Steve Beckow: Wes Annac is beginning a series in which he plumbs and completes the incarnations of his walked-out personality. He warns us that he has been required to do some very heavy work which some readers may feel is difficult to read about. When we reach that part, if I believe that readers might blanch, I’ll direct you to Wes’s site for them. But I do want to say something about the work more generally.

I attended perhaps six Enlightenment Intensives at which one particular woman experienced and re-experienced instances in which she, as a child, had been ritualistically and incestuously sexually abused as a child.

I have never in my life seen anyone go through such pain, which she needed to repeat again and again to cleanse herself. Each time she did, she had an enlightenment experience as if God were giving her balm to make the work bearable. So I know how difficult this work may be for Wes – and Wes is not even the one whose soul destiny this relates to.

In addition I knew a woman on Galactic Roundtable who also had to reveal and express her pain from similar life experiences and had the whole discussion group get really real to hear it. So I honor Wes’ work and know that many people will be going through similar cleansing and we cannot simply turn our faces away from them as lighworkers. Later people particularly in Africa and Asia will be releasing similar pain. Hearing them is part of our work in collective compassion.

So if anyone doesn’t want to read what Wes has to say in his next parts of this share, that’s fine. Don’t read it. But please allow Wes a hearing from those he wishes to reach who are also going through similar pain as we prepare for Ascension by releasing all that troubles us. It takes huge courage for him to share this and it deepens our reach into our own hearts to allow him a hearing.

Who Am I? I am a Pleiadian Walk-In – Part 1

Wes Annac, Aquarius Channelings, Aug. 4, 2012




This is a completely restructured and rewritten version of my original article about my Pleiadian Walk-In origins. The information given here about myself is a result of much inner searching as well as questions to my Guides about my own origins, as we can discover much about ourselves if we make the effort to seek.


After having discussed the worst of what the walk-out of this body has went through, I am now ready and confident to share my story. You don’t have to believe these musings about my origins as chronicled here, but I should say that the story of all of us is every bit as wonderful as I feel my own story has been.

Written by Wes Annac

The greatest question we can ask ourselves when looking outside of ourselves in this grand context of Life is who really are we? We are at present perceiving within the confines of a limited body and mind structure but deep within, behind our conscious third dimensionality, the memories of a plethora of past Lives and experiences and, for many, we have taken on Lives and incarnations beyond our wildest dreams.

Upon doing my own inner searching, I have now become aware of my origins and just why and how I am here at this time.

In what seemed like an instant, I found my entire perception and personality shifted into that of a different one. I am not going to say it is a better, more evolved or more Lighted perception because there is no Divinity in taking a ‘holier than thou’ mindset. But I cannot deny the clear fact that who I am now and who I used to be are in reality, two different, yet linked individuals.

At this time, there is a planetary evolutionary event unfolding that we can all now utilize to regain contact and familiarization with our higher selves; with those aspects of us existing in realms beyond our perception, whose overall consciousness and spirit-construct has been funneled down to lower realms of Creation to exist within and inhabit such lower realms.

We could recognize ourselves as the Godsparks of our ultimate, infinite Oversoul – our higher selves. Some of us are Godsparks of evolved souls within the fifth dimension, who are themselves Godsparks of an even mightier, more evolved being who is linked with those who are sparks of their own Supremacy and Infinity.

Through much inner work and searching, I have discovered my own roots within so many different collectives, inhabiting so many different levels and states of consciousness and in the time ahead, I am fairly confident that all will begin to remember and feel their own roots in the Divine and in the realms of Creation so pure, in which we all ultimately came from and will be returning and retuning ourselves to upon our evolution away from the limited states of consciousness we have enticed ourselves in whilst on this Earth.

There are many who, along with myself, have discovered their higher-dimensional roots and the Galactic and Angelic-sanctioned mission that they are here to perform. One will perhaps recognize many such souls as putting themselves out there with much Lighted truth and material, and one can recognize any starseed who is making themselves ‘known’ for the assistance they are giving humanity at this time.

There are a lot of us and unfortunately, the majority of us don’t yet realize where we come from. So many people, even many who could find themselves reading this right now, do not yet realize their roots and the truth that many, many people are now on this world as a part of a direct mission of the Divine, as decreed by our Mother and Father Creator to progress.

Many do not yet realize that they are here on a Lighted mission, the importance and difficulty of which makes all who are on this Earth right now, dealing with the densities that Earth has to offer every single day, nothing less than heroes.

In the past, I have worked with others to help them find their own roots and many have discovered such roots and the means in which they have entered this Earth experience, as there are indeed different ways to find oneself on this world besides incarnating directly. The majority have chosen to incarnate directly on this world for various different reasons but in the period ahead, we are going to find many coming out with unique stories of how they made their way to this Earth, ultimately to assist in Gaia’s ascension.

