GUIDELINES FOR TRANSFORMING 12 DNA harpstrings into each double helix in 5DNA, 6DNA and even 8DNA allows transformation into PURE LIGHT These frequencies transform the old hormonal based body into stardust with activation of 48 DNA and 96 DNA, 60 DNA and 144 DNA. Crystal Magic Dr. Angela Barnett 1. Ascension Vortal These are the activations that should be used while you listen to the music on this album. Each of the four songs contain specific DNA activation qualities. They each contain specific God Language Codes that are designed to activate DNA, melt seals and connect transmitters into the neuronets. The Ascension Vortal lays the Christic and Cosmic foundation from the inside out. The codes in this mp3 focus on activation of the key points of the third chakra stomach area, the crystal heart- directly below the thymus -near the spinal area, the tailbone, the back of the neck and the pineal gland in the center of the brain. Focus on how the angelic frequencies align through these key areas to lay the foundation for streaming consciousness to lift the body template into the fifth dimension. 1. Listen and focus on the frequencies of light in the stomach area. 2. Listen and focus on the frequencies of light in the crystal heart. 3. Listen and focus on the frequencies of light in the tailbone. 4.Listen and focus on the frequencies of light in the back of the neck. 5. Listen and focus on the frequencies of light in the center of the head--pineal gland. 2. Ascension Vortex Continue to remember to align the body template at the points of the stomach, crystal heart, tailbone and pineal gland. We will now focus on the points of intersection where each angelic frequency aligns into a chakra point and lifts and aligns the harmonic points converging into new tones, keys and signatures streaming through the body. Feel a crystal star one foot above the head. Next, bring the star full of Christ Consciousness into the head and the heart, and the tailbone and the feet. Feel the Christ frequencies spin at the speed of light through every crystal cell in the body. Feel the harmonic convergence into Christ Consciousness at every vortex in the body. These will be the points connecting each cell to the spark of Source deep within the cells connecting into the frequency of Christ Consciousness. Next, feel the vortex created between the Christ Consciousness connecting into the Cosmic Consciousness within Mother Earth. These frequencies are aligning through the angelic frequencies of the 12th dimension, 24th and 36th dimensional frequencies. This is the beginning of activating the 24DNA and 36DNA. 3. Ascension Portal While absorbing and feeling the frequencies stream through every cell in the body, see or feel a white light portal connecting from the pineal to the crystal heart down through the feet and into the core of mother earth. Feel the angelic frequencies connecting you into the frequencies stored in Mother Earth that contain your cellular memory of your original spiritual self made in the image and likeness of the god self, Christ self and the spark of Source co-creative energy. Feel the frequency of Divine Love, Divine Life, Divine Truth, Divine Mind, Soul, Spirit, Intelligence, Principle Victory Power Manifestation, Supply and the Divine Plan. These are the Frequencies stored in the Core of Mother Earth in the Cosmic Realm of the 13th Dimension. Continue to connect the frequencies of consciousness into the Body Template areas and the vortex areas. This will progress the activation of the DNA. 4. Magic Vortal While remembering to continue the alignments in the body, the Earth's Core and the Vortex: Focus on the angelic frequencies added to this mp3 lift the consciousness into the 12th and 15th dimensions. Feel the angelic frequencies lift your frequencies up above your head two universes away to collect the helium energy to create the light body. Feel the frequency of helium streaming through consciousness and into every cell in the body. Feel the angelic frequencies stream through the star gate connecting into the millions of suns in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Feel the frequencies of all of the millions of suns stream into the head, the heart and every cell in the body. Next connect consciousness into the 15th dimension. Focus four universes beyond the Earth to connect with the co-creative consciousness of the 15th dimension. Feel the frequencies of the angels, divas, fairies and elves singing and dancing into your cells and into your consciousness. Collect all of these frequencies into your cells to activate the cellular memory of your original divine self -- your immortal self that has the ability to live for ever, create the hearts desires and heal instantly. Next connect consciousness to ride through the star gate on the golden star dust into the Milky Way and absorb into the crystal cells all of the Star Dust and Solar Frequencies. Feel these frequencies aligning into the body through the angelic frequencies. Ride into the heart of the Milky Way and then zoom clear out into the Aquarius Galaxy to connect consciousness with the original family of consciousness of our Star Home. This alignment will lift the consciousness into the COSMIC DNA-- the realignment through the Spheres of Christic, Cosmic, Galactic and Source Consciousness. The Consciousness is prepared to return through the Diamond door of the Aquarius Galaxy. ------------------- KINGDOM OF HEAVEN is made of FREQUENCIES This Divine Plan only contains harmony and support and love of all others ideas. This is how the Kingdom of Heaven is formed. We braid and stream our individual frequencies of consciousness into complete harmony with