Very Unexpected Meeting

Remember back when you were pregnant and you'd have to get up in the middle of the night to go pee pee?
Well, I got up. I didn't turn the light on because I didn't want to wake my husband. Well, I had finished my business and stood up to go back to bed. Right in front of me standing in the doorway was this little being about 4' tall.  It was years(?)Later, It reminded me of Star Trek...remember the "beam me up part"...and the gold consumes the person beaming them up?  That's what he looked like...he was "gold" but it was more like an image of him rather than the real though not all of him had materialized.  I thought I was dreaming. 
 I immediately turned around, turned on the water in the bathroom sink and splashed it on my face.  I lifted my arm up to grab the face towel so I wouldn't get water everywhere.  I turned around, AND HE/SHE WAS STILL STANDING THERE!!  I turned to the sink again! and splash MORE water on my face to wake me up!!!
Turned around again...there he (or she?) was!  Just standing there!
I remember saying, "NO! I'm not ready!" (ready for what?)....he/she left, I guess; and I went back to bed.  I didn't remember it until years later.

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  • Moanna, thank you so much for sharing that....IF (and I do say "if" you can remember any more details, please let us know.  I do understand if that is all you is a very strange thing to have happen.

  • Mirian.., 

    This may sound a bit vain and unspiritual....

    Flattery will get you everywhere...:)..


  • Peter! LOL...You ARE so funny!

  • I did an internship in the ICU of a major psychiatric hospital in Dallas.  I am not sure why this young lady wanted to talk to me.  She was admitted to the ICU because of her experiences with "them."  Ever since her experience, she was very intuitive and said she even  saw "colors around people."  She also heard ethereal music around specific people or places...and no one else heard it.  She said it was a "gift from them."

    The psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses had her diagnosed as "delusional".  What she described to me was exactly what we are talking about along with she ability to see the "aura" around people very clearly.  She knew if someone was sick, angry, sad even though their behavior said otherwise.

    I warned her that what I was going to tell her could not be shared with the doctors, counselors or psychiatric nurses because I would be forced to refer to her as  delusional to keep myself from being fired (or put in one of the ICU beds myself LOL

    Basically, I told her to listen to the doctors; involve herself in group counseling talking ONLY about her family situation.  I told her to take her meds as prescribed by the doctor.  Told her to go to counseling AFTER she got out of the hospital.  

    Then I shared with her that IF she had to go to work just like everyone else, she couldn't really be "the real her"...which was/is sad....I went into detail that IF she ever decided to ween herself off of the meds...she'd have to learn how "to combine both worlds" without it keeping her from functioning productively (working with others in a business environment, etc.).  That is VERY difficult to do since to work in a competitive environment, one almost has to put a shield up to keep from being emotionally beat up on in our society.  Whether they realize it or not, when people are spiritually sensitive to the other side, or our "friends"....they are different and people don't understand "why they are DIFFERENT" and they feel uncomfortable around them.  They are "misjudged" at times of being  weak vs. have a kind spirit or spiritual.

    IF I am not making myself clear, please let me know.

  • Gives a whole new meaning to strangers in the night..

  • Add to my statement about "leaving"...and No, I am not suicidal...just sad.

  • Moanna,  I wasn't "ready" until here lately...and I am not trying to sound flip.  Unless something Nationally Drastic and Heroic happens....I want to leave.  I fear what is ahead.

    I have 3 dogs that I dearly love.  They are my "fur babies."  IF I could take them with me....I'd leave tonight.

  • That happened to my ex too. He was asleep in a dark room with no light penetrating when he woke up face to face with a little man with light from somewhere unknown shining off his bald head. He shut his eyes and reopened them and he was still there. The next time he opened them, he was gone.

    So Miriam, are you ready now? :D

    Thanks for sharing your stories <3

  • Assia, how very interesting....IF you can remember anything more, I'd love to hear it.

    Like?..uh umm,  can you give any type of description about the physical body?  Or, was it too dark?

    That is so intriguing.

  • I was about 10 years old at the time so my brother was about 6 yrs old.  It was about 9:00 p.m. and we were getting read for
    bed....I don't remember why we did this.  All of our neighbors were out there also.  We all met in the middle of the street looking
    down towards the highway about a mile away.  No one said a word that I remember.  I don't know for sure how high it was....
    it was over the roof tops of the homes hovering.  
    It was HUGE and round; and flashing colored lights were circling.
    I don't know how long we were in the street.  I don't remember going into the house.
    The next day about 9:00 a.m., my little brother and I walked outside to play like we did everyday (softball in the street).
    All the kids on the block were just standing there. No one brought bats, gloves, etc.  We just looked at each other and walked
    back into our perspective homes.  
    I don't remember thinking about it for years UNTIL i went to a High School Reunion 2 years ago.  It was in a large restaurant  owned by
     one of my high school classmates.  IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MUSIC PLAYING,  I got up from my table and walked to the corner of
    the banquet hall.  Standing there were all of the kids I had grown up with on my block.  We just looked at each other....nodded...then went
    back to our perspective tables.  No one said a word.  What is strange, I didn't even think about it on the way home.  The memory of that specific night came back to me when I was talking to a friend who has also had an experience with them.
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