Who should teach “reality”? part 1

(C) 2005
Jairus Shiloh
A dream came to all the children of the world…From East to West, as
nighttime fell, each child heard a message.
“I will come to you in your dreams, soon, to teach you. Be ready!”
The next day all the older children realized they’d had the same dream. “I dreamed
last night that a voice said it would come to teach me.” “So did I!” “Really? I did, too!”
The adults thought the children were making it up, as a joke. “No one can speak to
all children in one night! Do you think we are foolish enough to believe such nonsense?”
Night after night, the older children waited. They had trouble falling asleep, and
slept fitfully. But…no voice. Had it all been a crazy rumor? Something they’d convinced
themselves to believe? No. They had to trust that the voice would return.
Finally, one night, the message again swept across the Earth. A shimmering form
appeared to the youths and spoke.
“I have come to teach you the secrets of life on this Earth, and how
to acquire anything that you wish.”
Though their physical bodies slept, the children were awake to this dream. “How
can you do that?” they asked, eagerly.
“There are many things you do not yet understand,” said the flickering
figure. “But, soon you will learn.”
“Is it okay to tell our parents?” one of the younger children asked.
“You should be able to tell your parents anything,” said the image.
“But, do not expect them to believe you. They have been told for too long
that the world is only about that which they can prove with their five
senses. Do not worry that they will not listen. It is not your job to save
them. All will be called, in their time.”
The shimmering face then told the children to relax and listen to their first lesson.
“Your first lesson will be important – but brief. I do not wish for you to be
overwhelmed with too much knowledge, at the beginning. We will build
upon each block, until you have the whole. Your first lesson is:
Intent – not “Want.” “Intend to achieve that which you desire, until it is so. Never
want. Want is the perpetual state of not attaining. You can only “want” what you do not
have. So, then, you can never have what you “want.” You may enjoy what you now have,
but you no longer “want” it. Do you see that want is always in the future? Therefore, if
you “want” something, you are confirming to the Universe that the thing is always just
beyond your grasp!
So, intend to receive or achieve things. Desire them. State that you will experience
them. But, when you catch yourself saying you “want” something – stop! – and rephrase
your intention. “Want” is passive. You wish the thing would come to you, but you are
powerless. That is the message of want.
Intent is active. You will bring about what you desire! Soon you will learn just how to
do this…
Dream, now. And when you have absorbed this, I will return with the next
As predicted, the adults did not believe the children had been taught in their
sleep. The youngsters were certain, however, that it was true. Too many saw and
heard the same vision. Their minds grappled with the idea of wanting something
meaning it was always out of reach.
After many weeks of trying very hard not to say, “I want…” - they heard the
voice in their sleep…
“You are now ready for your second Lesson…”
Mystery of diversity – “You cannot know yourself, without something to compare
yourself to. If, tonight, someone blindfolded you and left you in a strange room – you
would have no idea where you were in relation to the walls of the room…until you ran
into them! Then, you have something to compare your position to. Even in blackness,
you could learn the room – if you could compare your position to other things.
So, imagine yourself as existing before anything else in the Universe. Alone,
floating in the darkness. How would you know what you were? You’d have nothing to
compare yourself to. Even if you created a physical world, you could only watch what it
was like to live in it. You could not experience it yourself. How sad would that be?
Unless…you agreed to enter the physical world yourself! But, when you know the end of
a mystery, do you really experience the build up to that end? No. You must be reading or
hearing it for the first time, to feel caught up in it.
This is why we agreed to forget who we are, and why we’re here! To get a true
taste of life in a world that includes death. In time you will remember. You will no longer
fear. There is an immortal you that cannot die, or even be scarred. The whole had to split
into many individuals, and experience differences, to truly know itself. All of our
experiences will be added to that whole, when unified again. But, for now, realize that we
forgot so well that we often become trapped in our illusions. Time appears real. We
appear to be separate individuals. There appear to be shortages. We appear to be poor.
We appear to die. These are all experiences to be had, so that we will all know them
when we are rejoined.
However, if you find yourself in an undesirable one of these experiences or states,
you will soon see that you do not have to stay there. You will learn to change your world,
by mastering the creator inside you.
Dream now, and when you have absorbed this, I will return with your next
This was much more complex than just trying not to want! Isn’t time real?