all other streams of consciousness. Ideas are actually Frequencies. When those who have learned to speak in WORDS will begin to speak in FREQUENCIES, the Tower of Babel will be removed. The Angels Breath their Consciousness of Light and Sound one idea at a time. They stream millions of beautiful harmonic ideas. Regardless of how many streams of light energy they exhale through our breath, they all blend together harmoniously. This is how we return to the ATUNEMENT with our Grand Consciousness of Source. The key to unlock mystical secrets of enlightenment. This key is a vibratory tool that allows the brain to secrete liquid light energy through the body. This liquid light is the key that unlocks the diamond doorway to the Future Self. It is the future self that is already lined with the irradescense of rainbow light of the fourteenth dimension, the spark of white light of Source Consciousness that ignited Oneness between the Co-Creation Consciousness of the 15th dimension and one step beyond into the 16th step or the step beyond the Earth's Matrix. Once our pineal gland is unlocked we can reconnect to the golden star dust of the Milky Way and Ursa Major and through the Oraphim Dolphins Sonar Communication that aligns us back into the FREQUENCIES of our Complete Family of Consciousness. This Frequency is our Paternal Frequency which forms the new Matrix of Love and Protection and Compassion. This is the Divine Mind that we are transforming into. This is the Mind of Giving and Helping all of those who are in our angelic families--that means everyone on Earth. Once the key is unlocked, and the crystal liquid light star dust flows through every crystal cell in the body and the Christ Consciousness, Galactic Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness are aligned into our frequency vortices, we become the Co-Creators creating through Divine Mind in the Divine Plan. This key raises the frequencies to vibrate at the speed of light-- the nano cycles per second required to oscillate consciousness into the Cosmic Realm of Light. The key is activated to unlock the liquid light secretions from the brain as the listener listens to this co-creation cosmic wave file. Feel the light energy streaming from the Cosmic Realm of the magic kingdom of our co-creative team. Feel the crystal light energy streaming down to pour in flood tides of Cosmic Light to activate the key in the pineal gland. The Templar's secret that gave them the ultimate financial power was the secret of the kingdom of heaven on earth. This secret was in the brain. The glands in the brain had the ability to produce the tonic of immortality through the tone of home. The elixir of life is the Cosmic Brain Substance. The oils, perfumes and tonics spoken of in the bible all referred to this magical cosmic dust that is actually a FREQUENCY OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Aligning Consciousness into the Music of the Spheres will bring this new reality to all those who desire to raise their frequencies into the Highest. ASCENSION KIT SONG INFORMATION 4 CD Set- Ascension Vortal, Ascension Vortex, Ascnesion Portal, and Magic Vortal each contain specific frequency signatures, dimensional portals, weaving and braiding of codes and tones from the Cosmic, Universal and Galactic light and sound that align DNA into the rainbow bridge of the full spectrum of light in order to lay the foundation for the transformation into the multidimensional 12 DNA template. 01 - ASCENSION VORTAL Alignment Merkaba Spin The Promise Healing Waters Diamond Door ASCENSION VORTAL Alignment, Merkaba Spin, The Promise, Healing Waters and Diamond Door Each section of the album streams in hundreds of different breaths from Cosmic Angelic Consciousness through the ELOHIM OF HEARING to draw together 48 dimensional consciousness. Each of the Frequency Signatures is woven together through the specific codes and tones to lay the foundation that activates the rainbow bridge into Source Consciousness. 02 - ASCENSION VORTEX Crystal Cell Awakening Etheric Hologram Light and Sound Magic Magic Fairy Tales Manifest Vortex of Heaven Eternal Life ASCENSION VORTEX Crystal Cell Awakening, Etheric Hologram, Light and Sound, Magic, Magic Fairy Tales, Manifest, Vortex of Heaven, Eternal Life are the songs sung by Cosmic Entities including Aquafarians and Elohim Angels to describe how they create kingdoms through the magic of light and sound. The songs are braided through the frequency signatures of all five spheres and fifteen dimensions to lay the foundation into the 24,36, and 48 DNA Consciousness. 03 - ASCENSION PORTAL Illuminated One Super Spheres Co-Creation Ascension Joy Suns Portal Magic Spheres of Ascension Manifest Eye of God Shay Ra Kee ASCENSION PORTAL Illuminated One, Super Spheres, Co-Creation, Ascension Joy, Suns Portal, Magic, Spheres of Ascension, Manifest, Eye of God, Shay Ra Kee. These songs lay the foundation that connect consciousness into the 15th dimension of co-creation and manifestation. Breaths of Source are ignited when Consciousness has lain the foundation through Christic and Cosmic Frequencies. 04 - MAGIC VORTAL Crystal Heart Awakening Magic Interection Source Streams of Magic Music of the spheres Spheres of Creation Heaven Ascension Rainbow Magic Rainbow MAGIC VORTAL Crystal Heart Awakening, Magic Intersection, Source, Streams of Magic, Music of the Spheres, Spheres of Creation, Heaven, Ascension Rainbow, Magic Rainbow. These songs weave the magic of the Fairies of Aquafaria into the Portal that connects to the Aquarius Galaxy to lay the foundation for the creation of our six dimensional templates.

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