Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare [the Ocean], Universal Mother, Mother of Love, Mother of ancient, Mother of constancy, Mother of future, Mother of All, and Mother, sweet angel, of new beginnings.

Pay attention, my beloveds, to beloved Gaia who in her wisdom, her might, at different times throughout what you think of as a year, declares rebirth and spring, summer, autumn, winter, and hibernation.

I come this day to speak to you of rebirth. It is not merely the season of rebirth upon the planet but within the hearts and mind, bodies and being of all humans, all hybrids, all earth-keepers, all starseed, all humans upon the planet. I have washed you clean with my Tsunami of Love. I have planted the seeds of clarity, purity and grace, and they have taken root deep within thee. They are growing, and I continue to water these seeds with my Tsunami.

You are attended in the garden of your beloved self, not merely by each other, by this Council, by the Company of Heaven, but by your star brothers and sisters as well. The fertilization, the germination, has already taken place and many of you have felt yourself just like the daffodils, the crocus, the tulip bulbs pushing your head up through the sand and seeking the light of the new sun, not merely your sun but the light of all existence. You are seeking yourself. You are seeking the expression of your Love.

I have planted my seed deep within your heart long ago and then again and again, and I have done so for the Father and I. But sweet angels, beloveds of my heart, the seed that we have fertilized, protected and germinated is your seed. It is the seed of your love, but it cannot and it is not separate from our seed. That is the sacred union between us. It is the coming together of what you can think of as ‘Love Above and Love Below,’ and it lives within.

Your heart, your very being is expanding, not at the speed of light but of Love. Your capacities, your understandings, your abilities, your wisdom, your beingness, are expanding, expanding, expanding until you feel that you can no longer contain it…and why would you even wish to?

The expression of the Love within, of this blossom, this lotus, this daffodil, this crocus, whatever you choose…it can be Mt. Sinai…is exploding and expressing without. It is expressing in a variety of ways but it is always and only capable of expressing its Love as peace, as joy, as fulfillment. There is no difference between the fulfillment of my plan and your plan. We have always been interwoven as one, yes in Love, but in what you think of as actuality.

Now, what does that mean? It means that I/we express and live, yes, physical living, with and through you as you express and live and exist with and through us. This illusion of separation has always been just that. Do we assume different forms for the sheer joy of it? Yes, we do but that is not a surprise.

Look at this planet, sweet Gaia, with whom I have transformed into the planet of Love. Nowhere else, and think of this, in my omniverse is there such beauty and diversity, from raging oceans to the quietest streams, from the flattest prairies to the most majestic mountains, to every species of bird, of flower, of human.

This is a creation and a rebirth, right now, not next week. Yes it intensified with the blood moon but it is not next week or next year. It is right now and it has begun. This expansion does not have to do with dates, it has to do with you, my sweet angels, it has to do with your readiness, your preparedness and the fact that you have said, “Yes. Mother I am tired, I am weary, I have undergone the changes, the clearing; please let us blossom.” And blossoming you are!

Nothing, not the actions of the Company of Heaven, not the actions of your star brothers and sisters, not the actions of the Ascended Masters or my Son, nothing contributes and creates the birth of Nova Earth more than what you are doing, feeling, experiencing, and sharing in this moment.

No, your buildings are not recreated but the energy in the distant future, that you began was eighty thousand years hence, is right in front of you. And why is that? What is the magic? What is the magnet that has drawn these magnificent cities and your brothers and sisters from throughout the galaxies to you? What is the magic and the magnet that has pulled Ascension into your very core and activated your wings and your soul that you can fly back and forth?

It is not merely your yearning and desire for union; it is not merely your union and desire for Love. It is actual anchoring of the Love; the living it, breathing it, being it, embodying it. It is you, my sweet angels.

We are your divine compliments and we are honored to be so. You are the children of my heart, my womb, but you are at a level of maturity where you are prepared to create. You have just begun to glimpse or even suspect what you are capable of. But I know and I do not simply say that I know in the collective sense, I know each and every one of you…you’re my child, you are mine and I am yours and in this sacred union let us truly begin, not a long, painful labor and delivery, let us begin.

You are already delivered and you are a brilliant, bright soul ready to fulfill your heart, which is my heart. We are one. Let me fill you every day with my clear blue, with my Blue Diamond. Let me receive from thee, every day, your heart’s desires that we work in sacred union of fulfillment in your present moment, in the new times of now.

Go with my Love and go in joyful, radiant peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 03-21-15

©2015 Council of Love Inc


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  • Thank you Tara!

  • Water birth has become a big deal lately they say less pain and better for the baby

  • Good point Drekx, they use mild hypnosis during the child birthing process in Agartha as well...the feeling for the mother being that of pressure but not pain. I also understand they give birth in large tubs and allow the infant to come up and take its first breaths on its own thereby preventing scarring to the sensitive lung tissue...

  • Yes, good point, UM.....and even galactic level ET females giving birth do not suffer the pain of child birth, because they use self-hypnosis as an effective anaesthetic.......No pain at all....just love.....and the DNA factor makes earth humans suffer pain, too....Yep, nicely put, UM......

  • Some warning signs spring to mind with this Dillon presentation.....

    One is the religious and doctrinaire aspect of this channeling...Using obviously catholic and salient names such as; "Mary" the "Universe Mother." Of course, an attempt to place a concept that this earth-based biblical figure of Mary, (mother of Jesus,) extends her realm to the universe....That is an error...

    The second factor is the copyright protection, which seems strange in the context of a universal energy....Too earth bound in consciousness, to be universal...

    The third is the "sweet angel" loving maternal overkill....It's artificial in nature...Nothing new, just the same "feel good lovey dovey mom" aspect for reader digestion....This type of thing appeals to naïve sentimentalists, not thinkers and attuned chelas....

    Hehe......!!! Yes, Charlotte Stump is much more the real deal......This channeling is not even galactic nordic level, let alone universal...More earth based religious stuff, only...Not ET...

    Just call me a killjoy on this, if you want to......LOL

This reply was deleted.

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