Don’t people die? Things were getting more confusing than clear. But, finally, deep
inside the children just trusted that it would all make sense when they heard the
That is when the vision returned to them, and said
“You are now ready for your third Lesson…”
Abundance – “The study of science has learned that all physical matter is made of
units of energy that are not held to space and time. They have the potential to be
anything. When attention and Intent are focused on them, they solidify in our apparent
four-dimensional world of height, weight, length, and time as a mode of reality. It has
been taught that even before we asked it is given us. Now you will begin to see how.
In your studies, perhaps you have seen Time-Lines. A line drawn with important
events in history marked as points on the line, in chronological order. As you move from
point to point on the line, you have the impression of time passing in human history. But
that is just from your single viewpoint. What if you are the Line? Do not all the events
exist at the same time? That time is Now – and you can be like that line, once you learn
that time is actually succession. Since everything exists in Now, you simply need learn
how to move, through succession, to the section of Now that you desire.
You already have access to everything there is to have. You do not believe this,
because you are not experiencing it. Now you will learn and understand that you must
Intend it first, before you experience it. You must shift your attention to add the
experience of the things you are not seeing.
Visualize your desire from the end point. Picture yourself having acquired or
achieved that which you desire. This creates motion. Movement in the Universe is needed
to bring about your desire. Know with faith and certainty that it is so. ‘What soever you
desire, believe you have already received it and you will!’
Do not have the arrogance to demand when the result will occur. Successions must
take place. You know not the correct order of these events. Visualize this desire as
completed, as truly yours, until you feel a sweeping sensation of relief pass over you.
This is when you know you have imagined properly, and the message has been sent out
to the Universe. There is no need to keep repeating the vision, once you feel the wave of
relief. You can only create something once. After that, it is only copying the original!
Practice visualizing your desires, at their completion, in great detail. How do you
feel? What do you hear? Who is congratulating you? Touch your new possession. Is it
cold or warm? Hard or soft? How does it feel to your skin? Practice! The more real your
visualizations, the more movement you make in the Universe.
The more envisioning you do, the more plans are in the works for your life. There
is no need to drift through life, with no direction. Keep sending out visions of your goals,
unhampered by details of how they will come about. Picture only the end result. This is
an important point. I will explain it soon.
Dream, now. When you have absorbed this, I will return with the next Lesson
“Are you ready for your fourth Lesson? It is…”
Giving – “Giving will come back to you many times over. Do not expect to be given
back something by the person you give to. That is not giving – it is an attempt at control.
If you give with joy, you will receive back in the time and form that is right for you.”
“But, you say there is no such thing as time,” one boy interrupted.
“No, but there is a process of manifestation in the physical world. Of making
something appear to your senses. Often, to bring you what you desire, others must first
act. You cannot know the succession of events that will bring you your reality. To be able
to manifest a desire instantly is called a “miracle,” and rarely is such focus accomplished
before you have reached spiritual perfection.
Let me illustrate. Say you desire a lovely home. Should you visualize buying a
home? No. You should visualize yourself living in a pleasing home. Without restriction,
the Universe may direct you to a job that brings you closer to your true calling. Part of
the pay may include living in a nice home. Now, you have the lovely home and a good
job. You would have neither, if you had restricted the vision and demanded that you be
buying a home. Do not shackle the Universe with attempts at control. You may imagine
anything – but not how the “anything” will come about!
But - back to Giving. If you give from your heart, you will get back what you need.
Just because you give money, does not mean you will get it in return. Money may not be
what you need! You may tend to the sick, but it might not be comfort you receive. All
will work out, so long as you are giving of yourself with joy.
Use this gift of joy to lift the burdens of others – especially for those you would
least like to! As you will learn in the next Lesson, you will be the cause of everything that
exists in your life. You bring the Ones you like least into your life, to learn from them.
Gift them the joy of freedom from the miserable state they are in, by imagining it for
them. They will be changed people! If you do not like a person or situation, do not look at
them or it - look within to the one who is causing them or it. Then, change these things
with your imagination! If you cannot be bothered to do this, and still you let things upset
you – there is no one to blame but yourself.
Witness these changes a few times, and you will begin to be set free from the limits
of this, your world of mortality. You will no longer look for outside causes to the things
in your life. Exercise your mind, and develop mastery of the world around you!
