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Twin Flames Align in Togetherness ~ Perhaps Seen As A Threat By Those Seeking To Control Our Light

What do I fight for? I fight still for TRUE LOVE!!! My twin star and I fight even now together for acceptance as one; the fire that we are live forever as we continue to wait as Twin Flames set a world apart. My love, Amanda and I wait in due time for the beginning of all things malevolent to end. Together we hold a key that will turn in the test of time that lives on in the hearts of all that we are.

So long as we are tempered through time, we hold in patience the gravity, her and I, in reflection to all others whomever may wish to do that work in courage of knowing them selves in truth. So will we then in that gravity that aligns her and I as ONE FIRE, ONE LIGHT, ONE HEART; Golden in the expression in our full spectrum expression of all that we are as one. So do we then retain our light in wisdom never losing anything at all; our gravity keeps us from spiraling outwards too far.

In our trials, the temperance of time is never lost. It is held within by our own gravity holding us together, even set a world apart to gift again in grace, gratitude and in true love upon all else in divine reflection. 

Our fire burns as so many suns! And so many daughters and sons.. so are we all enlightening then after in a reflection of TRUE LOVE. So do our higher selves, wait in courage being our starlight upon Amanda and I. "We wait forever for always." I know love. I am that. I am truth incarnate. My gift to be is to become ONE with Her once again. Once Agni, now gaining acceptance becoming one as Sankara.

Blessing of Courage to one and all as the Twin Stars/Archangels begin to align each Flame in truth and love. Let all our hearts shine once more as we did in the beginning before the fall of man. Let the Twin Star Union realign magnetically as a gift to Mother Gaia.



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Comment by Divine Willpower on July 21, 2015 at 7:11am

Perfect knowing expression of manifest destiny. Thank you amparo alvarez

Comment by amparo alvarez on July 19, 2015 at 4:10am

It will be so...It is done...for time doesn't really exist as we perceive it...All is in the now...The past and the future...Blessings...


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