Who am I not. Who I am.

Who am I? The answer to this question lies with the understanding of who you are not. We have a tendency to think that we must label ourselves as being one way or another. The truth is who we are has nothing to do with the words we use to describe ourselves. From the day we are born, we are given a label. This label is our name that follows us for the rest of our life. As we get older, we begin to form an identity that is attached to our name. An image of who we think we are begins to develop as we begin to attach ourselves to memories, experiences, and who we think we want to be. When we are asked to describe who we are, we describe our mental image of ourselves to others. Who I am, can not be boiled down to the thoughts or mental images that we have of ourselves. They are just thoughts, nothing more. When we label something, or better yet when we label ourselves, we put ourselves in a box. We limit ourselves. We allow a label or word to define who we are. We are so much more than a label. Humans are exceptional beings. When we use a word to describe something, it takes away from it. Once something is labeled, we no longer have a need to wonder what it is. We no longer have a need to discover its true reality or beauty. It becomes just the word we used to label it.Think about it. What is the first thing you do when you see something in nature. In your mind you say to yourself, "Oh, look a butterfly." Now that you identified it with a word, you no longer have a need to look at it again. It is experienced for a brief moment, then dismissed to another thought you have in your mind about something else. Now let's say you have never experienced a butterfly before. You don't know what to call it, because you never seen or heard of a butterfly before. You have no previous experience of it to compare it to, so you are in complete awe of it. You look it's beautiful colors, its wings fluttering, the dance it does above a beautiful colorful flower.We as humans have placed all that we have come into contact into a nice little box. That we tuck away in the memory banks of our mind. We have conceptualized everything to the point that we no longer have desire to experience true reality. We have labeled everything, and in doing so, we have cut ourselves off from truly living life to its fullest.We live our daily lives locked in the thoughts of our mind. We have literally become slaves to our thoughts. Trapped in our minds. We are constantly thinking. Thinking about what happened to us yesterday. Thinking about what we are going to do tomorrow. Thinking about what someone did to us. Thinking about what we said to someone else. Constantly thinking thoughts of negativity, of anger, of hurt. Our minds are always preoccupied. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning, to the time we drift off to sleep, we are always lost in thought. This is the human condition. What we all need to realize is, what we are doing to ourselves. What we are doing to humanity as a whole. This constant mind clutter is causing our world to fall apart around us. It is time for humanity to wake up! Every individual must eventually wake up to life's true reality. That is the whole point to life itself. This awakening can only happen if the individual has had enough pain, enough anguish, and enough suffering to want to choose something different to experience. The individual then embarks on a different journey from what they are used to experiencing. This journey opens new undiscovered doors in life. They begin to experience life through a different set of eyes. Eyes that are not filtered through the labels of their conditioned mind. The individual begins to understand what and who they truly are.
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  • True, any event can trigger an awakening experience, if the person chooses to perceive it in such a way. But because of the Law of Relativity, one cannot know what it is to Awaken, if it has not known it's opposite. You can not know what consciousness is if you have not experienced what it is to be unconscious in the first place.
  • "This awakening can only happen if the individual has had enough pain, enough anguish, and enough suffering to want to choose something different to experience. The individual then embarks on a different journey from what they are used to experiencing."

    I think it is a common misconception that only deep spiraling misery leads to awakening. While it is true in my case and probably most, I think there are many emotions and situations that can bring about an awakened individual.
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