Dream, now. When you have absorbed this, I will return with your next lesson
“You are now ready for your fifth Lesson…”
Illusion of lack – “The three dimensional world around you is your inner self,
expressed in the physical form. The life you find yourself in is your level of development.
You are divided in two – to observe and understand yourself. To have experiences which
show you where you need to grow. One of you is the ‘you’ in your body. The other ‘you’
is your current situation in life. As the ‘you’ in your body looks out at its life, it is
watching itself! In this way, you learn where you are on your journey.
It may have been unintentional, but you cause what you experience by your focus.
Fears and desires are both focused on – if only unconsciously. What you believe is true
eventually becomes true in your world. If you have been suffering, it is proof that your
focus has been wrong. Proof that you need to evolve.
Once you know that you bring about your reality, you can master the art of having
the physical world conform to your desires. Abundance exists as the natural state of the
Universe. You can tap into this for what you desire to experience, in your journey back to
the unified One. Beware: you must not ever attempt to force another One to love you, or
do your bidding. You are they, and they are you. Never attempt to enslave for selfish
Every day, watch what you focus on. Catch yourself thinking negative things – and
stop! Be positive in your learning. Practice your imagineering. You are creating your
tomorrow, so do it consciously! You cannot lack. You can only keep yourself from
experiencing. Never let yourself focus on a thought of discontent. Your focus only
funnels it strength. Continue feeding it energy, and it will take on a life of its own.
Search deep within yourself. Find out the purpose of this lifetime for you. One way
to help with this is to take time each day to ponder what you would happily do, even if
you were not paid for the work. Watch your thoughts and dreams, for small clues to this
purpose. When you know it, everything will flow effortlessly to you! Again, there is no
lack. There is only lack of experiencing – and your continued practice and improvement
at imagineering will enable you to conquer this.
Dream, now. When you have absorbed this, I will return with the next Lesson…”
Abundance, Giving, and Illusion of lack started to show the big picture.
However, it was hard for the children to think about anything other than imagining
everything they wished for into being!
Without instant results to their wishes, they wondered if perhaps they should
practice kind thoughts for others, as well. That is when they heard
“You are now ready for your sixth Lesson…”
Name – “When we agreed to be individuals, to experience a physical world, we
agreed to forget that we were ever One. When you reach the proper point in your spiritual
development, you will begin to remember. But, for now, know that we are One - and the
name of the One is I AM. I AM is the ‘One made up of the Many.’ This is why when
asked by a friend to describe any vision you are imagineering, from its completion, you
will start with, ‘I am…’
As in, ‘I am living in a new home.’ ‘I am holding my new pet cat.’ ‘I am a famous
scientist.’ I AM is the immortal in us all, and it is our imagination. This is all our gift to
use – consciously or unconsciously. Never envy another for what they envisioned for
themselves. There are no ‘others’. Everyone is you, and you are them. Remember, what
you do to them, you do to yourself.
Many would say it is dangerous to tell the young there is no such thing as absolute
right and wrong. Right and wrong are functions of morality, and moral codes change over
time. What is considered normal at one time, often later becomes appalling – as we grow
in awareness.
In truth, there is only one Truth. You will awaken to the realization that you
annexed a physical body for these experiences you are now having, but you are more than
this body. Keep in mind the experiences you are having will be shared by all, for eternity.
Let this guide you, as you make choices in your life.
There are those who have said that you can sin against the name of this I AM. To I
AM, nothing is impossible - and you are a part of this. So, how can you sin? To say you
cannot grow toward your spiritual perfection – that you are forever stuck in the present
state you are in. To know that imagineering could change the life of another, but imagine
for him not. Remember, he is you. You would have turned your back on yourself, and in
doing so, all of the One.
Dream, now. When you have absorbed this, I will return with the next Lesson…”
So, that was the trick! Use imagining to lighten the burdens of others. That
practice would surely build their skills enough to bring about their own desires,
right? The children set about each day, remembering to envision happiness for
anyone they met.
That is when the voice returned, and said
“You are now ready for your seventh Lesson…”
Energy – “Everything in the Universe is made of energy. Little bursts of energy, that
form every physical thing. We are all truly the Light, in a sea of light. Everything is
made of these energy units, in ever-bigger mosaics. When the mosaics are big enough,
and are focused on, they become what we consider solid objects. They are not truly
‘solid’. They simply manifest in the physical world as solid.
