We are All One..

8108735279?profile=originalLove it's the Only Keyyy,and that cant we only doing ..

With love your self and give Love to the people,Animals,Trees,The nature

Our Pachama.,

It's time to open your eye's and see what's happening around you,.

and dont be afraid,..just staying believe your self and follow your heart and soullll


My message to my transformation that I now sit,.keep yourself even if you have not many friends or people around you who can understand or open to the magical things you can see and feel. you get the singnes on your path. even if you do not always understand or you can not post,. keep thinking about it or not look back too much because then you get inside that is not necessary, and believe me, on the one day come to your far .. the only thing keeping yourself in Ballan, and negative energies away from your to keep.'s not always easy but if you consciously Save on am.'ll see a lot more ..You just need to open,. .. and believeable to finish things off and leave. the emptiness that you start to feel weird going meschien, but that's your ego that you put aside your other so I get to know new things .. and create your fantasy dare to go in drawing, painting, music etc. .. as long as it in many different colors loins,. Universium because it contains everything that we want to see .. think .. do.only the courage to accept that our fantasy <: dreaming what we feel and see. already time for us to prepare against the spiral is closed, the white light will give your characters and the closer they come to your,. to let you see and feel that you are not alone, and one heart to follow ..

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"What these dreamers forget is that the brain too ages, and this is the main driver of aging. But you cannot transplant the brains without transferring the consciousness, unless the latter is due to 'the soul', and then we are back to square one. Why…"
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"Hi! Your on the right track when you connect human cloning with immortality and since you've asked this question.I will answer it by recommending that people who read my reply should watch the movie,"The Island,"That revolves around the very same…"
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"The explanation that the earth is supported by giant elephants, who in turn stands on a huge tortoise, and that earthquakes are caused when the elephants shake, makes more sense than saying that the earthquake is caused by whether modifications!😆"
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