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Hello my beautiful friends. I‘d like to speak about polarities, or Yin and Yang in other words. It is said that there is an opposite to everything, a fear to every love as if to infer that there are polarities in everything, but I’d like to point out that each our bodies are split into half Divine Masculine and half Divine Feminine, but this does not necessarily mean that men and woman are polar opposites, does it? I’d like to set the record straight that one simply completes the other. One is everything that the other is not.


You see, there are many types of Creation Cycles(ages) in which the idea of Yin and Yang exists as people seem to fall into polarities there within their own beings. For instance, there are Black(Dark) Creation Cycles in which, Fear Dominates the majority of people’s hearts, such as when the people have fallen far from Faith and into Hatred. Even worse in my opinion is a Red(Anger) Creation in which the majority of the people fall from LOVE and anger fills their hearts with lust, anger and jealousy. Those cycles can be pretty grotesque as the closest connection of love falls into the most damaging types of sexual expression. There are also White(Enlightened) Creation cycles in which the majority of the people are in at least some type of Faith/Spirituality and acceptance and/or a connection to ALL THAT IS/SPIRIT/Divine Mother/Father GOD. There is also a 4th type of Creation Cycle that is Gold and these are the most beautiful of all! Let us manifest our Golden Infinity dear brothers and sisters! We can do so in absolute acceptance without judgment of all souls. In such a way, we will recreate a new world.  

Well, now when the people say, “There are two sides to every coin.” There is an implication, a suggestion, or should we say, an inception coming in that one should choose a side, or align themselves to one polarity or another and this is the old way of thinking about things. This is the way in which others fall into “Fight or Flight” mode. But I want to suggest that there doesn’t have to be “sides” to everything. Most everyone seems to lean towards taking sides all the time, but what if there is only ONE SIDE. Better said, there is only one ABSOLUTE TRUTH, but many perspectives of that truth. We are each a single note or ray of that truth and in sharing with one another, we can experience both sides of that coin as a whole. So what if that coin is instead an infinite circle and that the wholeness within is simply ALL THAT WE ARE as GOD experiencing Himself/Herself as Himself/Herself.

Please, my brothers and sisters, let us share within this “Circle of Life” each our perspective as a gift towards one another, lending our hands as a courtesy, gifting our hearts in camaraderie and offering our wisdom as resurgence back into faith. And so when thinking of a coin, consider thinking rather than in terms of polarities or “sides of a coin” and instead consider that there are no sides. Even when flipping a coin, it holds value in the grand scheme of abundance, does it not? This opens the idea of a fully open heart in oneness with all souls alike. And in this wholeness, in oneness and in togetherness, we can open the doorway to cocreating our Golden Creation, infinitely so.

Yes, of course there are times when we speak with a broken heart and we say the very opposite thing we intend to, but isn’t that the point here; to embrace our fears and to allow those unknowns to be enlightened by the love of our hearts? I love you all so very much! 

*Thanks to my brother for talking with me about polarities so long ago. By the Grace of GOD, may we all find our heart’s peace... We can find a way! <3 Jacob<3 Jacob


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