All things and all consciousness are in this sea of energy, and of it. So, you can see
that all things are connected. This makes it easier to understand how you can produce
movement in the Universe, to bring about what you desire. Just as when you drop a stone
into a lake, the ripples radiate out from the center. You see, in the sea of energy, it is the
same. But rather than the dropping of a stone, the sea of energy must be rippled by the
force of its creator. That force is your divine imagination.
This sea of energy is the only reality. What we live in everyday is the physical
manifestation of what parts of the sea we have been focusing on – consciously or not. It is
ourselves, shown outside of us, for study. Do you understand, then, that you cannot
change your outside - by changing your outside? It is by changing your inside, that will
cause the change in your outside. As you grow inside, your outer world will reflect it.
You need not toil or strain. You do still need keep studying your outside, and learning
from it. That never stops, until you reach spiritual perfection.
Dream, now – and when you have absorbed this, I will return with your next
The whole universe like a sea of energy, and everything connected? “So, that’s
how it works,” they thought. Instead of trying to fight the outside world, to bring
about their wishes, the children began focusing on understanding how all things are
connected. On how they could produce movement in a sea of energy. The idea
seemed to be, just work on your inner skills, and the outside will automatically
That is when the vision appeared to them, again
“You are now ready for your eighth Lesson…”
Earth – “Earth is the stage for the play all of the Many must participate in. We must
experience this life, and grow in our spiritual evolution. The collective experiences will
be ours all to share, forever. From these, we will be so much more than we were before.
This purpose should give everything in your life great meaning.
Abundance is yours to be had. But, you must not selfishly destroy that stage which
we all need - to get what you desire! Use your gift to imagine what you choose, but
include not destroying our stage. Put your powers to work, and imagine new ways for all
to experience abundance in ways we can sustain. Imagine places for the natural things.
You are their steward. They are part of your experiences. The whole would be that much
poorer, to not have known them.
None of us ever truly owns anything on this Earth. We are only borrowers and
stewards of even the things the law may say we own. Remember that we are all one. You
can only hurt yourself by hurting others and our physical realm. There is no need to. Man
can use his immortal gift of imagination for untold innovation. Be the one who solves
problems - like pollution from the use of energy - by imagineering it as done. Innovate
the solution!
Join with other imagineers, to visualize peace in the hearts of the violent. They
know not what they do. See them finding resolution within themselves. You will make
the stage a better place for spiritual growth. However, be careful not to try to make it
perfect. You never will! We are here to experience all variety of things – good and bad.
Without bad, we would not know good. Simply use your newfound skills to encourage
others, as you can, and preserve our earthly home.
Be mindful, as well, of the physical vessel you are in. It is designed to last 120
years. This allows for many experiences! Do not destroy it early by abuse. Besides
experiencing, you are also called to continue your spiritual development. You can do this
best with a clear mind. A clear mind comes with a clean body! Eat fresh wholesome
foods, and walk away from the deceivers who tell you chemicals should be put into your
body. Imagine better things for them – but quickly turn away from them!
Dream, now. When you have absorbed this, I will return with your next Lesson…”
This seemed to be the easiest Lesson to absorb. It isn’t always easy to do
what’s best for your body and the Earth, and it was so natural to want to own things
- but the children were determined to try. It wasn’t long before they heard
“You are now ready for your ninth Lesson…”
Receiving – “ There are many ways that the rules regarding receiving have been
taught. Karma. The law of cause and effect. ‘You will reap what you sow.’ Remember
that you will have brought about, consciously or unconsciously, everything in your life –
by your focus. There is a lag, so the outside is what your inside was, many thoughts ago!
You never fail at having exactly what you intended, at all times. Even if the reason you
caused it was to teach a very hard lesson…
Now you will learn a secret to make your receiving what it should be. As we saw in
the Lesson on Giving, what you give will come back to you many times over. As you
give with joy, so learn to receive with joy. Do not feel ashamed at a gift. Every day is a
gift, yet you do not feel embarrassed to wake up! A gift is a token of energy traded for the
gratitude the giver feels for your existence. This is your clue to the secret of receiving…
Gratefulness. When you are grateful – when you feel true gratitude – it is a
statement of having received something. A gift, love, a second chance – it matters not
what. Being grateful confirms to the Universe that you now have something, and truly
appreciate the experience. Do you see how this can be of use? If everything exists Now,
who says you have to wait to be grateful for having something you desire? Be truly
grateful for it, as you envision it. This is the greatest statement of Faith, to the Universe -
the purest form of Intent.
