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Who is Ashtar? I suppose great volumes of "stuff" have been written about Ashtar, the
entity, I will endeavor to identify myself so that flourishes are not added by cherished
ones, I have been called a "Christian Commander from Venus", a "Supreme Director
in charge of all of the spiritual Program" for your planet. (That, I believe, came from
your own beloved Gabriel Green.)

I am honored, but I believe it would be more suitable to state that I am a dominant
commander from the Etheric realms. Here, I always confront trouble, for your words
do not actually define my position. I shall attempt at simple explanation.
I have been around for a very, very long time, under the sponsorship (I suppose is a
good enough word) of Lord Michael and the Great Central Sun government of this,
your galaxy. I suppose I rank overall second in command. I am not a discarnate energy
(spirit); I am an etheric being. I have never taken human embodiment upon planet
Earth. Many have inferred such; it is not true. I have been far too involved with affairs
of the Universe to prattle around in human format on Earth. I serve at a very high
involvement as a member of the Councils scattered throughout this Universal Sector,
serving in an advisory capacity at strategic levels of intergalactic affairs. I share
responsibility with Esu Immanuel (Jesus) Sananda for the airborne divisions of the
Brotherhood of Light.

When I mention numbers of involved extraterrestrial persons involved in this Earth
project, attached to my command, I usually lose my audience--for you have no concept
of the massive fleets of ships involved. I speak in multiple millions. I, like my other
compatriots who command massive fleets, am labeled for definition by the Great Central
Sun Hierarchy, "Ashtar", for that is the planet of my original manifestation. It is near
your solar sister, Venus.

The Christ Teacher of this galaxy is my Beloved Commander in Chief, and His Word
is my Law. To Him I have pledged my service. I am but a leader chosen by Him to
fulfill the Program of Light for Earth Transition through the flight commands of the
Great Brotherhood. Part of that mission is to return the Master to your planet and
collect His brood, if you will. I commanded the ship which bore his soul energy to
your place for His Earth Experience some two thousand years prior to present

There is a great quantity of mystery; it appears, regarding my personal information.
That mystery regarding my person is of absolutely no consequence to me, but it seems
of interest to some of you.

I am somewhat small of stature compared to Hatonn for I am only approximately
seven of your counting "feet" in height. A physician would consider me quite anemic
on your plane, for I am almost "white" in complexion. I am etheric, so I do not carry a
dense format as do you of your density. I am human in conceptual form, pale of eyes
(blue) of the Michael ray. Unlike Hatonn, I have hair upon my head, but in the etheric
vision I probably might appear to have none. I do not know how to describe myself
and my brothers, here, are having great sport at my expense.
I have a few good attributes, however. I am considered to be compassionate and
understanding. I am impatient, quick of movement and totally passionate to
unbending, regarding the teachings and principles of Our Radiant One, Sananda. I am
probably considered severe only to a slightly lesser degree than is Hatonn. Unpleasant
as this may be to you ones, Sananda is more severe than either of us. He is total
perfection so there is no comparison to be made, but, you follow the Laws of The
Creation and The God Law or you get some severe knocks upon thy ears!

The fleets of Etheria stationed within the Sector known as Schare represent what is
now called the Confederation of Planets for Peace. (By the way, your planet is more
frequently referred to as Shan.) We are a branch of the greater Federation of Free
Worlds which comprises the totality of the Space Commands throughout the
Omniverse. While my own administration is local to the Commands of this solar
system, I am not restricted to this sector in my service, for I represent our system in the
councils of other galaxies and universes throughout the vast cosmos. From time to
time I have served in positions of higher responsibilities in those councils.
I would like to further discuss "Etherians" for there is always misunderstanding
thereof. I do not have a fleshly body like yours that is, bounded by flesh. But it is
possible for me to make my being quite visible to your optics by changes in my vibratory rate to coincide with a specific optical frequency. I am normally invisible to
you just as are our ships.

