We are in the final count down into the number of days left before Everything Begins to change. We can look to the Moon for the first step in this great change. Each time the Moon has a dramatic effect on our minds and bodies is because the Moon is actually a Great Technology station created by the twelve groups of starry families who have agreed to help us with our Ascension. Those Race Lines run the technology of their consciousness through the Moon to manage our Frequency Activation.

The Moon will send a space technology ship into the Earth's Veil via the SUN. That is what will cause the Solar Eclipse. The space technology will create a shift of 3-5 degrees in the Earth's particle spin rate which has a dramatic effect on our Consciousness because the RULE OF REALITY is Consciousness plus energy equals reality. The shift creates an increase in Energy which creates an a new alignment of the Consciousness into a higher Frequency.

Many of us have been listening to frequency music that allows this shift to occur. That is why many of us are far ahead of the Masses in this project. The reason that our frequencies and our seals on our DNA have been locked is because when they are unlocked we all have the potential to be instant manifestors of reality. The Moon people have always known this is very dangerous and that we were not ready for this responsibility. So, now we are seven days before this divine right is returned to a group of people who are still quite dangerous in nature. So, what happens next?

Those of us who understand manifestation technology can rest assured that only those who have moved out of the judgement loop of their brain and into the mid brain or Mind of God will be able to manifest. I have placed many musical albums on my site that melt away the judgement loop and activate the mid brain. This activation is within the Re Birth Album, Plasma Brain Album, Manifestation Merkaba Album, Trance Album and Atomic Mirror Album. As a set these albums work to make sure your Brain is a Manifestation Machine. You may find all of these albums at http://crystalmagicorchestra.com/buy-mp3-cd-albums

However, if there is one thought created in the Thinking Brain where the judgement loop continues to exist, the manifestation will not occur. That is the SAFETY NET that will remain on our raceline forever. However, there is a type of manifestation that will occur, even from those who are not manifesting from the Mind of God. That type of manifestation will be an out picturing of whatever is still stuck in the Judgement Loop. When a negative thought is stuck in the judgement loop it is extremely toxic. It will make people sick, depressed and unable to function around other people.

So, while those who have not prepared for this event are going through a very toxic state of existence that may send them to the hospital, drive them crazy, make them see things that are only in their mind, those of us who are ready for this event can begin to experience our natural existence of instant manifestation from the Mind of God reality. The Moon People have placed a protective lock on our Frequencies and our DNA until the TIME WE ARE READY.

They have decided that we will be ready to begin unlocking the seals on our DNA in September. Many people have had negative effects from Full Moons, Lunar Eclipses and other variations of the Moon's light. This has always been because the rays of Consciousness are filtering in to those who are ready to have their Seals unlocked, and the rays are being blocked from those who are not ready. There will still be many who are not ready in September and those are the ones who will have a very hard time with this release of Seals from the DNA.

I just experienced having my seals unlocked two days ago. It is magnificent. It is a feeling of freedom because it stops the judgement loop in the thinking brain. I no longer have any thoughts about anything that contain any type of judgment. Even if I try to judge, I can not because the Loop was dissolved. The process was quite painful. It felt like open brain surgery for three days and nights. So, when this happens to you CELEBRATE!! It has begun.



Our Moon is the Transmission Center from our Over Soul Collective Consciousness who measures and regulates our Mass Frequencies. This album is my recording of the Moons Transmissions from our Over Souls stationed in the Moon.

Use these Frequencies to open communication with your Over Soul.

The LUNAR VISIONS ALBUM includes a SIX SECTION EXPLANATION of how to use the Sun's 8th Dimensional Frequency and the Fifth Dimensional Frequency within the Mid Brain to activate the Photons within the cells of the Body. The Photons are created when we merge the particles and anti particles or matter and anti matter together to remove polarity. The Photons are the absence of Electrons. When the Photons are activated through this light energy and brought into the body where there is healing or transmutation needed, the photons basically Heal by removing the Polarity, removing the absence of Light where there was darkness.

The 14 Sets of Transmissions set from our Over Soul as it is reconnected with the Consciousness to allow the smooth re-set of our Higher Consciousness were recorded in these songs. This will begin the re-set of the Great White Lion Grids that allow us to have Free Energy, Free Manifestation and Creation abilities. This connection is the Spark of the reactivation of our Over Soul Collective Consciousness being plugged back in to the Mass Consciousness on Earth.

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