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Crystal Magic

I'm so excited to learn that you have discovered yourself, and truly want to tune in to the new exciting future ahead.
I'm so excited right now that I just have to tell you much much more than you probably really want to hear.+

First, I do create personalized HEALING and DNA Activation Albums. I call these the INDIVIDUALIZED ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM because I create each one individually through the Light and Sound of the Frequencies of the Individual's PERFECTED Consciousness that you can Individually TUNE IN TO.

This is truly what is needed to activate what is presently being called DNA activation. It is good that we have the present level of understanding on Earth at this time so that many of you can find this HIGHER TRUTH that will be shared with you over time after you begin your ASCENSION EXPERIENCE.

And you really will be having an Ascension Experience.

Most of the people who FIND ME as you have found me were directed to me INTENTIONALLY by my CREATOR TEAM who are Jesus, Elaika, Raphael, Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Ariel. One of these Beings, or perhaps my own Mary Magdalene Higher Self directed you to Find me.

I am excited that you will now learn what Ascension is as we all turn into Light and Shift into our new reality. Turning into Light is the actual means of Ascension. I will be turning into Light within three to six years maximum. Many who use my ETERNAL LIFE ASCENSION ALBUMS and other music will also be able to turn into Light and disappear from this place in this time window of 2017-2022.

The majority of the population will be turning into light about 2039-40, and there will be a few stragglers 2040-2047 turning into light.

I am excited that you are ready for this Adventure of Ascending into ETERNAL LIFE.

If you would like to learn more first, go to

If you would like to order now, I can send you a pay pal payment request or you can use this link for payment.

I usually spend about six hours a day on you personally while I am creating the album, so you get a great deal of healing work, DNA activation and actual Light and Sound Phenomena activated within your cells while I am creating the Music. I work for four days on your album by connecting with your Consciousness, inhaling and seeing the highest perfect reality of who you really are and exhaling that reality onto your Frequency Set as I create this Healing Energy on to your Individualized Eternal Life Album.

I then send you the mp3 containing these frequencies through email, so that you have them immediately. It takes me about four days up to six days to create your album.

When you are ready, you can press this purchase button. OR just ask me to send a pay pal bill.

I hope you will read my newsletters and learn more about the exciting event that I am hosting as the Original Ones Land on Earth in January.

I will send you all of the information that you can possibly read. Just let me know what you want.

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