Likewise, be satisfied with today, in such a way that you are at peace. This does
not mean you do not desire other things. Only that acting from a centered tranquility will
help you receive them more easily. Master the act of gratitude. Do not try to master
faking gratitude! Who would you be fooling, besides yourself?
What you are grateful for will already come back to you, in its own way, because it
is a type of giving from the heart. Once you have made gratefulness a daily part of your
life, you will be accomplished enough at it to use it in you imagineering. As you visualize
your desire, from its completion, feel a deep sense of gratitude for having it. For the sheer
immortal gift that is your imagination. This is when the wave of relief, or completion,
should wash over you. Once you feel it, know that you have made movement in the
Universe. Continue to believe your result, and it must come to be.”
“…You now have all the Lessons you need, to overcome this world
of Illusion and Conditions. You can bring about anything you desire -
unless it so against your true Purpose in this life, that the Universe
prevents it. In that case it is for the best that it does not come about. You
will understand eventually. Practice! Use these things wisely. Someday,
when you are ready to develop further, I will return to you…”
The Second Level
Jairus Shiloh
Many of the children of the world practiced their envisioning, and
began to come to a realization…
A group of imagineers had gathered to discuss how well they had, or had not,
mastered their Lessons. They’d begun to bring exciting things into their lives, and knew
many more were on the way. The brightest were burning with curiosity to learn what was
next. They knew, deep inside, that there had to be something more - more than just the
gathering of things. Deeper understanding of the secrets of the universe - that might lead
them to find their true calling in life. What they were here to do.
Clearly, the power of creation was not meant to be just a tool and slave to fulfilling
superficial desires for material things. Were they advanced enough, yet, to learn the real
“Well - what comes about in the physical world is a product of individual and
group focus, right?” one young man suggested.
“That’s what we’ve learned, so far,” others responded – sensing something
important was about to be uncovered.
On the edge of his seat, the first continued, “Then if we can bring our teacher back
to us, by imagining, wouldn’t it mean we had progressed enough to learn the more
advanced teachings?”
“I think you’re right!” added a girl of about the same age. “It would be proof in
itself – because if the teacher didn’t appear, then we weren’t progressed enough yet to
learn further.” This realization swept over them.
“We’ll start, tonight. Agreed? We focus and imagine our teacher having
reappeared, and taken us to the next level of learning.”
“Agreed!” was the reply.
1 It didn’t take long. The very fact that their focus had shifted away from
the simple interest in what they could get, and toward what they could
become, brought their teacher back to their dreams…
2 The older, more confident teens jumped right in with questions.
3 “A lot of kids say this isn’t true. They won’t practice envisioning.
What should we do?” asked one of the oldest in the group.
4 You need do nothing. I once told you that all will be called, in their
time. It is so, and there is nothing you can do to change when they
5 A bright girl added, “Aren’t they a perfect example of who we should
be creating visions for? To see them awakening to what they really are?”
6 Very good, my dear. However, make your gift of vision…and let it
go. There are things that are still far beyond your understanding,
and many reasons you do not yet see. A golden age of awareness will
come, one day. However, do not let your own progress be thwarted,
by worrying over those who are not ready to hear…
7 For your advanced studies, I will not simply convey to you a lesson
to absorb. These teachings will be too in-depth for that. I will now be
answering your questions - often by leading you with other questions,
using them to guide you to deeper understanding.
8 Most of our meetings will appear seamless. As you wake, they will
fade. When you sleep again, they will take back up again, as though
they had never stopped. I speak now to your deepest mind. It knows
no time, and processes all knowledge from “now.” So, let us begin.
Ask every question that seems to trouble you. You desire to know is
trying to tell you where it is you need to go next.
9 “Well, I’d like to know when I’m going to perfect my envisioning,”
volunteered the older boy. “I know a lot of the others feel the same way.
Is it just a matter of practice?”
10 When will you feel you have mastered envisioning?
11 “I don’t know…When I get the things I hope for?”
