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When someone hurts you bad can you ever love them again?

I probably shouldn't answer the question with a question, but yes. You can love them again. Not in romantic terms because that is different depending on the situation, but if you try to understand you will reach a place of love. Love can't exist if there are terms and conditions placed upon it especially if they are selfish and serve no higher purpose. I've been burned emotional by family members before and it really took quite a few tries. It took a while for me to let go. The pain can form almost a solid block in your spirit if you don't let it go, let it out. The outburst doesn't have to appear rational or anything. I know that when I went through stuff I needed to let myself feel what I was feeling. I had to be vocal and didn't try to dress it down when obviously it hurt. Then I went through the sobering phase where I just felt sad and heavy. I would spend most of the time dragging my feet around and wondering if I'll come out on the other side. Then I would fall into apathy, but eventually I cleared up the emotions. The thing is that people will never be who we want them to be. I say this because it needs to be said since everyone knows it. However, it's hard because if you are coming from an ego base side of yourself you will tend to see yourself as being entitled to all these things. As if others should bend to your will. When you learn to resolve old energies within your relationships you will resolve trying to control other people based on your selfishness. You will learn to move forward with them with a true understanding to live and let live. When we work things out it usually is quite troubling. The emotional violence associated with very strong and very old ties with the people in our lives can leave us in a whirl wind. If you just get through it you will see that the change and emergence of a newer you can be a blessing in disguise. It will just feel as if you can let go of the situation and other future situations more easily. What emotional upheavals are doing is preparing you for a higher you. I learned in the end of the process that though my family members hurt me really bad, I was coming from a place of non-understanding and ego. I mean I wasn't selfish, but my intentions for them were quite selfish at times. They were my family and in order to move on I needed to learn encompassing love. Love encompasses all the good and bad. It doesn't mean to love stupidly or without common sense, but unconditional love really can blossom if you want it to. When you reach that place. You don't care anymore whether who was right or wrong. You won't care anymore if you are in control or if they are being what you want. You will be at peace even when their actions may not be ideal, you let them go. It's all a matter of trusting in yourself that love will be possible again and will come again once you make it through. If you brave the storm even when something really has you shaken then you will emerge with a love that isn't so one dimensional or linked to how it is in this reality. Letting go of something doesn't mean you don't want to understand it's because you know that you let it pass. Each time you let go of these things you are one step closer to  the Source.

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Comment by Nissi on October 30, 2011 at 8:17pm
Yes <3


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