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Ron Paul and the Future

Remember folks that if in the very near future M. Romneys scandals catch up with him and he is ousted as a candidate as was posted on ACC end of last wk. Well Ron Paul could still run and become the next real president, Lets Pray it happens.!!!!

Lew Rockwell
Aug 27, 2012

One of the most thrilling memories of the 2012 campaign was the sight of those huge crowds who came out to see Ron. His competitors, meanwhile, couldn’t fill half a Starbucks. When I worked as Ron’s chief of staff in the late 1970s and early 1980s, I could only dream of such a day.

Now what was it that attracted all these people to Ron Paul? He didn’t offer his followers a spot on the federal gravy train. He didn’t pass some phony bill. In fact, he didn’t do any of the things we associate with politicians. What his supporters love about him has nothing to do with politics at all.

Ron is the anti-politician. He tells unfashionable truths, educates rather than flatters the public, and stands up for principle even when the whole world is arrayed against him.

Some people say, “I love Ron Paul, except for his foreign policy.” But that foreign policy reflects the best and most heroic part of who Ron Paul is. Peace is the linchpin of the Paulian program, not an extraneous or dispensable adjunct to it. He would never and could never abandon it.

Here was the issue Ron could have avoided had he cared only for personal advancement.

But he refused. No matter how many times he’s been urged to keep his mouth shut about war and empire, these have remained the centerpieces of his speeches and interviews.

Of course, Ron Paul deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. In a just world, he would also win the Medal of Freedom, and all the honors for which a man in his position is eligible.

But history is littered with forgotten politicians who earned piles of awards handed out by other politicians. What matters to Ron more than all the honors and ceremonies in the world is all of you, and your commitment to the immortal ideas he has championed all his life.

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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on August 30, 2012 at 11:53am

Here in Belize its the same problem and like USA they only have two party's and again there both corrupt. They gave the lot of us our citizenship so that we would vote for the party that was in power. I didn't vote but I had a good excuse with my bad hip, so nothing much was said. But it does seem that this is a disease that is spreading world wide. And I don't see anyway out except ''Revolution''. Its time for change, right mate, Ta.Adonai 

Comment by SuzieG on August 29, 2012 at 1:07pm

Well, I didn't vote at our last election cause one of them was a wanker! who is just cutting jobs, installing more parking machines for fines and now I find out our public transport is cutting staff which means the not so consistant buses wont be running as much and the other well I didn't even know what he was about.... So I get a letter in the mail a fine for not voting, fark off!!

So they want to fine me for not voting.... well now Im gonna have to come out with some laim excuse because we must vote but the s*** thats in isn't even worth voting for... I know alot of people dont get a right to vote but when you got a controlled situation I think its not even worth voting to get the message across. Anyway I have spoken to alot of people whos names havent been on the voting register where they have voted for years even the voting panels couldn't understand what was going on from heaps of complaints... so its rigged here too. Just thought I would share that too,Australia is not what it used to be, "free".




Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on August 29, 2012 at 11:54am

If not Ron Paul, then none of the above. I never voted but twice and that was against the Bushes. Both Hitlers son Sr. Bush and Jr Bush. Ron Paul is the only one I've seen to be honest in over 40 yrs. It would be a shame to let him go and retire. All the elections are fixed and all the candidates are puppets of the DC, except Paul. Adonai 

Comment by honestangel2012 on August 29, 2012 at 6:20am

I'm gona  Write in Ron Paul if he doesn't run for president. But we have to read our states constitution to find out how to make that vote count.  President Ron Paul for 2012  Yeh!

Comment by cornelius on August 28, 2012 at 1:52pm

I love Ron Paul because of his courage to say no federal reserve, no taxes, and no wars. Yet he just touched a little only, the criminal military complex, and criminal corporations. He didn't have the courage to speak oabout NESARA, disclosure, and love and "service to ohers" in the new era to come.. It seems that greed is still acceptable to him. I would like to write him, and to get some answers, but it seems that TV , media, and politicians have just one way of communication, they don't really listen to people. How about secrecy of votes? When I voted the last time I ask the "officials": How can I check that my vote was counted? They answered: No, you can't do that, the votes are secret.  So, doesn't matter who votes, but who counts the votes, so, all this election is just a theatral masqerade, an insult and a mockery. Unless it will be a right election system, the power will be still in the hands of cabal. With a lot of money they just create an atmosfere to blind the people, and in fact they decide who will be "elected". In communism was a little more simple; no matter what you voted, the candidate was almost unanimously elected. The people were forced to go to election, or facing persecution. But the farse of election in communism was so clear even to children, so this was one of the reasons of communism fall. But here in US, still many people are asleep about that, because of so many brainwashing technics and clever tricks of the cabal. I am so disgusted about this election noise. Wake up America!

Your brother in God, Cornelius.


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