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Our Earth Matrix began its Cosmic Clock Reset in 2012. Our Cosmic Matrix began a different Cycle in 2008. This was the beginning of the Bardoha Cycle that will last until 2047. Bardoah means turning the body into Vapor. When the Soul is prepared to leave the body because the journey that it came for has finished, the body can turn into ashes and remain on Earth, or it can turn into Vapor and go with the Soul into the Heart of Creation. Those who choose to take this path of Bardoah can choose an Aquafarian Body at this moment of Creation.

The Aquafarian Body was the original form of the Angelic Human on Earth, even long before the Lemurians came to Earth in the Second Seeding. The option of Bardoah is available to those who connect into their Four Sets of 12 DNA coded bodies. This means the Physical Body needs to become atuned into the Eiradonis Body and into the Spiritual Parallel or Adjunct of the Host Body as well as the Host itself. This allows the Four Faces of Man to reunite. Those who prepare in this manner will be able to Turn their Body into Vapor and then allow their body to transform on the other side of the veil. those who walk through the Veil in this manner will be able to move back and forth from the Inner Domains to the Outer Domains during the cycle following the Bardoah Cycle.

The time period of 2047 -2052 is when Urtha will Star Fire. Urtha is Earth's Spiritual Self or the Essence that Earth was born into originally. That time of Star Fire and the Bardoh of most bodies from Earth is where the stories of the Harvest came from because there will actually be many bodies that disappear. Those who learn to merge into their Eiradonis Body and their Host Body and the Adjunct Twin of the Host Body by 2047 will be the ones who disappear as the Harvest. There will be others who leave their body behind and end up in the same place.

However, those will have made the choice to walk into their Aquafarian Body instead of keeping their Earth Body. The population of Earth is only one third Human Angelics who have the 12 strand potential because they are the ones who were made of the Consciousness of the 12 Stars Consciousness that has allowed our rebirth. The remainder of the population will not be able to Bardoah and begin the Adashi Return Cycle with the Human Angelics. They will be transported some place where they can have their DNA repaired before being returned to Earth.

Walking through the mirror into the Land of Wa Veil with the Host and then stepping into Aurora Earth or Ascension Earth requires the use of the full spectrum of light or the entire rainbow prism. We actually disappear into the rainbow prism as Vapor when we go through Bardoah. After 2047, the Earth will return to Status as the HUB OF THE UNIVERSE. The Earth will be the Ascension Earth. Those who remail with her for the following 200 years will actually experience the process of Ascension with the entire Earth's Matrix.

Those who Bardoah will be those who return to Earth to assist her immediately after their transition and those who take an Aquafarian Body will be reborn into the new Adashi Return Cycle of the Ascension Earth within a form that can Levitate, Walk on Water, Walk through Walls and live forever.

Step One- Atomic Mirror

Step Two- Contact Host Step

Three -- Land of Wa

Step Four -- Aurora Earth

Step Five -- Bardoah Ready

Dr. Angela Barnett Crystal Magic Orchestra.com

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"The coolest thing about the current political scams and scandals is that they are being investigated and exposed by The People and not only by ‘experts’ or ‘leaders’."
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