The pandoras box of all universal time of history past over centuries to the present day in my theory has opened up as one, like a pop up book no longer seperated as we know it by days of the week, and years etc of centuries as we have up until now known...divide has closed....which is why the talks maybe on the mayan calander and 2012 etc...the skeletons of all life in essence is awake and not seperated by what we term as death or years....with sayings such as we are safe it etc that was in the past, or that experience is so dead and buried....life from the begining is awake...i observe around me and see many layers of life going on in society ....many degrees of morals and standards....from greed, money goods and material importance at the cost of human life, i see the helpers and the carers who live from their hearts, i see science and quantum physics trying to piece together the knowledge of life, i see killings, trauma, distruction, war, abuse as if playing a game and not seeing the value of life any more....many layers of life, i see people giving up a lifestyle to a more basic simple way of life and wishing to become more self sufficient and work with the land....the experiences over time people are choosing from the mix within themselves....i see the dependency on drugs and control of the mind.....yet life as we know it has been opening up subtly in which the timeline converges into one,in a multi faceted way, which is why we have whittnessed children who have naturally have the ability to know things within themselves which have not been taught by their parents, or schools, or universities etc...they just know...this i have even noticed in my youngest daughter who could draw natural from very young no one taught her...so timeline conversion has never happened before on such a phenomenal level all at once....so everything that has ever been experienced since time began is possible and available now....yet with a difference....which is why we will not find the answers in old texts, or bible or anything it has not been written just some of what is possible in the now, the choice now is different in the past it has been reflected of outside ourselves by dictators and controllers...now it is about our self...point the finger at anyone then that finger will only point back at you and what you reflect will be your experience now more than ever....self ownership in remembering the true value and meaning of life...how well do you know you? how well do you trust you?how well do you believe in you? how well do you feel safe with you? how well do you love you and care about you? the list is endless....cos before we can face outside ourselves we first have to face ourselves on all levels and layers....this awakening is on a multi faceted level....our life is no longer in the hands of the dictators, controllers, money and materialism on all levels....our life is in the hands of the universal vibration of what we desire to remember...the closet of ourselves and that of all time of how we know it has opened up into a timeline conversion like a timetravel porthole...your path is down to you what you are is what you will experience whether consciously known or not....know you inside out try not to be distracted with what is outside you....know your path and your energy....and your life in the now will experience in conversion through history of time into the experience you wish to desire and with like minded essence....the meaning of life has opened up....the power is within work with it in heart, truth and value, anything that does not match your frequency of intention will not effect you...though you will feel on a feeling level allow others to experience their choices they are not for you to control....self awareness is important and self knowing........when we can look in the mirror of our history of all time can we embrace the openness of life in this awakening knowing and trusting all is well for we see with our hearts and not with our eyes....feel you in essence this is your truth of you....feel everything and understand and love all about you....like history in feeling and vibration passes through our essence viens have no fear only love...for it is remembered to understand the book of life....2012 in theory for me is about timeline conversion...the awakening of all life, with no divide...no seperateness....a oneness.....in plenty ....in meaning. Hold onto you inside and out in knowing then no fingers need to point...then hands can hold one another in unity and growth...to live on earth how we were meant to in equal plenty shared and not owned....much love to you in these exciting times....it wont be found in history books, or texts, or bibles etc...as they are only pieces of lifes experiences....many feel we are not alone and yet dont know why or how maybe....we are not alone as the begining of time to now we are as one in the mix of life now...so anything really is possible and know your intentions and chosen experience no matter what is going on around you on all levels...for you to build your own lane to the way you wish to enjoy the next chapter in the timeline of life i call experiences....try not to let your eyes and ears fool you follow your heart and meaning....then you will have emerged through all lifes history into the kingdom of your life and shown yourself how much you trust lifes true meaning and value and meaning, your pot of gold is inner peace where fear has no place....you know that now but we have distrations of it while we experience around us....let yourself free and enjoy the exciting time we are in...we are writing the next chapter of life...why the mayans one stopped...cos time as we know it will be in a dif dimention....smile with your knowing all is well xxx ps excuse spelling mistakes..
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  • thank you xx
  • Hi my love....put simply from the big bang we had divided time slots in years weeks and so on....whether man made or not as you rightly say it is our perception of time...now the vibrational frequency which has divided the passages of existance in the gaps of slowing each phase up....so if you drew say 10 lines on a page these would be each century say 1700, 1800, 1900, from the big bang...then the multi layer lines in them make up the years like splitting hairs if you know what i mean...well its all one thing yet the gap we feel inbetween each line is the gap not in linea time but the gap between vibrational frequency...IN the NOW THIS GAP has been closing up so the ten lines you drew from the big bang has merged into one big line....something we have not experienced before in history which brings all linea time and history of centuries as one...which is like putting all the classes in a school into one room say a hall....many people with many dif abilities and many choices and subjects going on all at once and then adding to the mix everyone who has ever attended the school previously whether alive or old or passed in death as we know it...so alot of experiences had, so now people can pick from the whole house mix what they want to experience on any time line....which is why we are seeing people branch off now doing not the norm thing...like going back to go forward and living more simple lives and not wanting materialism to get in the way...so you can see by one timeline conversion alot of frequencies and vibrations opening and awakening from the big bang now...so in my personally opinion the main guidance i can offer during this transition is remember and recognise who you are...travel all of who you are...open your own closet of you and the skeletons of you so you know your own book of experiences of you inside out...then we can face the outside and recognise others once we know ourselves...and like will attract like and those who need help will be helped...those who do not want to move forward with their own personal progress we have to allow them to do so....its not about control or saving people it is about allowing and showing by example that facing yourself is ok and is what sets you free from fear as once you see no fear inside of you then you realise equally there is none outside...as everything outside ourselves is a reflection and a projection of who we think we are ....so we are in exciting times of the self progression as this is the biggest hurdle of all lives experiences over the centuries as everyone spends their time trying to change the physical way they look trying to be someone els or trying to control others....this is now free space time to be you, know you inside out so your eyes are not blinded by what you see...know your heart and what your heart knows and feels this is your true path into this new dimensial frequency which will never be found in any books in history...this is new in the wholeness sense tho in the past bits of it has been experienced on a small level for example parts of the earth in certain countrys this is global universal....as long as you know what your doing that is what is important...as self responsibility are the first stages of cleansing from co dependency...being able to hold your own hand and walk the walk....alongside others without being carried or carrying others...no one needs to be saved from anything....it is about unlocking the chains of the self limitation...and seeing the real you past the flesh n bones...the frequency of you...hope this makes sense any questions about it please ask away...it is about setting ourselves free without experiencing what we call death to do so....much love to you dee-ramini(X)
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