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Dear Old Earthers,

As you have noticed, there have been considerable changes lately. This has been discussed a lot in the mainstream media lately and become known as the Mandela Effect. On this timeline, Tank Man was not crushed by a tank. Like on the other Earths, he survived. On mine, he was killed. Some of you remember your heart being placed to the left, which I do. Some of you remember the time when your eyes were not hexagonal, and when your organs were placed relatively differently than they are today, particularly the kidneys. Some of you remember when your liver was shorter but the lungs bigger. I do hope some of you remember many more things from the Old Earth. So far, the Mandela Effect has had tremendously positive impact on my life and united untold numbers of people from all walks of life under the quest to locate Old Earth. Some transferrees have not been as successful. This includes a number of fowls, and mammals, including dolphins, porpoises, seals and whales. As you know, to survive here, we have to take deep breaths in order to allow more oxygen to come into our system and integrate further into society. Thanks to CERN, I now have access to a near infinite amount of land and so have you, which enables us to comprehend further the nature of these alterations...

Darth Vindex.

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