I am often asked if other etheric beings are visible to me. Yes, of course, for those who
serve closest to me will have equal etheric vibration patterns. I do not have optical
vision of them as you would recognize it, but yes, of course, I see them.
I simply have evolved beyond the stage of physical and astral body form. Do not
confuse "etheric" and "astral". I will discuss this subject later; there is a great
difference. I do not possess a physical casing of the dense type such as yours of Earth
human. I am definitely etheric, as are all people on other planets in this solar system--
please hold that very close in your memory--all other planets in this solar system.
However, this does not mean that we are invisible to each other as we are to you under
normal circumstances, and as you evolve into higher dimensions you will retain
recognizable forms. You have been so filled with lies that you no longer have concept
of Truth. We see each other and we live much as you do, but we do not have a dense
physical casing which you possess. The benefits and comforts of this living are
enormous. The compression and irritations of the fleshly envelope are most
uncomfortable, I am told by my brothers who experienced there.
Unless we choose to convert the vibrational frequency of our bodies (or anything else
about us) to one which is visible to your optics, we remain invisible to your people.
Highly evolved people, with a good "psychic eye", as you might refer to it, can
sometimes see us in vaporous form, although we may remain invisible to one in the
same location. Further, if one can see us, it is usually intended and the conversion is so
complete that a physical person encountering us will perceive that we too are physical.
Dharma, it is most difficult to believe you put all mine brethren through this
interrogation. Perhaps Hatonn trained you too well. Well, I wish you to be as informed
as possible, so let us continue.

We have all the elements you recognize from your planet and many, many more. The
etheric form of these metals differs in atomic and molecular structure--just as do we as
beings, defined by the term "etheric". For example, the distance between the nucleus
and the orbiting electrons of the etheric "iron" "nucleus" substance (I effort at
exampling something to which you can relate) is much greater than in iron as you
know it on Earth. This permits the atoms of earthly "steel or other Shan metals" to pass
through the atoms of etheric "steel" in such a manner that nothing happens to either
form. All etheric matter vibrates at a much higher rate than does its Earth counterpart.
Under certain circumstances, however, as in the presence of certain atmospheric
conditions and gases, our ships will be visible. Or, the controlling intelligence of the
craft can cause visibility. While in the etheric form, even a spacecraft measuring many
miles in diameter cannot be damaged or injured by physical matter--nor can its contents
for all are vibrating at equal frequency. When the vibration is slowed to match Earth
manifestation--all are vulnerable just as would be your own manifested matter.
Normally our ships remain invisible in form for several reasons. There are millions of
ships out here and if we functioned in your visual frequency, you wouldn't be able to

move off the ground. This way, we do not interfere with you children playing pilot.
Further, it would terrify you ones in mass consciousness.
You have to now move without your solar system to encounter other humanoid forms
like yourselves. All of your other planets at this present time in your solar system are
inhabited by etheric beings. I speak of outside the earth-moon system in your solar
system. As you know, on your Earth planet there are two kinds of beings--physical and
astral. At the present time almost all of the astral realms of your planet have been
taken to safety elsewhere.

I will speak of differences between space people and spirit people, though I feel
completely uncomfortable in that I fear you may not understand.

The differences are great, although to the cursory glance it may seem that space people
ARE spirits. However, it all comes down to a matter of the condition in which we
dwell. We are etheric beings, in your expression. By this, I mean that we live upon a
higher plane of existence. We are not discarnate in the sense of having no bodies. We
have etheric bodies which are counterparts of your bodies but which are made of a
more tenuous substance, and which are not subject in the same way to gravitational
effects. The etheric state in which we dwell is one of many on an ascending
evolutionary scale to which we all belong--you too!

Above us, for example, are beings more highly evolved than are we by as great a
chasm as there is between ourselves and you Earth human. This is not meant in any
derogatory sense towards you, but merely as a factual statement about the scales on
which we dwell.

Upon our plane of life we have much the same type of existence as you do, although it
is free of the corruptions, crimes and undesirable elements which are to be worked out
of a being's life streams before he may pass into the etheric state. We do not participate
in things of flesh nature, cohabitation, etc., although we have families and
responsibilities much as yours.