12 And when are you supposed to get those things?
13 “Uh…soon after I ask for them – once I’m good at it – right?”
14 How will they come about?
15 “It’s different for each thing…isn’t it? I mean…it depends on what
needs to happen to bring about my wish.”
16 And what are theses things that need happen?
17 “It’s different for each one… umm…I’m not sure. Lots of things. You
know - people to do things. I can’t explain it!”
18 Then how do you know when the results should appear?
19 “…I…guess I don’t…”
20 So, how do you know you are not doing it well?
21 After a long pause, the boy sighed. “I see, now. I don’t know that I’m
not doing it well. I’ll just have to trust. Faith, you call it?”
22 Indeed. Remember, there is no such thing as perfection in this
world. That is not to say there is no such thing as perfection. You are
now beginning to enter into knowledge that will answer many of
your own questions. Be patient - do not rush yourselves.
23 Faith is linking yourself freely to the Creator – who’s creative work
is not bound by the limitations of your physical structures. However,
linking yourself for selfish reasons can only end in disappointment.
You are coming together with the Universal Spirit to join and be led,
not to try to force it to do your bidding. You must be open to
receiving great Truths, as well as material things
24 Always keep in mind that material goods are as a child’s toy. When
you are a child, a simple child’s toy will amuse you. As you grow in
sophistication, a young child’s toy will no longer hold your attention.
25 Inversely, to continue expanding the mind, the child must have
access to more and more complex toys – to stimulate the very growth
that leads him to outgrow each one!
26 This irony could be a parable for your spiritual growth. As you
quest to learn that which will enable you to acquire things, that
knowledge will make you less interested in those very things! There
is no getting around this paradox. As you grow, you outgrow. This is
true for your clothing, as your body grows – and it will be true for
your interests, as your mind and spirit develop.
27 Hold this close to your heart: the key to truly making valuable the
advanced knowledge you are going to learn can be summed up in one
word – Inspiration. Anyone can paint by numbers. An artist shows
us something about a scene that we never saw before. It’s truth, it’s
essence. That is inspiration.
28 Inspiration is not limited to painting, however. You are called to
have your entire life become an inspiration. That is the path you are
29 Who would like to ask another question?
30 The oldest of the girls thought she saw a contradiction. “Why then,
when you first came to us, did you show us how to manifest the things
we would like to have? I mean, if that isn’t the point of learning all this?”
31 The children saw the hint of a smile, on the face of the shimmering
form they had come to call ‘Teacher’.
32 Can you tell me a better way of grabbing the attention of young
ones, than to tell them they can have any wonderful thing they
33 “Well…no…”
34 And, did it work on you?
35 “Well…yes…”
36 You know the answer, then! There is a risk that those who learn
how to bring about toys into their life will progress no further, for an
extended period. They will eventually progress, however. Everyone
will evolve, as they are called.
37 What they will not realize, until they look deeper, is that what I
first taught you is not exactly accurate. I gave you the impression
that you could use the force of creation to manifest objects into your
life. That is not exactly how it works.
38 You, who want to know the deeper truths, will now hear how this in
actuality comes about.
39 Did I not have you envision the object of your desire as already
belonging to you, or already having taken place?
40 “Yes,” they all chimed.
41 “That’s exactly what you said,” worried a small boy. “You mean it
wasn’t true?”
42 It was true, my boy – it just wasn’t completely accurate! A
simplified version of a deeper truth you were not yet ready to
understand. In the simplified version, you feel as though you are
doing the work. This is never the case. In fact, to go deeper you must
relinquish all attempts at working for a result.
43 Having you picture the outcome as having already happened, put
yourself in the present with that desired result. This was the key. The
result became ‘in the present’. It is the present that comes to express
itself in the material world. What you believe yourself TO BE – not
what you believe you can BRING ABOUT.
44 In a simplistic way, I had you believe you were a person who
possessed that object. THAT is what materializes. THAT WHICH
YOU BELIEVE YOURSELF TO BE. I cannot impress this on you
enough, my children. Until you can feel present, with complete ease,
with that which you seek to find, you will never have it.
45 It is not what ‘could be’ or what ‘will be’ that ever becomes solid.
Only that which you have come to believe IS. Hence, you were taught
to start every envisioning with “I AM…” Now you understand why I
instructed you so.
