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Truth, Questioning and Consciousness Raising Now Happening Globally as Missing Plane Rumours Fly Around the World by Stephen Cook

Indian sand artist Sudersan Pattnaik gives final touches on a sand sculpture with a message of prayers for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

I think, somewhere inside, we all ‘know’ that something very unusual is going on surrounding the missing Malaysian Airlines plane right now. We can ‘feel’ it.

It’s not so much because this investigation is now over a week old and still no finite answers have been provided by the ‘authorities and ‘investigators’ - seemingly at odds with living in a world where a satellite can track us leaving our front door.

No, it’s way deeper and way ‘more’ that.
For many of us, the moment we first heard the news that this plane had gone ‘missing’ it was almost as if a deep programming or understanding came pushing into our beings.

I mean, why would any of us not want a quick and tangible solution to have eventuated - even if only to provide some sort of closure out of compassion for the relatives of those on board.

But, judging by the massive amount of interest this mystery is generating in countries all around the world, many people - some with no knowledge of why - are finding themselves in this same process: one of questioning and questioning ‘how, why, where, what and who’.

Sure, we humans love a good mystery. But when things just don’t add up -something else kicks in to gear: our own innate ‘understanding’ that something is ‘up’.

This is also where our consciousness steps in to play.
In a time when our consciousness is rising with each passing moment of now - both individually and as a collective, building unity consciousness - there’s a whole lot more of us thinking that something is ‘up’.

The more of us that think something is ‘up’, the more the thought bubbles up into the earth’s atmosphere and out into the Universe, the more that unity thought pattern expands…

Now, add to this the fact that we’re now almost at the first of the two ‘balanced’ equinoxes in 2014.
Whether we realise it or not, the ‘balancing’ of an equinox goes way beyond dark balancing light in terms of night and day. It also allows us our own balance.

Additionally, this particular March equinox feels different to me. In fact, the days we are now in, March 15- 22, feel somewhat ‘extra-ordinary’ to me - in a very good way.

We’re also not back in 2001 and watching in horror as ‘footage’ (none of which may have been live-to-air) are showing us ‘planes’ fly into two of the world’s most iconic buildings.

No, we’re far more attuned to the ‘big picture’ these days. And we have way ‘more’ at our disposal - both literally, in the form of the internet, social media and access to information, but also within our own internal ‘systems’. As a collective, we don’t take things simply on ‘face value’ any more.

We’re also far further along on our ‘higher’ consciousness path and hence much further along that same journey towards truth, love and, naturally, Ascension.

Thus, anything that does not seem to be OF the truth - OF love - we are now very quickly questioning - but with ‘new’ minds, hearts and eyes.

This missing plane saga is, I believe, a seminal event in the raising of our planet’s consciousness. A seminal event within the series of ‘events’ said to be part of ‘The Event’…

Why? Because it is currently, and in a very major way, challenging many things many of us, and the wider world, thought we knew, but didn’t. It’s challenging us by providing us with information we didn’t know (or didn’t realise we knew) but now do.

Plus, it’s giving us both further information and further reason to question the status quo. It vexes us, yet flexes us.

We now know that a plane can disappear of the radar and keep flying undetected. We now know that a plane’s transponder could be turned off mid-flight.

We now know that routine, automated signals from aircraft - known as electronic handshakes or pings - register on the Inmarsat satellite network basically every hour.

We’ve been reminded that if a plane explodes it leaves debris over several kilometres. (Again, also reminding us, that this element of a plane crash did not happen at another seminal event in our world’s history: 9/11 - where there was no plane debris found, in either New York or Washington.)

We also know that somewhere, some one - or several people, or even many, many people - already know why that plane has done what it is still doing. And where it is.

Over the past week, we’ve also seen many theories thrown into the mix.
Now, theories are very important, because they also challenge us to question ourselves and seek the truth within.

Some of these more recent theories include:
Two unknown ‘planes’ also disappeared at the same time as another very fast moving plane was also nearby. These ‘planes’ played a key role in the Malaysian Airline flights’ ‘disappearance’

The plane was going to be attacked by the cabal so a Vietnamese air controller radioed the pilot to warn the crew to ‘go dark’ - which means remove themselves off the radar - and escape.

Several senior Chinese military official (and a CIA agent, apparently) were on board and they had key information that the Chinese government didn’t want to be made public.

Two Iranians - originally rumoured to be ‘Muslim terrorists’ travelling on stolen passports (and who amazingly had exactly the same legs and lower body positioning in their security-camera photos), but who were then were said to be refugees seeking asylum, could actually still be part of a Muslim terrorist plot being staged, according to an Al Qaeda operative, currently in trial in the UK, by Malaysian-based Islamists.

Four members of a free energy development company were on board, each of whom owned a percentage of the patent for a wonderful new free energy device that the cabal didn’t want to be made public - so the plane was ‘removed’

Our star brothers and sisters have decided to use this ‘event’ as part of disclosure and have taken the plane into another ‘plane’ and taken the passengers ‘hostage (something I can never, ever see our star brothers and sisters doing to ordinary folk!)

The plane disappeared because highly advanced, back-engineered beams (using ‘extra-terrestrial technology, but not BY any member of the Galactic Federation) zapped it and everyone on board into another timeline.

The US used its latest hi-tech weapon and demonstrated it on this plane, to warn Russia to stay out of Ukraine and Crimea.

This particular Boeing 777-200ER aircraft is equipped with a fly-by-wire (FBW) system that replaces the conventional manual flight controls of an aircraft with an electronic interface allowing it to be controlled like any drone-type aircraft and that it was ‘kidnapped’ and flown to a secret cabal or US military base called Camp Justice in Diego Atoll in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

The plane landed in India, Pakistan or Afghanistan days ago.

The plane kept flying until it eventually ran out of fuel and went down in the sea.

Whatever story or theory each of us has read, seen or heard and chooses to resonate with, or believe - in my case, at the time of writing this, I still feel very strongly that this plane landed ‘somewhere’ and the passengers are still ‘alive’ - we are each accessing our own inner consciousness, our own inner truth, our own inner ’knowing’…

This process allows us to raise our consciousness even further. Not only through the process of questioning of what we believe or feel are ‘truths’, but also because we will then likely be much more ‘open’ to whatever truth eventually does come to light.

Right now, billions of our fellow Earth humans are simultaneously ‘feeling’ that ‘something’ most unusual is happening - and even if they just can’t quite put their finger on why - they’re collectively undergoing a process of questioning, seeking truth and opening themselves ‘up’ to what the revelation of what that eventual truth may be.

And, as they focus on what happened to this particular plane, they let their own inner ‘guide’ fly. In doing so they’re raising their consciousness - and hence the planet’s consciousness - at the same time.

So, no matter what the final revelation of truth may be, this may well be exactly the ‘journey’ this missing plane - and its passengers and crew (God Bless them all) - was ‘destined’ to take.

For it is indeed taking all of us on a ‘journey’ to truth and higher consciousness - individually and collectively.

Its final ‘destination’ may well be a miracle.


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