Dear Freedom Fighters,
Where can we find hope, encouragement and strength during these trying times?

I want to share a resource with you that has been a real God-sent for me, with incredible information that lifts my spirit and shows me how the war against global corruption is being won.

The book is called THE GREAT AWAKENING
by Dave Hayes. 

The World Is Waking Up!
This is what it’s all about: the GREAT AWAKENING that is happening all over our wonderful world, with it’s beautiful people.

In this unique - and I believe historic - book you learn about some of the basic evil forces at work in our world, and the powers that are fighting and conquering them. The Great Awakening explains the strategy to brainwash humanity through different mind control programs, that work through media and governments. 
The Rothschild Dynasty
Hayes shows some of the main players behind this. He gives a brief historical overview of the Rothschilds, how they rose to power during the 18th and 19th century. Their main strategy was to finance the wars of kings and queens, by lending money to them. This gave them more and more power over these nations.

Now they own 165 Central Banks all over the world, which basically allows them to control those nations, through the power of their wealth. The Rothshilds are perhaps the main puppeteers behind the scenes.

Their roots go way back to the ancient people from Canaan, who worshipped Baal and Moloch, where children were sacrificed for wealth and power. This practice has continued until today, only now it is hidden, behind the scenes, yet nevertheless horribly real and worldwide.

The practice of ritual abuse and sacrificing of children is the power source of the super rich in the world, who use this to get more power from the dark side. 
Now is the time it will be judged...
The Vatican Mafia
The Great Awakening also shows how deep the corruption is, in for example the Vatican, which is very much like the Mafia.

The Vatican has murdered millions, to get more power and wealth.

Not all bishops and cardinals in the Vatican are evil, but this wickedness has been operating at the highest levels of the Roman Catholic Church. I believe this will all be exposed massively…

What is powerful about The Great Awakening is that Dave Hayes has the ability to explain very complex realities in our world in an easy to understand way. Filled with historical data, yet crystal clear and good to read.

He shows how corruption has infiltrated every sphere of society on a global scale, as a preparation for the New World Order.

That’s bad news...
Hope on the Horizon
The good news he shows, is the great awakening. Basically this is a lifting of the veil of deception by the media, and people discovering how the world is really operating.

At first it is a horrible nightmare, to see how our entire world is embedded in international, all encompassing corruption. Once we understand this reality, we can discover the light, which is bright and powerful.

The Great Awakening is a resource of great hope, because it shows one of the answers to this crisis: in the US government there is a group of loyal, righteous men who have been preparing to take down this ‘Cabal’, ‘Deep State’, ‘Mafia’, etc. 
Late president John F. Kennedy started exposing the widespread corruption and vowed to take it down, but was murdered soon after. Then the freedom movement went underground, waiting for the right time to rise up. 
Now is that time! 
Citizen Journalists
A few years ago a group of top officials of the Military Intelligence - who never bowed down for power, greed and perverse lust - came forward under the codename Q.

For months I was wary of this, because I didn’t know how trustworthy Q is. I saw several arguments to debunk it, read severe accusations against Q, and I prayed for wisdom and keen discernment. Personally I have come to the conclusion that Q is a real, reliable force that is working to expose the global corruption.

THE GREAT AWAKENING shows you how Q is calling people to research reality, share truth and awaken the world.

They want to cause a mass awakening of the people. Once this has reached a certain level (which is close, I believe) more and more public actions will be taken. 
So basically Q is causing the Great Awakening as a preparation for mass arrests worldwide and a taking down of the age old corruption. 
David Sorensen is the author of and several other websites and books. He is married with Renate and has four children. His purpose is to help restore the world to its original purpose and build a better future for our beloved ones. 
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