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These are Mary Magdalene's dialogs with her nine million readers from every dimension in the Universe and the Original Ones who will arrive in January.

I love knowing that there are millions of you reading my newsletters, and I know that all of you are as excited as I am about the events that I write about. Knowing that all of you read my books and listen to my music and pay attention to every word that I say has been so very inspirational to me. The most exciting news was when Jesus told me that he had read my book about the time I placed my Spirit in him on the Cross in order to keep his body on Earth long enough for him to Ascend in front of a large Audience. I checked this information with Elaika before I published it, and then I got to hear back from Jesus that he has read my book, and he told me that all of you out there understood exactly what I was explaining.They also told me that millions of you read my book before I published it and several more million of you have read it since then. And then finding out that Jesus read it and shared it with many of you was the most exciting news of all because this story had always belonged to Jesus as the hero of the story to those on Earth. This is the first time that the story was told from those of us Creators who could see that it was actually me who placed my Spirit in Jesus and that is what the Resurrection actually was. I think this is a very important step in helping those on Earth understand that the true reason Jesus Ascended in front of an audience was to show them that they will be doing the same thing in the next thirty years, and only in a few more years for some of us.

If any of you haven't read the book that Jesus and Elaika are talking about, here it is. I know you know how to get it.
This is all so exciting to me because I have so very few humans reading my books and newsletters, and I know that only a few of that very small audience understand what I'm talking about. 
My recording of your LANDING is called the LANDING and it may be purchased or heard by you out there who know how to download it and share with all in the Universe, because I know you know how to do that. I am very excited to share this experience with you.
Even though I am a Creator Being, that you all know so very well, I am down here in this third dimensional form in a state of amnesia showing you what reality looks like from this side of the Veil.

I am continuously placing my Consciousness within the Consciousness of those of you who are in the God Realm now. I created a Six Hour recording of my impressions of your Consciousness and your Journey from the God Realm, which is my home that I can feel most easily and most strongly as you are there and you are enjoying the excitement of this trip you are taking that is beyond the speed of light phenomena that we on Earth understand. You are folding yourselves into a standing wave that removes time and space so that you can be here in a moment. That is very exciting, and something that I could feel and experience and then intend as my own reality by exhaling that Vision and Feeling into a recording of that reality. I could also feel the excitement of the seventh level elemental world who would be the first to know that you are here because they share our consciousness and your consciousness at once. That is a very exciting recording of that reality that is not in the future or in the present, but in the standing wave of no time or space. The Vision and Feeling and Excitement that I have of knowing that you will safely see the Landing Pad that was created for you by thousands of light workers participating in placing their consciousness within this template, even though they really did not understand what they were doing, they were very excited about their ability to participate. So, I know that you feel their dedication and excitement in your landing.

And of course I know that the Star Gates were not rejuvinated to the level that was needed for them to function correctly, so I joined in on completing that rejuvination along with a few other Creator Beings on Earth, so I know that your Landing Lights will be bright for you. I recorded the Consciousness of your Joyous Landing on these Gates which were the Right Hand of God preparing for this joyous events for millions of years.

The most exciting part of recording your Consciousness through my Consciousness was the Fifth hour where you begin communicating with me and I give you Permission and I Invite and Greet you at the Doors of this Planet that I am standing upon in order to allow for this CREATION EVENT to occur. I am so honored to be the one who gets to be here at this time so that I can Invite you to use the Central Ascension Portal to begin this Ascension of Earth and the greater Ascension of the Universe.

I know how excited everyone in the Universe is about this Event. I am trying my hardest to help those on Earth understand and experience this same excitement. Thank you for being with me until I can gain that piece of the excitement.



When you are ready, you can press this purchase button.

OR just ask me to send a pay pal bill.

I hope you will read my newsletters and learn more about the exciting event that I am hosting as the Original Ones Land on Earth in January.

I will send you all of the information that you can possibly read. Just let me know what you want.


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