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  • I'd agree! hahaha :) I hope he took your advice. Cheers to the daughter and to the wise traveller who helped her dad see things differently :)
  • I jumped into a cab a number of years ago.

    Exchanged pleasantries with the driver, who was polish. 

    And as it turned out, he had a problem.

    His 14 y.o daughter wanted to leave school and do photography, And they were arguing over this.

    14 is a bout 2 years before you get your first school certificate.

    I told him "fantastic".

    He looked surprised at my response and questioned it. Telling me that the school certificate was vital and that she needed it anyway if she wanted to study photography.

    I pointed out to him that she is luckier than all of us. She knows what she knows what she wants to do. She;s discovered her passion.

    If you make her do another 2 years of school she'll fail and then blame you for it.

    If you let her go do photography she can g back to college later and do her school and higher school certificate. And she'll blitz it because she is doing photography. Not a meaningless test.

    I believe his daughter still owes me a beer. :)



  • You know how bad I AM with jokes...

  • Your words are true, and they are really beautiful.

    Thank you Peter :)


    (More please! ..just joking...)



  • When I grow up I want to buy a fire engine....


  • How does a 7 y.o child know what they want to do when they grow.

    I want to be a fireman.

    I want to be a policeman.

    I want to work with computers.

    They don't know any better.

    But if you ask them,

    What do you want when you grow up,

    I want to play.....



  • It just makes sense to me.

    When you ask the question, what do you want to do, it puts  loading on the want. We immediately think of work because of conditioning. Like the Alan said. 

    The point of the matter is we are human beings. not doings. And we can be and have anything we desire. How we achieve that is through what we do.

    When you focus on the do, we begin to preclude the possibility of meeting someone that will facilitate that which you want. There is someone out there, somewhere right now that has the means to offer you what you want. In exchange for a piece of the magnificence of who you be. 

     and it is here that the essence of co creation lay. By focusing your attention on discovering who you are. That is whet you do. Make that your priority. 

     and everything else will fall into place around that. 

    It's a beautiful system. 

    If you have the faith and patience to work it no matter what.

    And that is what makes it fair. Any one of us. Under any circumstances can do it. 

    Regardless of how hopeless a situation seems, 

    If you focus on you with conviction, you scan have anything you desire.



  • wow Peter, that's fantastic :-)))))) <3 <3 <3  


  • dreamer.jpg

  • Wonderful.

    So eloquent.

    I think the question we need to ask is  "what do you want"?

    Don't put a restriction on the want.

    Have the outcome, the dream in mind. That which makes your heart flutter with excitement and longing every time you think about. 

    Want it so bad that it hurts.

    And then trust the universe will show you what to do to achieve it.



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