Universal good and bad actions: Moral Absolutes

Rational or good actions increase ones well being and secure their happiness prosperity an psychuous pleasures. Irational or bad actions undermine ones values. Universally good or bad actions are objectively based on biological nature of human beings and are definable in absolute terms. Each individual life and values are unique, certain basic actions never change in terms of good or bad actions. The rightness or wrongness of those basic actions do not vary according to opinion, or from person to person, or from generation to generation, or from culture to culture, Or from solar system to solar system.  Universal morals are objective. they are not based on opinions of anyone. No one can deem what is moral an what is not moral. The same moral standards exist for each an every being , these standards are independent of anyones proclamations or opinions. there are 2 moral standards:( 1 Any chosen action that purposely benifits the human organisim or society is morally good and right) (2 Any chosen action that purposely harms the human organisim or society is morally bad and wrong.)   Feelings and emotions, on the otherhand cannot be considered as standards absolutes , or morals. A beings lifestyle desires needs and preferences can vary greatly without  altering that persons character an doesnt nessesarily  mean they are morally right or wrong. still moral absolutes do exist " violating moral absolutes determines a beings character an self-esteem. Integrated honesty for knowing reality as well as increasing in productivity an value-selfworth is moral.    Consciously choosing to strive for self honesty, Unyeilding loyalty to honesty, an Productive effort is Moral.Objective Morals are based on reality,reason logic. Subjective morals are based on unreal arbituary feelings or wishes. All such unreal morals require force, deception, coercion to impose them on others.  Subjectivism, existenialism and "do your own thing" are all attempts to deny objective morals by implying that no standards exsit and that everything is of equal value(thus this is denying objective morals an values)    What is external authority?   is it moral?   In reality no one has genuine authority over anyone else. There are those who would purpose that they are in some position of authority an therefore cause some to suppose they are , yet if indeed we realize we are the only real authority over our choices our lives our actions we will be able to conciously discern. between what is moral an what is not. Why is this important?   Moral foundations are what produce genuine Love and in order to acheive any goal successfully we need to have a good foundation.  Ive often been asked what I belive in what religion do I follow etc.   my answer is sincerely I follow no religion an I belive in elevating healing incouraging an above all Love. being unlabled is very unlimiting. May you discover your destiny with joy an excitement .            

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