whew... negative rules in here

i know some don't like the announcement before members leave this site...but i have felt the love of some who may feel ordinary but in fact they are very precious...you know who you are and i thank you for sharing with me...and i'm sure we will meet one day...good-by for now...my reason is i no longer wish to read my friends attack each other..i'm crying now...i was called a liar for sharing my very personal visions...i will continue to love everyone here...chow

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  • I'm getting tired of this website myself.. I keep thinking of leaving because of the negative vibes..  

    I have been here for 4 years plus.. I left briefly before but returned shortly afterwards.. I have almost given up on the forum.. 

    I like the loving souls who don't get involved in the forum battles.. but this website appears to be riddled with bullies, naysayers, show offs, know it alls, trolls and general low vibers... just pick a discussion at random and you will probably see it all in action.. I'm getting bored with it now... 

    its the end of the world as we know it ! ... lol ..

    well... whatever...


  • See you round the galaxy.

    Your presence here will be missed. 

    God speed you on your path Barbara Lee.



  • Indeed Barbara: It is well to act like King Midas:  Everyone and everything we touch turns to gold (spiritual gold).  Negativity is an opportunity to demonstrate (to ourselves and others) true alchemy.  If we cannot discern the positive in those we encounter then the "fault" may lie not so much in them as in our own limited perception.  It is grand opportunity to help transmute the dross:  Those grains of sand/calumny we can help to hone into pearls.  By standing in our own truth/love/center we can accept the slings and arrows and burnish them into finer realizations and understandings. 

  • I feel you Barbara.  There is so much negativity on this site that it blows my mind and It is not getting any better.  There is some good stuff here and even the good stuff hardly makes top headlines.  Imagine that Admin.  Admin need to step up their game.  I believe they are failing at keeping this a loving community.  Many Blessings and message me if you like.  I have many links to great communities.  Loving communities where souls communicate through love.   I am sure you have a couple of your own though <3

  • 8110569272?profile=original

    Sending love to you Barbara. I hope you can see past the negativity and know that it is just stress, because people care. Either way, I hope your journey is filled with magic and joy <3

    We are all friends on the other side, apparently :-D

    love Moanna

  • I think that at some point or another, most of us on this site have been called a name or had some sort of negative experience.  I have learned to turned those negatives into positives by changing my perspective and viewing them as life lessons, and it works.  Those experiences helped me to learn a lot about myself.  An important things is that we cannot control how others behave, or what they say, the only thing we can control is how we will react to their actions and their words.  Like Kelly said, take a few days off, enjoy nature, write in a journal, and you will feel much stronger and refreshed.  But if you decide to leave this site, then I wish you the best of lucks, and a path full of love and blessings.


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