Earth is a testing ground--one of many hundreds of thousands of testing grounds in the
Universe--where beings evolve upwards on the scale of life, working constantly
towards junction with the Great One as the ultimate attainment of all existence.
We upon the etheric planes pass on to higher planes just as do you from earth, when
qualified to do so. This transformation on your plane is termed "death". To us, it is
merely a "transformer" interposed between us and the next level of life to which we
ascend. We will stress once more, the greatest factor in the way of a proper grasp of
the true story of life on your planet is the conception of death as the END of all
existence. Nothing could be further from truth. Upon your place, you must serve out

an evolutionary period before you can ascend to higher worlds. The fleshly bodies
which you have are part of a plan to aid your working through that scale of existence.

At your level of density (second density, third dimension), you must endure savage
crimes, strife, wars and violence. The Great One, God, in His wisdom, has seen fit to
use the fleshly body as the most convenient method of taking care of this almost
elemental stage of development.

I believe I will avoid the discussion of reincarnation, etc., or the numbers of discarnate
souls in your astral plane for there are only ones there now that have been carefully
planned to be there, and that is not of this subject matter.

We have bodies of a tenuous but, nonetheless, real substance, vibrating at a rate much
greater than your own. Spirit people are dwelling in astral form who cannot go beyond
the astral form without serving out a life existence that accords growth in properness.
Be cautious in contacting spirits from the astral planes. They are very apt to play some
pretty ugly pranks upon you in your fun and games. Further, you have now been
requested to stop holding to those ones that they may be placed in security and safety.
I was most pleased and eager to place myself at the disposal of Michael and the
Central Sun Hierarchy. I have a great dedication to honor and service with integrity. I
am stationed immediately at the right hand of my Beloved Sananda and I rarely leave
that position--at least, theoretically. I will defend against the most ardent foe of Truth,
as taught by the Master, the Laws of Universal Creation. I respect those of the
satanistic realms and fleets as a creation of the Father Creator, but I will confront and
abolish their devastating programs and will assist you in any way possible to stop their
restrictions of man's freedom.

Before I take leave this evening I wish to make a comment or two for I have been
summoned by you ones prior to this. That was, I believe, regarding my personal
interactions on a personal level on your place. This is for others who receive of this
There are many erroneous claims made by those who crave personal publicity and
attention. Anyone who attempts to invest us with powers of divination and announce
themselves the recipients of information pertaining to the private affairs of individuals
(unless they apply to serious matters of national, groupings, instruction for service,
international or galactic importance) are guilty of falsification. Only insofar as they
affect our plans (which must of necessity depend to a considerable extent on the
understanding and cooperation of dwellers on your planet) will we pay any attention to
your own purely personal problems by prying into the future for answers to your
Page 17
queries. I believe Hatonn has thoroughly versed you on that account.

Souls must struggle with their own growth problems as every other soul has ever had
to do. We have not indulged in fortune telling as a sponsored activity because of the
need of the soul to make its own choices and decisions. If it involves our programs in
which we are a major player, we will make corrections. We do not impinge upon nor
hinder the freedom of man's free will to choose his pathway and actions. We strongly
adhere to the freedom of man to be exercised and permitted without interference from
another. If a commitment has been made for participation with us, however, we will
continue to persistently urge you to fulfill that commitment. So be it.
Enough for today, little friend. I feel as if I have jumped through some cute little hoops
but I will let you have your fun for your hours of service are long and you have such
human curiosity. I am indebted for your service.

I will take my leave before I launch off into the realms of space fleets and diagrams of
Federation, Galactic status and things of that nature. Perhaps we can get Ashtar out of
the way tomorrow, for I want to lead you right into the subject of Evil... Which, for
those of you who think otherwise--does exist and is about to annihilate you as a

So be it, and blessings from these stations. I will move to standby that you might bring
this portion to a close.


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