allows us to transform our bodies into a new chemical and biological structure, there will be those who continue to live in their inorganic carbon based bodies because they have chosen not to participate.

While those of us in the Mystery Schools are learning how to turn our bodies into light with the use of the Merkaba and the inhaling of Source Frequencies, there will be the other 99% of the world who do not participate in returning to their Divine Essence.

While those of us in the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse are learning how to sing new harmonic melodies with the Cetacean Family through the Music of the Spheres technology, the majority will still be performing in Electronic Bands that are called Frequency  Electonic Music.

Those are participating in a Solfege reality. Solfege means music that is audible in the third dimension. The music that must be heard is the music that is Cosmic, etheric, not heard-- but felt within the atoms.

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