46 “But, how does the envisioning actually bring things about?” asked the
older boy who had questioned his mastery.
47 Do you remember when I taught you that the universe exists in a
sea of energy? The ancients called it by many names, through the
ages. The Bible referred to it as ‘the water’. In the middle ages, it
was known as the ‘Soul of the World’, or the Universal Medium.
Today, modern scientists theorize about ‘quanta’. It is all the same.
48 As an Artist starts with a blank canvas and the medium of paints,
the Creator acts on the universal energy field - to manifest objects
into the impression of a concrete ‘reality’. The energy field is the
medium – not the creation, and not the Creator. It does not take
much consideration to realize the amazing power of becoming able to
join with the force that influences this matrix, out of which
everything that exists is made.
49 In fact, you join with it every time you contemplate yourself, or
contemplate the Universal Force. Why? Because - as you are a small
unit of the whole, anytime you contemplate that Universal Force, it is
actually contemplating Itself!
50 Now, contemplating Itself this way was how movement was begun
in the sea of energy, to begin with. Imagination of Spirit, acting upon
the energy units of the universe, to create solid realities. Without this
first focus and movement, nothing of a physical world would exist.
51 So, then, spend time thinking deeply about being a part of this
Spirit. That has you contemplating yourself, and acting upon the
concrete world. It is not hard work – you create all around you, all
the time, without even being aware of it. When you learn to flow with
the energy of the Spirit, it will become effortless
52 The hardest part, for children of physical man, is to master denying
what their senses would have them believe. You are a slave to your
five senses, until you wrestle against them long enough to become
their master. They tell you all the reasons why things cannot be.
Deny them! Become that which you wish to be, in your imagination
and your heart. The purest contact between you and the Spirit flows
the easiest, and will have the fastest manifestation in the physical
53 A girl of around thirteen earth years was mature enough to understand
that most people are slaves to their senses. “What I don’t know is why
people have to be sad, or poor, or angry. Why can’t everyone be happy,
while they learn?”
54 Ah – always looking for reasons! I understand. But, you must come
to know this - the greatest value to any situation, and the greatest
chance for you to learn from it, is to understand another cornerstone
of the results of imagination on the physical world. Namely, this:
every single person is expressing, in outward appearance or
situation, that which they, deep inside, have recently believed
themselves to be.
55 Their expression tells you who they are, right now. Not who they
may be, someday – but where they are on their journey. That is the
only reason for things to happen: to express outwardly the current
nature of that which is expressing it. Think about this thoroughly. Is
that not what will be happening when you have purposefully brought
a situation into your life? Will it not be expressing your nature, at
that point? The same is just as true for those who are bringing about
their lives blindly.
56 Now, what else can I help you with?
57 “There is one question I’ve had,” volunteered a girl of about twelve
earth years. “Ever since you said all would be called when they’re ready,
I’ve wondered how they will catch up. I mean, having missed these
58 No one is missing them.
59 “But, I know of lots of people who aren’t willing to listen, yet. If they
want to know later, won’t what you’ve said already be over? Won’t the
kids who come later have missed it?”
60 As I mentioned before, I am now teaching to your true Self. That
Self that knows no time – is eternal. Likewise, these teachings are not
in a time. If they were, how could all of you, in different parts of the
world, hear them at once? Some of you are rising, just as others go to
61 The teaching is flowing like a current, in a continuous circle. When
ready, those called immerse themselves into it, and join at the
beginning. When you reach the point where we began, you will
recognize that you have mastered this level of understanding. At that
time, you will step outside of this circle.
62 After a period of absorption and putting this information to use,
you will again be ready to go even yet deeper into the knowledge.
63 “Will you come back to teach us?”
64 Why should it be me?
65 “We want you to!” they all declared.
66 The right one will come. Do not form attachments to any particular
teacher. Let NO ONE come between you and what you are already
an integral part of. It is the message that matters – not who delivers
it. Attachment to an intermediary is a trap of dependency.
67 Your senses may try to tell you that you cannot go deeper, without
my help. It is just another of their attempts to keep you enslaved to
them. If you have come to trust me at all, trust that whoever it is that
comes to you with deeper understanding, is the right one for that
68 Remember, my dears, nothing can ever truly separate any of us.
That anything could is just another illusion of the senses – like ‘time’.
