What A Onederful World-

   Kicking and screaming, the world is experiencing a transition as it discovers one man can make a difference, even if it was his death that became the catalyst for this paradigm shift. History is full of such shifts with each beginning through a small, almost insignificant act that at any other time may have amounted to nothing. CHP Officers, Tim and Melanie Singer, married and on patrol saw a speeding car driven by Rodney King and tried to pull him over. Instead, a chase ensued and the resulting damage topped a billion dollars. A spotlight was shown on racial division in 1991 which brought an increased focus on the problem but the protests taking place in cities and countries across the globe recently have brought that division into the spotlight. Like the coronavirus possibly starting from a typical shopping day in Wuhan China, the Spanish Flu began during World War One with workers at a farm in Kansas enlisting in the local recruitment center and became the possible vector of the transmission globally. The lessons from a hundred years ago have helped the planet be more prepared for this latest outbreak yet the same patterns of behavior that brought a second wave exist in society. Then, as now, the world went through a period of substantial adjustment until life could return to normal. Sometimes just being grateful to escape a fate that struck down so many others would make one appreciate life with even more gusto as seen from the examples of the desire to return to the way things were regardless of the consequences. Those in the future reading this will know whether a second wave hit us also due to those actions. As of this posting, the end of the first wave still seems a long way off while society goes through the growing pains of the social upheaval left in its wake. I am thankful the decisions I made in my life have let me live long enough to experience such a momentous time in history. The aftermath of what we are witnessing will determine how we come through this as one united race facing a global threat or whatever alternative will take its place.
   As we watch in real-time, symbols of our divisiveness are falling and along with them a belief in a separate but equal philosophy. It was inevitable that the unrest being seen was going to shake up culture to a point where individuals have to decide on what side they fall when it comes to equality. As more of society decides that the past needs to be left there, it’s becoming a common belief that we’re all in it for the long haul as one. The current pandemic is serving as another catalyst for the change taking place that says wealth and privilege matter little when something can affect both money and health. There is both good news and bad news in how all of this plays out in that we can predict with 100% certainty that the world will be transformed into a veritable paradise where everyone you know is speaking telepathically, all of our climate issues have been resolved by systems where energy is generated by fusion and all pollution has been eliminated. The world lives in peace and is in contact with higher dimensional beings who would help us become a colonizer of planets. We can also predict with 100% certainty that the status quo will be maintained and climate change accelerates until all hell has fell. There are also going to be parallel worlds where everything between and beyond those scenarios will happen and the events that take place will be the events that all the people in those realities have as their lessons to learn or not as the future plays out. Our reality is our own and our lessons though it doesn’t mean it is only our lessons we have to draw from in our quest for ascension. Through channeling sessions, we can hear about other planets and what the end result will be when those lessons lead to a life on a new dimension.
   What we have learned from the channeling sessions with members of Ashtar Command is that there are many more third dimensional planets than this one and from the two we know the histories of, both are similar to our race’s history with wars, greed and the repeated lessons on how neither conflict nor vast wealth achieves lasting peace and happiness. With Sirius it was wars to overcome greed and with Durondedunn it was wars over the color of one’s hair. Sirius managed to ascend while Durondedunn is still in the third dimension so it is Sirius we want to delve into their lifestyles as an example for our possible ascension path. It’s important to remember that for a planet slightly smaller than our world, the population of Sirius is comparable to that of Mexico City, about twenty million individuals in total. That allows for a lot of spreading out which is what happens. With a single president and a Council that is representative of the people, politics is far more simplified. Planetary resources are shared among all, automation handles the most menial of tasks and travel to any point on the planet is handled by gravimetric transportation. Basic necessities, education, housing, and trips off-planet are all free. All the above would be our reality as well if that was our set of lessons to learn from but that is obviously not the case. Not the case also is that Sirian society is telepathic and for the most part all of its individuals have one or more physic skills that are available for use should they be needed. Their own ascension path focuses on service to others and that carries through from the helping of a shopkeeper in exchange for goods all the way to helping our planet achieve their level of development. Now our personal ascension may not be a planetary one and we could only here over a few lives for the unique lessons found in this reality so let us look at what all that entails.
   So, assume the goal is ascension and you’re on your own reaching that goal. That is rarely the case but we’re using it for this analogy. To begin with, be truthful to yourself in everything. If there are faults you find in yourself, understand they are not faults but instead part of the path. Observe everything with an eye to the bigger picture. The lessons of the human race are writ large in the socioeconomic waves of change taking place. With each confederate flag removed, with each “Karen” meme and its repercussions, with each statue pulled down and every hateful tweet, society has turned its back on the past and made a conscious decision in greater numbers that it’s time to more on morally. That it corresponds with a pandemic instigating cultural change anyway gives the shift away from division momentum. The change in paradigms may have been at a glacial pace previously but, like the real glaciers melting at a faster rate due to climate fluctuations, so are the attitudes that include prejudice. Next, learn meditation if it isn’t something already practiced. It can start with mental shielding that you surround yourself within to establish a safe zone that is conducive to meditation. Add a mirror finish reflecting out so you can insulate yourself from the outside world. Find a mediation technique that achieves the desired result to maintain calmness when not in meditation. Most important of all is patience. Patience with the process, patience with finding the right teacher or belief system, patience with society and know that the more negativity seen in the world will bring with it an equal if not greater amount of positivity sought by the masses tired of the past. It’s easy to see the way forward and harder not to want to rush things along. The global family is having those growing pains mentioned and its teenage years may be a bit hectic but adulthood should hopefully bring along a onederful world.
With love, light, and wisdom as one.
Russ and Karra
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