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Transcending the divisions of religion and politics, as well as the non-believers.

By: John Jancar

There can be no doubt that the struggle of religion vs religion, and politic vs politic, has been a great bane on our world, and the cause of much strife and division for humanity. But particularly nowadays, the struggle between the religious believer vs the religious non-believer, the political believers vs the political non-believers, is an increasing cause of strife and division amongst our people. And while the cause of the non-believers can be understood, the judgment and condemnation for religions and politics by the non-believers is still part of the same mindset that they dislike about the two, the mindset of: because who you are and what you believe in is different than who I am and what I believe in, you deserve to be judged and condemned, even fought against. It's part of the same mindset that created our divisions in the first place.

The way to transcend division, between religions and politics and the outsider, is not to judge and condemn each other, but to seek tolerance and understanding of each others view points, and to find common ground. For despite the dogmas and imperfections found within religion and politics, all religions and all political beliefs have certain truths that need to merge together. Our religions and politics, all need to unite as one, and the dogmas thrown away to create a more perfected system, and a more perfected world. Only then can our struggles and divisions truly begin to disappear.

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