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  • Greetings to you, Dearest and Beautiful Veruschka!

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful words. Yes, we are all one and what effects me effects you and vice versa.

    I love you blessed beautiful sister.

  • Yes, Phylos, I believe we are all doing the same but the fact we ask the question..."who am I?" getting us on our path and as you know it's long...never ending...until we reach enough understanding to once again fully connect with the creative Force/Source.

  • I am like the "Forrest Gump" of spiritual seekers.  I often go back to the truth of the never-ending path to evermore to learn and start over in my quest by sitting patiently outside the gate in sackcloth rags and ashes of ignorance, quietly looking within and without, occasionally sneaking a peek at the gate hoping that someone within will open it a crack and toss me a clue. 

  • Bravo! Very good, Tally!

  • I would say...
    I am a sayer...
    I am a player...
    I am a mover...
    I am a shaker...
    I am a light...
    I am sight...
    I am an observer...
    I am a space curver...
    I am a dream maker...
    I am a creator...
    I am a love lighter...
    I am opening wider...
    I am beyond what I now know...
    I am here to grow and to show...
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