Tonight, take the evening off

A friend of mine on FaceBook posted this a few minutes ago & I thought I'd share it with you.
Hope you enjoy.
‎(This one's for me and I trust it's for you too.)

Tonight, take the evening off.

Put the world back on its axis and let it turn without your assistance. It worked just fine before you arrived and it will carry on when you've moved on. You don't have to stand at the ready.

Get quiet. Take long, even breaths (5-8 count inhales and exhales). Be here now.

When you're fully present, begin to see each inhale as a pure white purifying light and each exhale as a surrendering to the power of Creation. Let it handle your every concern.

As the light removes the burdens you've been carrying, you can relax and be held.

You are a divine emanation, a vessel imbued with the Spirit of Life. Your highest calling is to honor this truth. When you lose your connection to this purpose, you are weakened. Outside forces, other people's negative energy, and over-working deplete you and take you off track.

Retreat. Return to your center. Stay here and let the Infinite restore you. Turn within, again and again.

Nothing "out there" is greater than what you are inside. Rest.

When you've reached a deeply peaceful place, choose a word or phrase that represents this space for you. It will be your anchor, a technique that will (in time) help you jump the gap from frazzled to fortified, instantly.

For many years mine was: Love (Spirit/God) is right here, right now. I used it everywhere. Use yours.

Tonight, I rest in the temple of my Spirit. I am safe, loved, and restored.

Sweet dreams.
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