U.S.A. HOROSCOPE ALERT: Saturn Conjunction Midheaven Cycle Reveals The Democratic Party May Suffer Big In 2023 (per post Federal Reserve Act)

This report will use the A.F.A. (American Federation of Astrologers) Horoscope of the United States of America. I like this chart; this will be the only U.S.A. horoscope used in this project. My reasons are Pallas Athena Conjunction Midheaven and Mars Conjunction Ascendant. The chart is displayed below:


There are uncanny similarities with the types of events that took place with the transit of Saturn Conjunction Midheaven (and also with Saturn approaching this transit and events taking place afterwards). These three 29-year cycles to be looked at take place after the creation of the Federal Reserve (in 1913), because this event proves the U.S. government attracts the wrong kind of people due to the role of money. This event allowed the story of Willie Sutton to manifest into the institution of government. The story goes like this: "someone once asked Slick Willie Sutton, the bank robber, why he robbed banks. The question might have uncovered a tale of injustice and lifelong revenge. Maybe a banker foreclosed on the old homestead, maybe a banker’s daughter spurned Sutton for another. Sutton looked a little surprised, as if he had been asked “Why does a smoker light a cigarette?” “I rob banks because that’s where the money is,” he said, obviously meaning “in the most compact form.”" Enter FDR, and March 4, 1933.

When Owning Gold Was Illegal in America: And Why It Could Be Again |  HuffPost Latest News

And two months later on May 1, 1933:

Executive Order 6102

And finally, elimination of the gold requirement in transactions would take place one month after FDR declared war on gold. This elimination of gold as a requirement in certain transactions angered the non-urban business community, such as farmers and maintenance business.

10954389294?profile=RESIZE_710x Notice the Saturn Conjunction Moon transit highlighted in yellow above. In mundane astrology, Saturn usually represents "the government" and the Moon usually represents "the public at large" (and both are not meant to like each other, unless you have a communist government that tells you what to say and what not to say [and you agree or else]). This transit may represent the removal of gold from holdings of the public at large. Uranus Square Pluto (drawn in red above) represents big shocks coming to the banking industry (which is best symbolized with natal Pluto in the 8th House, and not the 2nd House). Drawn in blue above, natal Uranus in the 12th House represents "intelligence gathering operations" (as well as "use of the media for propaganda or deception"). Transiting Neptune (in the 4th House of "real estate") is forming a Square to natal Uranus (drawn in blue above), and this may define an intense form of deception being used at that time (and this was especially true involving the media's treatment of the FDR and financial activities involving real estate). And yes, a lot of foreclosures took place after this act of 1933. This anger over this 1933 act (and foreclosures by banks) would lead to the rise of U.S. criminal folk heros such as bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde (who were viewed at that time in some suburban U.S.A. communities as the same way Billy The Kid and Robin Hood were viewed: people of action who hurt those who stole from others. And with various types of technology to do so). Drawn in green above (Pluto Square Chiron) may represent Pluto transformation of "the U.S.A. bank account" (2nd House) involving "surveillance abilities of associate states, agencies, and municipalities of the U.S.A." (natal Chiron in the 11th House) In a word ... TAXES. But here's the real truth regarding FDR's declaration that bankers are incapable of lying:


Below is the the Saturn Conjunction Midheaven transit, almost one year after FDR declared war on gold (on May 1, 1934).


Saturn is transiting the U.S.A. 10th House. FDR's Democratic party was not doing good as Saturn entered the 10th House. The 10th House represents the ruling political party in mundane astrology, and people like Louisiana governor Huey P. Long were fracturing faith within FDR's Democratic Party due to the worsening of the Great Depression (and when Huey P. Long was killed by an assassin's bullet on Sept. 10, 1935, there was reportedly a major sigh of relief in Washington D.C. among FDR-supporting members of the Democratic party). But it was too late; the erosion of faith within FDR's Democratic party was becoming worst. Until Pearl Harbor took place. Please note that when Pearl Harbor took place wars were fought via manpower armed with basic technology they manipulated in the field (and without the computer making decisions for them).

Now onto Vietnam.


This memo was signed by President Johnson the day after JFK's funeral. It reversed JFK's exit strategy out of Vietnam. Again, Saturn Conjunction Moon takes place (was censorship taking place revealing the murder of JFK?) Note the Pluto Sesquiquadrate Pluto transit (drawn in red above) and the Uranus Square Uranus transit (drawn in blue above). These transits were both VERY STRONG before JFK was killed. Natal Pluto in the 8th House represents the banking community and natal Uranus in the 12th House represents the intelligence gathering community. And JFK was in the process of ending the untouchable role of the CIA, along with the ending of the untouchable role of the Federal Reserve in terms of what defined money in the U.S.A.!! Per the horoscope below, the Gulf of Tonkin incident takes place as Saturn enters the 10th House of the U.S.A. Horoscope. Silver was being removed from U.S. coinage in 1964, and this takes another speed bump away from the banking community and their love for use of credit. 


