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One of the biggest lessons we must learn and perhaps the most basic and fundamental requirement for attaining freedom, is to be kind to all living beings. This kindness comes naturally out of love. To be kind means to do no harm, and rather to help, give to and bless others. The crucial test of this comes when we are wronged, insulted, or harmed in some way. That we do not respond with anger, hatred, violence or vengeance. Rather that we accept the wrong and respond with kindness and blessing.

This does not mean that we do not defend ourselves, or protect ourselves from harm or injury. But that we do so without any form of irritation or anger. When someone attacks us with words, insults, or criticism that we do not take affront and act in revenge. That we learn to shrug it off, and forget about it and instead respond with kindness. This is the supreme test for the being who acts out of love, not ego.

When someone attacks us either verbally or physically or wrongs us in some way, it is our responsibility, for we have created the cause for the attack in our past mental, emotional and physical actions. To understand and accept this, while being kind to our attacker is the very expression of divine love. By doing this we avoid creating more negative karma for the future. We resist the urges of the ego, which makes it’s face most immediate in these circumstances.

This does not mean we should accept mental, emotional, or physical abuse from anyone. We have the right to defend ourselves. But that we deal with or separate ourselves from such a person, without anger, but with kindness, love and blessing.

Those who can learn to do this will be blessed beyond measure. If the majority of humanity can learn to do this, nothing will be denied us. We shall walk amongst angels and divine beings, the galaxy will be our playground and the higher planes and dimensions our home, the treasures of the Universe will be our inheritance and we shall never be separated from eternal bliss.

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