What is Ascendance? Channeler: Thoth


What is Ascendance?

Hello beautiful readers,
I have called you here to discuss a very... Vague topic, that may have been presented to you in many different ways.
So let us talk, what is ascendance?
Some of you have been lead to believe,
Ascendance is a reality that exists in,
Some different world,
At some,
Higher frequency,
That you must be..
Haha teleported to, in some, very mystical way - well, it, may not be exactly as you have imagined, in fact, it may be a lot less complicated than you thought, but still, ever such a spectacular event.

So ok, let us begin by talking about frequency, and later, we will talk about, how do I get there?
Let's begin with this question, for a better feel of exactly where our destination is.
Where exactly, or, what exactly, is this higher frequency?
*Bear will me here.
So let us take frequency and apply it to something physically understandable, a wave form.
Now wave forms, vibrate at different frequencies,
And the human body is designed,
So specific organs can translate specific frequencies into senses,
Which results in the basic hearing, vision, smell, taste, and touch,
These organs,
Eyes, ears, skin, mouth, are picking up different variations of wave forms, frequencies, or vibrations, and translating them in away that allows you to perceive your surroundings via senses.
Now let's take this a step further,
Into a more abstract realm,
A higher frequency, if you will,
Let's talk about the frequency of thought, feeling, and perception,
Now this is where it gets interesting,
Because these are the frequencies of 'ascendance.'
Now currently, your mind/heart is a frequency which is perceiving your reality a specific way,
This is the dimension you are 'attuned' to,
Now if you wanted stronger vision,
You would have to attune your eyes to higher frequencies,
Such as those who see auras,
Have eyes attuned to higher frequencies,
But if you want to experience an entire realm of higher awareness,
Or, ascendance,
You must attune your awareness.
Now you may ask me,
Well if I attune my awareness to higher realms, how am I physically experiencing them? Am I not then, only just perceiving, not really being?

Haha, this is an excellent question, and I will try to make it simple, so I will be very direct, and you will need to have an open mind and sort of, walk with me for a moment. Now you do not need to accept these things, but meditate on it yourself, and try to apply your own understanding.
So to put things bluntly, and very directly, you are your awareness,
Your awareness is that which is existing/experiencing which ever reality you are tuned into,
Your awareness is, the essence of your existence,
It is, the structure of your physical reality, the template, for your senses to work from, if you will.

"As above, so bellow."
"As within, so without."

From your awareness, you are translating your environment,
This is why, some will taste some things,
And it will taste good,
And to others,
This is from the variation of awareness that which taste is being filtered,
So in a sense,
You are experiences different dimensions,
And you are,
You are experiencing the realm of your own perception,
And they,
The realm of their own.
And yes, we can interact with those of higher frequencies,
Or of lower, or of, very slightly altered frequency and realms,
And of other dimensions, rather constantly in day to day living,
But how you experience them,
And what dimensional existence you are participating in,
Will depend on your own frequency of awareness,
Like, tuning yourself to another radio station.
So, to wrap it up, Your awareness is formulating your physical reality.
It is, physically manifesting specific things in your reality as well.
Or at least, presenting existing energies in certain ways,
Transmuting them, if you will, in a way that aligns with your awareness, or, in other terms, your dimension.

So, When you raise your awareness,
You are raising your entire self-experience-
Your entire dimension, if I may,
Now I am calling it this, 'self-experience' because the reality you experience is always going to be a manifestation of yourself, your perspective, or awareness, is always going to be reflected by your environment,
And whatever you are experiencing now, that is what you are tuned into, that is, to say bluntly, what you are.
This may be a difficult concept for you to grasp at this time, but, bare with me,

So, Take me, for example,
For however you perceive me, is going to be your experience of me. And dare I say, if you are ready for this, experience of yourself-which, at this time, you may disregard that comment if it does not currently align with your understanding.
So now, if you are experiencing me from a perspective of, wow, this guy really is a nut, haha, well then, that is the dimension you are attuned to, a dimension where things such as myself are outside your 'limits' of what reality may, and may not be. So to ascend, you are, expanding those limits, and allowing reality to become, unlimited, allowing you to become, more aware, and opening yourself to frequency levels above where you could previously reach.

Now we will travel even further, haha assuming I have not frightened you away, or completely confused you already, I will give you somewhat of, a guiding hand to the entrance of these realities, if you will, as we try to answer the question,
"How do I get there?" Or, "How do I ascend?"
So we have discussed where the frequencies of ascendance reside, and that to get there, you have to attune your awareness to reach it.
Now, you are naturally ascending,
As life itself, is a natural ascension process,
As you are living,
You are discarding undesirable frequencies,
Such as you call sometimes, ego,
And you are adopting higher frequencies,
Such as, you may know of, Oneness, or, "we are one."
So if I am, going to give you any kind of guidance here,
To achieving your ultimate transcendence,
Actively be discarding perceptions that are 'lower frequencies' (selfishness, hate, anger, fear, control)
And actively be adopting perceptions that are 'higher frequencies' (selflessness, love, kindness, honesty, going with the flow)
As you are doing this,
You are releasing that which is, 'weighing you down' and 'binding' you to the lower versions of reality,
And you are climbing upwards, towards higher frequencies as you are reaching towards what 'lifts your spirits'.
Now, ascendance as a whole is a group effort, and we all are evolving at our own pace, some are clinging for dear life to the lower dimensions, and some of us are actively shaking off our chains and rising upwards. Don't be held back by others, but do offer your hand. Do not be forceful, but be gentle.
Do the best you can, and help others how you can, just, stay respectful and, don't rush things, this process is unfolding naturally so, also try to enjoy your transition during this wonderful time, as you are a sprout coming up from the ground, and preparing to blossom, into the most beautiful, and fragrant flower.

Now, please alert me if you need further description of anything talked about here, or if you see any corrections you feel need to be addressed.

Eternal blessings,
And peace upon you all,
Looking towards a vibrant horizon.


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