Understanding the Star of David (Merkaba), the Taurus (Donut), & the Hourglass as the Unified Vehicle of Travel (The Trinity)


All points of light are a Taurus which is driven by the 2 vectors shaping an hourglass.... when in hourglass state you experience time as moment to moment like the singular grains of sand, and once you compress the entire electromagnetic spectrum (which are the ranges of consciousness) into focus (AKA the eye of God or sinch to your hourglass) you then create maximized pressure which enables an orgasm of the soul and thus the sinch of the hourglass breaks and the 2 vortices merge to form the star of david.  Once this is formed the harmonic hum amplifies the resonant pulse of the vectors and a unified explosion(meaning nothing separates... it expands) occurs and the individuation is then released into the next highest taurus of consciousness (dimension) which before completely contained their previous taurus, and now they completely contain the previous taurus within their core and are then moving to expand and absorb and radiate the whole of the next dimesion as they move up in octives thrrough ever compression and expansion of the new larger spectrum to reach yet another ascension... which is actually an expansion to contain the previous and move beyond it... not leave it in some type of separation.  (It ends up as imploding to explode)


Now one can also remove all higher frequencies from focus and cause in implosion, which would be explode to implode.... and thus one would "fall" to a lower smaller taurus of lower dimension... whichhigher beings must to to reach a focus aspect of self in 3D.


The taurus for anyone who is not farmiliar is the shape of a doughnut.  It is the archetype (or core shape of the ever expanding and contracting electro-magnetic field of consciousness... the hehicle of consciousness to move from singularity to the individuation... from expansion to refinement in better terms.


Your torque is you will, and the photons are your data/experience/info packets/little taruses, and together they are the one consciousness which is unified by the source energy... zero point energy... which is the highest truth or frequency of consciousness we now know.


It is the energy that is strong enough to withstand even absolute zero... do not be fooled by it's sublte nature as it is all powerful in it's infinice and ever pervasive... it is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient <3!

One last thing... in the implode to explode, the implosion is used to harmonize al incoming frequencies and the explosion is used to resonate that new harmonic out into infinince.


In the explode to implode the explosion takes what is more harmonic and turns it into rock and roll per sayand then that is all pushed into  one experience... which as you can see inevitable ends up harmonizing it as we then experience the whole linear life of that one reaciton of implosion.... bringing all that "disharmony" in to focus which as you take frequencies and add high presure... you force them to resonate with eachother... thus you have the Eye of God, or the eye of the needle or the black hole in the center of all forms of creation... including the atom and you... as well as al planets.  Just look at their EM fields and where the sunspots show up.


They show up where the ponts of the merkaba touch the edge of the physical sphere... right now the hourglass of the sun is forming its merkaba... which will continue to spark ever greater CMEs.


Do NOT be afraid of the CMEs... they are the fire shower of purification.  Hide not underground... be not afraid of vectoring all of the energy of the sun as it is the mirror of your heart center!


What you resist can kill you... what you embrace can expand your life.  "No weapon formed against me shall prosper, BUT GIVE EVERLASTING LIFE"


I am not "Christian" but ALL books are a relection of the consciousness.


All is true for anything experienced exists as frequency... the REAL question is from what frequency range is that truth sourced from... if it is a lower frequency/dimension/consciousness then it is a truth which is fragmented and missing parts... if it is higher it is in much more unity and thus applies more to the whole of experience.


