Two Dreams of 2012

Two Dreams of 2012

A couple months ago I had an interesting dream.
Most of my family and friends know me as a "prepper", always ready for something that hasn't happened yet. 
( You should have seen me on Y2K )
I have trained my son and daughter to be able bodied and self sufficient as well.
So I am now 52 and I have always been a vivid dreamer and remember them all... 
So this one went like this:

My daughter Jessica and I, were walking alone.
We were on a desolate dirt road, very hungry, very tired, and soaked to the bone from a never ending drizzel.
we were miles from our home in Seattle, Washington.
Gone were her brother, mother and other relatives.  
As well as her college and hopes of becoming a pediatric neurosurgeon.

Even a good meal, shower or nights rest seemed like a far away and distant memory.

I distinctly remember my feet hurt and these fur pouches that we both had strung around us haphazardly, along with worn out shoes, gloves, and whatever else....

I heard there had been some  "Planetary Fly-By"  5 months earlier that messed things up real bad.

Today  I see the the string of volcanoes and giant earthquakes worldwide in the last 14 months may not be pure chance.
But if it is really Nibiru, Wormwood or a brown dwarf, we could see real problems here on Gaia.

So a week ago I had a very different dream:

I am very old now and laying in a beautiful bed in a huge room, covered with the finest linen.
My son and daughter, now almost middle age, are there,  as well as a throng of (grand) children.
Everyone seemed happy and content.

I asked my son John to reach into the nightstand and get out my old Colt 1911 .45 pistol.
He looked quizical but reached in for the gun and handed it to me.

At that point I looked at my daughter Jessica and handed her the gun.
She took it and looked at me lovingly as she had shot the pistol many times and always prized it.
Jessica took it, and with her gleaming smile, said "Thanks Dad"!

I looked at her because she didn't understand...

Which dream comes true?
I guess we'll stay tuned.
God Bless You and Yours,
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