PROBLEM? The new generation of folk, Motown, and rock music lovers have questions about JFK's death, along with the deaths of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. And unlike Japan, Vietnam never really did anything to the U.S.A. except what the media told them with Gulf of Tonkin (and also if you believed in the Domino Theory that somehow if tiny far-away Vietnam fell to the communists, other countries would also fall and become communists. This would resemble "dominos falling" and would eventually make its way to North America, allowing communism to take over). The problem with this propaganda was due to a different and questioning generation, and unlike FDR, war in the name of patriotism would hurt the faith within the Democratic party. And yes, this allowed the return of that Republican party master of poker card playing, Dick Nixon. LBJ and the Democratic party fell in disgrace and suffered with the Vietnam war, along with the removal of dissidents RFK and MLK.

Now onto the next Saturn Conjunction Midheaven cycle. This involves the U.S.A. Democratic party AGAIN.

10954408664?profile=RESIZE_710xHighlighted in yellow above, Saturn Conjunction Midheaven recently took place as Saturn entered the U.S.A. 10th House (which rules "the ruling political party." The 4th House rules "the non-ruling political party"). Vince Foster was a Deputy Counsel for Democrat President Clinton, who defeated previous President George H.W. Bush. Vince Foster was also reportedly involved in possible financial fraud involving a real estate project in Arkansas called White Water (of which President Clinton was an investor of). Foster may have been responsible for three years of fraud involving the tax statements of this project, and he committed suicide (although there are some who say he was murdered). This action reportedly spurred an angry White House worker named Linda Tripp to provide evidence that President Clinton lied under oath when he said he did not have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky (unless one considers the act of "horizontal refreshment" to not quality as "sexual relations"). Drawn in blue above, natal Uranus is getting an Opposition transit aspect from the transiting North Node. Oppositions usually define "trade offs," and this transit may had represented "hard choices" involving how the media was going to report this scandal that was about to unfold. This was difficult since President Clinton had a popular rating at that time due to the economy doing well. And yes, President Clinton (and members of the Democratic party) would suffer from this scandal, regardless of their handling of the economy.

Now onto the current cycle of Saturn Conjunction Midheaven on the U.S.A. chart. This involves the U.S.A. Democratic party AGAIN. The Saturn Conjunction Moon transit (highlighted in yellow below) is about to take place again as the election approaches, and the Pluto Conjunction Pluto transit (drawn in red below) was very strong as $80 billion was awarded to the IRS via a law signed on a Sunday. The mundane 8th House rules taxation, along with pensions, insurance companies, banks, long-term financial arrangements, secretive activities of the elite, and espionage activities. Another "government attack" by the Saturn-ruling government on the Moon ("the public at large") took place in 2022, and Saturn is now heading for the Saturn Conjunction Midheaven transit. Drawn in blue below, Uranus Square Moon is strong. This may represent the claims of government censorship via Uranus-ruling technology, with Pluto Conjunction Pluto representing reported banking thefts of their customers on the rise (and these types actions also took place and were exposed in the different manners during the three previous Saturn Conjunction Moon transit cycles on the U.S.A. horoscope).


Now it gets interesting. Below is the chart concerning the discovery of classified documents near the vintage Corvette of Biden. Note the Mars Conjunction Uranus transit drawn in blue below. Natal Uranus is the U.S.A. intelligence gathering arm, and transiting Mars appears to be the police arm (and yes, there are going to be conflicts of responsibilities with these two groups. The police [i.e. F.B.I.] do not get along with agencies outside their jurisdiction [i.e. N.S.A.] or their role in the government). UNLESS they all have the same political ideology. This may explain why many in the U.S. Justice Department have a different attitude regarding Biden having classified materials outside D.C. compared to Trump having classified materials outside D.C. 

Finally, here's the current Saturn Conjunction Midheaven below. The current F.B.I. director is about to get grilled regarding his negative treatment of parents at schools who do not agree with prescribed curriculum for their children. And yes, there is also also the possibility of an investigation involving Biden's son (Hunter Biden) and information stored on his laptop computer's hard drive. Drawn in green below, Neptune Opposition Neptune is getting "resolved" with the issues of deception taking place and being exposed in both the 10th House ruling political party and the 4th House non-ruling political party of the United States. The same "resolution" may be seen with Mars Conjunction Uranus (in blue below) and Pluto Conjunction Pluto (drawn in red below). 


REMEMBER THIS: the truth always comes out.

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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