Never see a person as lieing... see instead the source of their frequency matrix... now understand ALL are truely sourced from Source itself, and that means God's message is in ALL thngs, but it may be hidden by layers of other vectors sourcing from lower dimensions than Source itself and thus it becomes a coded message.  Every word holds a frequency and you can weigh that by asking does this word imply a unified connection to all birthing trust and knowing in the Divine plane... gifting me peace within the process, or does this word express separation birthing fear, worry, anger exterior judgment instead of inner understanding?  Weigh every word you think and speak and read and hear in this way and you will gain the single eye needed to see through all things and all non-things... you will as they say become Neo! <3


Remember it is a process... always rejoice and praise the progress of your process... as from each moment to moment no matter if you feel a slump or "failure"... it is ALL the process to higher more unified expansions of being.  <3<3<3


Also note that the programmers of MK-Ultra/MK-Talent/MK-Search victims (who have their conscious experience fragmented) have each "alter" programmed on a certain place within the hourglass... they actually use the visual of an hourglass to store the "personalities"/fragments... THUS the creation of their Star of David, breaking their hourglass of imposed control is KEY to freeing them and empowering them to be the most amazing vectors of Unconditional Love!!!

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  • Thank you Nat I have FREE WILL and can do what my heart guides me to , and I WILL.


    We are arriving into the Age of Aquarious LOL.  Which is marked by the center of the galaxy crossing the Galactic plane at Scorpio & Sag... which means our solar system is IN AQUARIOUS.  That is the Golden Gate.


    I am refering to BOTH the Solar system's sun AND the Galactic center... they are OBVIOUSLY energetically linked.


    The covering around the earth is a womb... the p,acents if you will.  The flesh form is the zygote and the form which emerges when the "water breaks" (the protective layers breech) is the light body.


    So you FEAR of the radiation from the sun is in ignorance.  So YES... radiation from the sun will kill YOU, b/c you are in FEAR of it.  Self fulfilling prophacy is FACT.


    I NEVER said to overexpose... I sad to be in a state of unconditional love an acceptance when the inevitable arrives... see it as your gift.  But I see you do not understand.


    I DO use the correct archetypes, and the confusion YOU have... is YOURS to harmonise... such is the process of reunification.


    It is GOOD that they may wonder what the zodiac has to do with the "torus"... ASK AND YE SHALL RECIVE.


    You can try to infect with fear all you want but it will be useless.  You are so attached to your shadow body that you cower in fear of the Breath of God.  Blessings to you... No one shall escape the breath of life.

  • All of those "terms" are really irrelevant, as you can divide and divide and divide and the pattern will repeat.


    I was NOT reffering to any "particle" which is an illusion.


    I am fully aware that the sun produced the whole spectrum of vibrations in the One energy.


    You are identifying with "body"... the illusion, the shadow.  I am identifying with myself in it's WHOLE form.  I have no problem shedding the shadow.


    All of the things you listed were small.  The pulse now eminating from the center of the galaxy is larger than anything you apparently can fathom.  It is inescapable.


    You do NOT need to define these terms for me.  I am farmiliar with BOTH the zodiac and the energetic configuration of the torsion field.


    You are thinking linearly obviously.  You do not think in the linking ways of a non dualized mind.  Taurus and Torus are in truth the same... a book could be written to explain this.  It has to do with the shape of the torsion field of an individuation and the silver gate, or lower crossing of the galactic plane which happens when we are in the age of Taurus moving into Gemini.


    I am sorry if you have a "modern" indoctrinated "scientific" mind.  The true innergalactic priests of science would be amused.


    Excuse me but being at peace with a galctic force which is inevitable an inescapable is not putting oneself in danger.  I suppose you will flee on some spaceship of a lower dimensional race.... to be "saved"... from some "other" force which is "dangerous" to you.


    People get sunburn from the lack of proper micronutrients and sun does not cause cancer... it is the elements which are from polution which causes the UV rays from the sun to be refracted incorectly which causes cancer.  UV is VITAL to the body, as is the sun.  You just have to not put mercury vaccines, GMO, and other genetically mutated and other "science" of

  • Actually Nat, either spelling works as they are linked.


    And as far as all the FEAR you have about trusting the incoming energies... you CAN'T hide from them (FEAR).  They will penetrate the earth.  Besides we know that those who go below encur mutations as opposed to those who are in unconditional love and stay above ground... not hiding in fear of something they think is "other".

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