When they call EVIL Good and GOOD Evil!

I can't believe the actions off these lunatics on the news dancing and cheering over the death of osama Ben laden, first of all he has been dead for almost ten years, they had him on ice waiting until a political period of time when it would be profitable to release his death, people are so dumbed down they don't do any research for themselves, the news is lying to the public and ppl are just going with the flow, meanwhile the us govt just committed murder killing gaddafi three grandchildren and youngest son, where is the justice in killing innocent civilians and children? This crooked govt befriend you then kills your children and steals your resources. The sad part is they have been doing it for hundreds of years first with Africans then Indians then each other then the Japanese then the Vietnamese then the Koreans then the Arabs now they're getting ready to come after us. I'f anyone thinks this tyrannical govt will not turn and devour its own citizens I say shame on you. Blindness and ignorance will not exempt you from the concentrations camps and forced immunizations, and no amount of positive thinking is going to stop the NWO agenda because we are divided against one another arguing over opinions while ignoring the facts. I'm crying inside because I speak a language ppl don't speak anymore. Truth is a foreign language in a false society. So when our govt kills civilians its ok its good, but when we are attacked its evil. We are not allowed to protest that's evil but when libyans protest its good!, Egyptians protesting its good. We protest against our govt we are homeland terrorist. Wake up Speak up Think up.T
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  • At little star dust 777, very well spoken I feel your energy and it resonates on the same frequency as mine, I share your thoughts about the two world orders emerging and you are also on point when you mention all the disinformation, if you can you should check out my YouTube channel and watch some of the vids in my favorites and also I put together a playlist that might clarify the alien issue and also fill some of those blank spaces you wee telling me about. I'm excited to share this info with you so pls let me know what you think. Ps I also sent you a friend request and I will try to find ya on Facebook so we can share some wisdom.
  • I agree mando its just today I'm pissed at the mainstream media for lying to the public when most of the zombies out there rely on the media for the information. The good in this is that in their futile efforts to dumb us down with lies and disinformation they're accelerating the awakening of the masses that have enough sense to question there lies which will spur some to ark the truth for themselves, now that's positive.
  • I agree and thanks for commenting on this blog pls share it with your friends and encourage them to comment I believe like minded people must begin to come together and create a network where truth can be communicated freely and unabated. I'm with you about the mountains or Africa I'm thinking south may be safest what say you?
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