URANIAN ASTROLOGY ANALYSIS: the disappearance of Malaysian Flight  MH370. The two different times of disappearance on March 8, 2014 will be looked at.

Photo and time information courtesy of Wikipedia. Basic conclusion provided at the end for the uninitiated. I saw a recent documentary commemorating the 10th anniversary of the disappearance of Malaysian Flight MH370. Various theories were looked at on how the Malaysian 777 class airliner disappeared. These theories ranged from the Russians stealing the jet to the pilot of the jet using the jet to commit suicide with (and after killing everyone on board via lack of oxygen). And yes, there were the hijack via advanced technology theories and ET abduction theories (which got about 1/10 to 1/20 of discussion length of time compared to the Russian hijaction theory). Below is the last known flight path of Flight MH370. The Wikipedia article I looked at gave a time of 1:22 am MYT for the first time of disappearance and 2:22 am MYT for the second time of disappearance.




My notes on the untouched chart above are below. The "loss of communication capability" due to "military activity" is drawn in green below. "Military activity" (Mars/Aries) was definitely a strong theme with this chart. It is noted that there were two U.S. AWACS jets in the South China Sea near Flight MH370 at the time of the first jet disappearance from the radar screen (and these two AWACS jets did have electronic capability to make the 777 "disappear" from electronic sighting capability). Highlighted in yellow below, Neptune/Aries equals the Ascendant (within 07' minutes) and Neptune/Aries = As represents "a deception taking place in the environment with international or world impact." Neptune/Aries = As may also represent "a mass poisoning" taking place in the environment; there is no telling what may have been present (or absent) in the cabin air (or water/drinks) at the time of the first 777 jet disappearance. The time of 1:22 am also features the fast moving Midheaven (MC; "the legacy of the event") very close to achieving equality with Neptune/Hades (within 09' minutes, and in blue below). Neptune/Hades can represent "a lack of air" and "beyond top secret." This midpoint equation of Neptune/Hades ~= Mc (-1 minute clock time to define equation equality) was in the vicinity of equality at the time of disappearance. This midpoint equation of Neptune/Hades = Mc may have also represented the legacy of the event in regarding how the passengers and crew were going to die (due to close proximity of equality of this equation [- 1 minute] at the time of the first disappearance) .. BIG QUESTION: was murder involved? .. I say yes (and I hope I'm wrong and it was all just "a very mean and nasty act"). Drawn in lavender below, the midpoint tree of Uranus/Hades ("murder; a very mean and nasty act") / Moon/Mercury ("a population in travel") equals the Ascendant. Finally, the concept of a "high-level criminal" (person or government) enters the picture with Hades/Kronos involved in "secret work" (Hades/Black Moon Lilith). This midpoint tree of Hades/Kronos / Hades/Black Moon Lilith (drawn in orange below) is equal to the Ascendant. 12420100865?profile=RESIZE_710x

Now onto the second disappearance of Flight MH370. This event took place exactly one hour later and at the exact same latitude (07 North 01) of the first disappearance in the South China Sea (but this time the disappearance was west of Thailand and near the Andaman Sea). Things are about to get interesting.


Below are my notes for the untouched chart above.The most fascinating and eye-brow raising midpoint tree (in either disappearance case) is drawn in pink below. "The soldier with connections with advanced technology" (and from a "foreign military base") equals the Ascendant, along with "a conference presence of military brass and military intelligence" (drawn in green and orange below) equal to the Ascendant also. Drawn in blue below, Uranus/Hades ("murder; a very mean act") is also prominent; this time Uranua/Hades pairs with "hindrances with communication" (Mercury/Admetos) to equal the Ascendant. This may represent the many cell phone calls made to the 777 passengers (around this time) and not getting answered due to either of the following: [a] a mean act involving cell phone jamming [b] the cell phones inability to reach the cell phones being called due to the position of the jet [c] the murder of the cell phone owners.  



The disappearance of Flight MH370 appears to be a military operation that was either directed or assisted by a high level criminal (or "criminal government") working secretly behind the scenes (and probably working with the U.S. military). Strong evidence for this possible U.S. military involvement concerns the physical presence of two U.S. AWACS jets near the 777 jet at the time of the first disappearance AND possible physical presence of much military intelligence and military brass in the environment during the second disappearance. There were no extraterrestrials or ET abductions involved with either disappearance that I could ascertain from a Uranian astrology perspective (and I went nuts with Chiron placements). Nevertheless, the second disappearance did feature possible use of very advanced technology by a military person (from a foreign military base) present in the environment. This event appears to be (overall) some sort of military intelligence operation that used very advanced technology to hijack the Malaysian 777 jet and take it to another destination (along with certain passengers and certain cargo on board the jet). The passengers are presumed to be dead, possibly due to lack of oxygen needed for long flights or due to poisoning of water (or face mask air). I hope I'm wrong.


Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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