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Too much honouring something else except yourselfs

Hi there ACC,

I feel I was forced to write as I feel way too many are still honouring something / some one else other than one self. All Souls are fragments of the Central Civilization children. Some say our higher selves which is a crude term. I would prefer to say it is our God self from the central universe before Time and Space fields which a source infused fully.

Some Say synchronicity with all that is which is more the points I would like you to elude.

We choose to then split ourselves over dimensions and time and space into thousands of little selves before after many eons out in time and space it is time to go home and join our central universe form once more.

This form is the main form of our Source self in the realms of time and space.

So my message is simple you are GOD experiencing yourself stop listening to other entities that they claim they are higher or better etc. You all have that potential or more important your true full form is already that which it is.

So honour your yourselves honour your neighbour honour your colleagues then watch as your world around you manifest to much higher notion than currently.

Bless your brother


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Comment by Evolved on May 6, 2015 at 1:57pm

Yeah I wasnt saying they are higher entities, I was saying they are our our Higher selves in our true form, some would call them our Oversouls. Thats why I called them God Forms as they are full expressions of Source / Paradise Trinity energy. Those individuals (US) leave the central universe and set up at the central point of the Super universes of time and Space. That is where this BIG version of us splits into about 1000 little souls who travel time and space and experience life GOD experiencing itself. That is also why you have soul families as they are smaller soul fragments of that larger Oversoul. Then eventually over the eons they go back to themselves or back home. That is also why you can link to your soul family as you are closer than you think. I hope it helped somewhat :)

Comment by Evolved on May 6, 2015 at 1:30pm

Hi Mikeil, You must not of read my post correctly. I said all apart of GOD or more to the point all of us have a God form in the central civilisation of each universe. So I was saying honour everyone as all is GOD.


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