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Dr. Angela Barnett
AKA Mary Magdalene

The following is a transcription of my Soul, Mary Magdalene speaking to me about using my music to turn into light.

My Soul, Mary Magdalene said,

"Imagine the colors. Imagine the music. Picture it coming through all of the dimensions and into you.

With that Music you can have the colors. You can have the feeling of God in all the space around you and picture the light that is part of God's Ever being because he is bright and ever illuminated. Because His Energy is so pure and Wonderful.

Every molecule of your body will come alive and scream out for joy.

As they are leaving they are crying out praise God and it is that they are so happy to be freed and let the Spirit go. Every molecule in your body will be a joy, a happiness.

My density is not light enough for it to keep going. If it were kept going I would go through the veil and out of this realm.

Your density is still too strong and  pulls you back.That is why you cannot completely go but keep doing it. Eventually it will happen.

If your Only Focus is nondensity that will set you free then there is not a need to focus. There is only need to expand into everywhere. There is just letting go. Do not try to focus. But to expand infinitely when you feel the etherel. When you feel the lighter density - Go with it and don't focus. 

Your music is multidimensional. It is like when an Angel is present. The sound of music comes to you when there is an Angel present and because it is interdimensional. You can hear the sounds from their dimensions come right through you to this one.

The music moves through dimensions so that everyone in the Universe can hear it.

You can turn into light through music if you choose.

You just must be steadfast and let yourself go into it. That is the heardest part.

Many people do not have the right mind set for it. It has to be an empty feeling. You must evaporate into the spiritual invisible atmosphere around you. It is like the feeling of becoming the wind and blowing away.

It is an expansive feeling. You expand into the next dimension because your molecules expand until the body comes apart.

The Spirit Moves right through the body and the body comes apart. The body becomes the Spirit Substance because the Density of the body has disappeared so that only Spirit can be where the body was.

The molecules just burst out of this realm and the spirit body flows out into the invisible spirit atmosphere of plasma light energy and then pure light energy.

It is just a matter of feeling the ethereal feeling.

Feel your music moving through the dimensions and coming into the body. Use the music to feel the colors and rhythms of all of the multidimensional variations of the light and sound that was created in the Cosmos and then transposed down into these realms through the harmonic convergence of lower densities that carry light in different forms of light and sound. 

All of the forms of light and sound are good, but the light of the third dimension hertzian only allows the one reality of this density to exist. When we transpose our harmonic bodies into the infrared spectrum we move into a reality that allows us to walk through walls, see the fourth dimensional beings and their space ships, it allows an entire physical structure that is lacking density. 

You can put your hand in your body or strum your body with your hand. You can walk on the water and float above the water. You can stand within portals that shift you from one location into another. This new reality exists just one tiny little frequency higher than the hertzian realm. There are many different realms of reality created by each of the spectrums of light. There is the invisible light, xray light, gamma, pregamma, ultra violet and pure pink white pastel heliotalic spectrum of reality that allows pure creation."

There is an entire training video on our website called the Candle Technique that will show you how to shift through all of those light spectrums.

There are other training materials that can be used together with the music to help you understand the process of turning into light through Crystal Magic Orchestra's music.

Dr. Angela Barnett
AKA Mary Magdalene

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