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What Is This UNICEF Commercial Really Trying To Tell Us? (universal acceptance and love for ALL)

UNICEF is an international program under the United Nations that “provides long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries.”

Their chapter in Chile recently put out a video on their Facebook page, which they cryptically titled “To meet someone different is a great opportunity to live valuable experiences. Let’s say yes to integration!” While the message of the video is important (universal acceptance and love for ALL), we can’t help but wonder what they may really be trying to tell us?

Each post on their Facebook page linking to the video contains similar captions such as:

“Soon, a true story in UNICEF. CL”

“Do not miss the opportunity to accept someone else let us say yes to integration!”

“We do not lose the opportunity of enrichment with the culture of others. Let us say yes to inclusion!”

“Meet someone different is a great opportunity to live experiences valuable. Let us say yes to integration!”

Thanks to Collective Evolution

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Comment by UniverseMother3 on August 17, 2015 at 8:51am

Since i joined 5 or more different spiritual group facebook, 1,000-18,000 members. people have been posting the this information on commercial non stop on week. i going to say this BEN ARION, and FOLKS> It is reality, most of us are ET and we are, When we have mixed I DNA with them. Love in many ET is unlimited, SO a child become a hybrid, advance star child.......ET have been mating female past generation. Remember the bible, When the angel come from star, mate with female, Created giants......... Their is child in this world are born , star ability at advance............ Hybrid just mean, half human , half Mixed. More as half human, have ET . We don't know if a child is creative by govt, or by natural When ET male or female mate with human race , in back ground. why it happen, Evlution,

ET always say, you can love ET BEING if you wanted to, You don't have to stick to human. Sometime your twinflame or soul mate is higher being. When we have those children from advance being, We created evlution to are race and their race, joining different dimension, to higher vibration, but to save our future naturally. We can live longer, these children, no different from human, we should live in harmony. If you do you research , read stories of contactee have ET children, they children stay on their home planet. reality , some children stay on mother earth. people have freak out seeing them, No need to hide these children they must blend into society, but society want to experiment on them, they did not see why New human race, will benefit mother earth, we are bring together are space family.

.....................Hmmmmmm i dont respond to this video, seeing all week on facebook. Nothing to freak out , when it is reality, It will happen more in the future, more people blend their new race of human, and we need to get along............ we dont had to be a human, we call love many.......Like they say, there is no limited to love, when their is big star system........... Not all true mate on mother earth,,,,,, Only selective people on mother earth mate with a higher being, create a new race. to help the human advancement............

Those who are selective, fall in love with these high beings, they become their mate, at higher level. take love to create a new race, sometime new race is created by the govt. the govt try to blend these children in public hidden, people dont know they are half ET and human, if they are created by experiment.... what the govt do, is not out of love, reforce. >two different type of creating a new race of beings.

I see why it is important........ awareness, the children are here, but hidden, those don't go on their planet, we need to accept them. not experiment on them......... no more of them hiding, live in harmony with out fear of govt experiment them.

Once in life time a perent  rare to have unique kid, natural without blending with ET beings,, their some children hidden, born with rare ability, some can see at night and other have unique skills.... any things is possible.......  You are welcome for response.

I do support new race of human, time to blend love with many, no limited, bring are space family down. show them, their children is no different from us, we can get along in harmony............Love is possibility , of growing, evolution are spiritual growth to the highest. Their children can be with our children learning together, we dont matter if they are new race of human, but if they from the star, they can live in harmony with us too. Time for govt to stop, aloud this to happen. Instead of contol us . when we are free from govt, more blending with society will happen, in peace..........That what we  are doing past century intergate Et and new race of human. Used to be blue beings of children, now no more blue skins on the surface,  but hidden. Dark society screw everything, we slowly secretly bring them in, they will not know.. why fear govt? all life is free on this planet.

>>>>>>>>>>Evolution must happen,,,,,,,,Blessing of universe.....this is reality.

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