Astrology is also controlled by your karma. Why were you born at a certain time, in a certain place, under certain stars? Because it was your karma. So your astrological chart itself is a product of your karma. If you have good karma, you will be reborn on an auspicious day. Why is it that you were born as a Cancer, as a Libra, as a Gemini? You chose stars. You chose a time. Some of you might say, "No. My doctor chose the time," but actually you made the doctor choose. Ultimately, it's all your own doing.By changing your karma, you can change your horoscope. Maybe because of your past karma you have given room for some of the planets to control you. By developing a stronger karma, you can change that; you can make it null and void. Then Saturn cannot affect you; Jupiter and Mars cannot affect you. You can command them. Astrology is completely powerless in front of your karma. You have the capacity to command your stars to move around.A great saint used to say, "When I have the vision of the Lord always, what can these planets do to me? They have no power to affect me because I have taken refuge in the Lord." Who controls the planets? Who controls time? Who controls space? When you become the beloved of that Lord, all of His servants will be ready to obey you.Om Shanthi, Shanthi, ShanthiLOVEANANTA
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