With practice, you will lose all attachment to these worries
69 “How on earth do we not ever worry?!” erupted many of them. Even as
youngsters, they’d already experienced many pressures and troubles.
70 Ah! …That leads us directly into your next lesson! There will be a
few nights now that I do not appear to you. There is something very
specific I need you to practice.
71 Each night, as you lie still – preparing to sleep – try to focus solely
on your breathing. Focus on your breath as you inhale…
then…exhale. In…then…out. Again, and again. Listen to your
breath go in. Listen to it go out. Visualize it on its way in. Visualize it
on its way out. It might help you to imagine the word ‘I’, when you
inhale, and ‘am’, when you exhale.
72 Your mind will try to wander. Each time it heads off on a thought,
gently pull it back – as if it was on a string – to focus on the breaths.
Staying focused will be difficult, at first. It will become easier
quickly, though – just keep pulling the mind back. I will return to
you in a few nights – to hear what you have to report…
73 Each night, lying in bed, the advanced students attempted to focus
solely on their breathing. In. Out. In. Out. The mind wandered. They
pulled it back. It tried to sneak off to another idea. They pulled it back.
74 The first night it was all but impossible to keep the mind from slipping
out of focus. An event from the previous day. Pull it back to focus. The
next day’s plans. Pull it back. A noise from outside. Come back to the
breathing. The slightest suggestion, and off it would go.
75 The second night, they had a little better luck. The mind stayed focused
for a longer period. But then an itch would make them scratch! Would it
ever work?
76 The third night brought more improvement. The mind stayed focused
on the breathing. In…out…in…out. The problem now was of a totally
different kind. The students became so relaxed, they fell asleep before
noticing whatever it was they were supposed to notice! They realized the
following morning they had slept very well – but hadn’t been aware long
enough to feel they had anything to report to their Teacher.
77 “Oh, no! You’re back,” one older girl blurted.
78 Is that bad? Shall I go away?
79 “No! I didn’t mean it like that!”
80 Of course not, my dear. But, why are you troubled?
81 “You wanted us to report what we found out, by focusing on our
82 And?
83 “That’s just it! It made us so relaxed we can’t remember noticing
84 Did you not notice that you were relaxed?
85 “Well, yes… I guess so…”
86 Then you did notice.
87 “That’s it? That we were to relax??!!”
88 Not completely. Though you should never discount the value of
‘just being relaxed.’
89 As you master focusing on your breathing, you accomplish two
ends. The first is to become centered, which gives you perspective on
all the attachments in your life. Most of these, you will come to find,
are actually meaningless. Attachments to things, feelings, opinions -
all that is temporary, instead of timeless. The things that cause the
worries in your life.
90 The second end is this:
91 This place – this centered place – where you can see all that is
impermanent, is the ideal place from which to envision. With
practice, you will be able to move seamlessly from your centered
state of calm meditation, which you got to by focusing on your
breathing – to being in the scene of that which you wish to become.
92 This is just as when a tuning fork is struck. If another fork of the
same note is brought close to it, that second fork will also begin
resonating. Test this for yourself. You will see that it is so.
93 In the same way, that which resonates with your spirit will join
with it effortlessly – when your spirit is centered and vibrating at its
true resonance. It may seem contradictory, but you will find this
resonance in the stillness.
94 A boy of around thirteen earth years then interrupted, “It is seeming
more and more like what ends up meaning the most to me – like they
might be the greatest truths – are the ones that start out seeming the most
95 Does that surprise you?
96 “Well, a little. I supposed it makes sense, though – in a strange sort of
97 Good. You are on to it, there! The wall of ‘Wisdom’ is very high.
And, it is very difficult to break down that which ‘everyone knows is
true.’ When the stones hiding the truth begin to fall, they tend to
come crashing down around you! If you can just hold your focus
until the dust settles, you will see what was before hidden.
98 Try to use this tool of focusing on your breathing every evening, as
you lie down to sleep – or any time you need to release the pressures
of the day. It will be a great gift to yourself, over your entire lifetime.
99 Who would like to ask, next?
100 There was one husky boy who’d seldom spoken during former
gatherings. When he did, it was usually to challenge something. “One
thing we were talking about was this,” he all but whispered. “If we’re
here to develop our spirit, why is the body so important? I mean, why did

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