Whats wrong with the "EGO"

My veiws on "EGO" have changed a bit these last few months, i mean to say my definition for it anyways....So used to referencing the ego in terms of one being vain and egotistical to one who is not, i've always refered to myself as the latter but David just reminded me that i'm as prone to feeding the ego as anyone else, second person that i can remember to have ever said something like that to me...but i digress...I suppose my current debate i'm having with myself is whats wrong with the ego, seems we are supposed to have a collection of ego's at are disposal to use in whatever task we are preparing for.....not to mention the fun we are capable of having considering the collection of a multitude of memories we have from who knows how many ego's we've created on this journey...if one could just learn to tap into that bank now, lord have mercy...we all have character traits that are individual to our ego, obviously, and i believe that makes us special......i don't really know why i belive this, maybe its my freakin ego, but i tell you people if i can be happy and loving while living through my ego then damn it i'm a feed my ego because it is one part of "ME"
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  • huh no shit.....amateur....lover of......makes sense.....suppose i should read up on Freud
  • hmmm f****** A brother
  • Yay have fun with your ego. I have made many friends through my ego who share the same lunacy. Yes it is something we can learn to love and replace it with the true divine self in the fullness of ascension.


  • thats a beautiful concept "whatever u feel is right for you it must be" a bit utopianistic, still battle it, still got alot of the old me to shed off..........
  • You guys are beautiful
  • ~ it is one part of "ME"~ we ARE our question & our answer... ;0)
  • nothing wrong with the ego. tis just a tool. use it when you need it, put it away, when ya don't. the ego is neither negative or positive. it's like a glue that holds the beloved model together. questioning this: the purpose of the ego, leads/redirects one back to that timeless paradox: the duality. the self?! it is simply, your spirit, encapsulated in it's body~shell, moving through time/experience/perception. without the ego, there'd be no sensuality. withut sensuality, there'd be no humanity.. it's just a ride.. & ego is our safety~belt. make friends with him. :0) ya? whoever said "ego" is the enemy?! the culprit?! ego is just a part of the child who we all are... playing it's role.. we are the stage.. & director.. &..? ~:0) ~ hallelujah!~
  • I think i'm gonna link it brother that was great
  • Are thoughts the source of ego?
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