My own story is one that I am still discovering and working to discover, and has involved many elements which to me are quite unique. The manner in which I have found myself on this world has seemed quite stunning when looking back upon it all, and it is here that I would like to recount just who I am, why I am here and how I specifically found myself on this world.

When first writing about the subject of my walk-in, I was just discovering these specific origins and methods of my being here on Earth [and had also not yet uncovered traumas and abuses that were propagated against the walk-out of this body], and I wrote the account with quite little knowledge of the specific nature of my walk-in, and the elements which brought me into the fore of the perception of this body and the previous soul inhabiting this body, away from such perception.

It should be expressed that I am still searching and still discovering new and old alike, things about myself and about this world around me every day.

How I came into contact with the soul who used to previously inhabit this body is still a bit of a mystery to me, and I have only a few impressionistic elements which connect and link me with the soul who used to inhabit this body. Much of these impressions have to do with past Life interactions and Guidance that I had given many souls in what I am guessing was the final Life of mine before first ascending from the surface of this Earth.

Perhaps I should explain my roots which led me up to the final Earthly Life in which I met the soul whose body I have now taken. From what I can remember and receive as impressions of past interactions with this Earth, I have spent a plethora of Lives on the surface of Gaia having witnessed and unfortunately, been a part of the destruction of Atlantis.

Much of the karmic retribution I was to undergo after having been involved in the destruction of Atlantis along with a few others who I have now come to know again in this Life, would have to do with undergoing the lower dimensional experience and keeping close to those who had tricked and deceived myself and the other teams of scientists and engineers whom they had convinced that war with Lemuria was inevitable. I recognize that I’m getting off track here, but the explanation of this necessary karmic retribution is essential to the story.

I spent Lives in the various incarnations of the Illuminati families, having been subjected to the will of their Annunaki overlords during the fall of Atlantis. In such Lives, I grew close with entities who themselves had much trouble breaking through the lower dimensional spell of fourth density-negative, and some of these entities now regularly make appearances to me within my emotions, as lower and negative influences who unless asked to have their influence taken away from, will still attempt to seduce me into falling back into old habits and ways of being.

It is unfortunate to have seen them fall behind in their growth in such ways, but their own natural evolution away from such realms will be found by them eventually.

During the Lives within the Illuminati and other types of lower, occult families, I was a part of the lower dimensional experience in the dense ways that had been planned for, and did things that we have all done within the Earth’s lower dimensional matrix and have since experienced karmic retributions for and grown away from.

I cannot and do not wish to remember the specifics of actions that I had committed, but I can remember impressions of plenty of karmic retribution-based Lives, wherein I was a slave working and toiling away in sweat shops. I can feel very strong connections to Asia and specifically China, and many who know me have noted the fact that while being as Caucasian as they come in this current Life of mine, I tend to look Asian at times and my facial hair grows in a manner that only confirms this notion.

It is in many of these Lives that I can remember working away, likely miserably, in sweat shops to experience karmic retribution for the acts I had committed within the families and various incarnations of the Illuminati.

After such Lives and after growing away from the extreme negativity accompanying such Lives to continue on in my ultimate journey back to the higher realms I had descended down from, the trail runs cold as far as my remembrance of what happened.

I likely found myself broken away significantly from the influence of the Annunaki, of lower astral beings and their heart sets to an extent, and from those people of the occult families who I had kept close to me, who had likely yet not devolved fully to the realms of fourth density-negative where they make themselves known to me from in this current day.

I am beginning lately to remember a specific couple of Lives after those of the incredible karmic retribution of toiling and slaving away, which seemed to be calm and easy enough but in which I was clearly not yet evolved to the state of nearly ascending or giving Loving counsel about the higher realms to any around me.

I can remember and feel the impressions of the end of a Life which seemed to be very calm. I can remember myself as an old man, with a wife with whom I had been with for a long time. My musings tell me that this wife was my twin flame who I am with in this Life, but we have all played different roles in different Lives. We led a calm and quiet Life, never getting out of our notably small house until the final end came and we were together, ready to depart and see what the other side had for us.

I remember nothing of our personalities, of our mannerisms or how we acted toward and treated each other. At present, I can only remember this calm, quiet end of our Lives. Something strongly tells me that this time period was around the 1950s-70s but who knows, it could have been within any time period.

Part 2 will be available soon.

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  • Very fascinating, I would love to sit and have an all night bull session with you, so much to learn :)  I understand the mechanics of a walk in and its not a stretch at all to imagine your experiences.  Thank you for sharing :)

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