We Don't really Know Anything, Do we?!

So.. Still waiting for someone from above to come down and save you from the mess we alone collectivelly created?
While you're trying to free yourself from the current corrupted governments, you're unknowingly giving away your power & sovereignity to another, bigger, wider, "galactic" government..
You know, that only indicates that you're not ready.. Not ready to take respons-ability for yourself, the experience and your actions...
While exiting this particular mind-box, be careful.. You could suddenly find yourself within another, bigger mind-box ;)
By allowing someone else to resolve your own mess, you're giving "them" the power to controll you.. Think about it!!! ;)
Do you want to be controlled further or do you wanna be free?!
Be careful what you wish for & choose wisely ;)
YOU already are ALL & Everything(beneith the mask of humanity); You DON'T need anything from outside of YOUrSELF to BEcome that wich you already are & always were ♥
This mask, 3D sorroundings & human condition is just an illusion, a projection of the limited mind; A distraction away from your path of re-membering the whole wich you are...
Learn to put aside the projection and focus yourself on that wich you truly are - The HEART, wich exist beyond the illusion of extreem pollarity...
To re-turn HOME, you don't need to go anywhere physically.. You only need to start living from the heart ♥
The HEART is a physical manifestation of the "divine spark" within every individual - The mirror image of The Creator ♥
YOU are the creator & you are the created; You are the particle and you are the wave.. WAKE UP children of the Sun & Earth; Rise & Shine ♥ Your kingdom within the HEART awaits for your arrival ♥

We don't really know anything, do we?! - Youtube link

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"Geologist have their eye on Yellow Stone again but haven't seen the bison,deer running out of that area yet . Geologist already know that there are several volcanoes there and don't got the earthquake."
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"ACC 10 years ago: Nothing ever happens!

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She is a beautiful gifted singer and wonderful to hear her singing One of the best version by her @ https://youtu.be/iPHWR9-Y47YWatch this beautiful lady tune up church vibes and sings what's appropriate..and suits the church…
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"Jack Posobiec on the Twitter Files:

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"Well if the Gaints are waking up it sure comes under Ascension And Awakening"
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The Suppressed History Of Gaints And Their Reemergence Into The Public Arena ...Highly Recommended..No Joking  Well the GAINTS are waking up Watch @ https://youtu.be/nTcpDyC54BM
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